Best Anime of 2017! Honourable Mentions – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 10

Before talking about my favourite shows released in 2017 I want to go through some honourable mentions, I think all these shows were good however not good enough to get onto the main list! As some anime won’t have finished by the time this challenge is over the best anime post will be in 2018. Let’s start talking about the shows then!


Fastest Finger First

This quiz based show was just really fun to me and had an energy which really hooked me and got me invested. Well I said it hooked me but I ended up leaving it on hold, that’s why it’s not on the main list.

What kept me coming back for the first part of the show was the strategy added to a simple quiz game and the protagonist who finally found a way to make use of his talent: knowing stuff. Something that really makes me laugh is the massive importance and attention quiz bowl plays into the characters’ lives and how seriously they take it. This often makes my enjoyment for sports shows as well.

Something I didn’t like was the way the strategic parts of the show felt exclusive to Japanese people or people who know Japanese. The show’s quiz aspect involved knowing the start of quiz questions but this coupled with the translations which didn’t allow this and the very culture specific questions led to an experience that just felt a little bit strange in the end.


Trinity Seven Film

This film wasn’t that good, I even had a post talking about how the already short episode should have been a lot shorter: . I’m putting this here because it did have a few funny moments (I don’t remember too well though) and helped to give me ideas for my harem anime series.

Aho Girl

This show was just fun to watch, it had no real plot, substance or message but the experience was nice. I laughed at every episode; they all had such a high amount of energy and stupidity that it was difficult not too. That’s it really, I guess if your annoyed by male characters constantly getting beat up by females you may want to watch this to see the opposite, for comedic purposes only of course.




Yamishibai is a horror anime that seemed to get a lot of seasons this year and if I was dividing the list up individually one of the seasons would be on the winners list. Unfortunately that’s not the case and I had some massive problems with seasons 3 and 4.

Season 3 forces a monster into every possible sketch when they’re just not needed. To make matters worse all of the monsters use CGI and look terrible. You find yourself thinking “What is this thing?” trying to understand the image instead of actually being scared. The fact that you know the show will just be a monster just makes your investment a whole lot worse.

The stories in season 4 weren’t great either, most of them felt a bit dumb. The animation of this season and potentially a lot of season 3 was severely worse and was obviously just a series of pictures with very little animation present, I say bad animation doesn’t matter but lazy animation makes a show feel a whole lot worse. People don’t always like old 90’s shows for the animation but a lot of it is unnoticeable to me, this is just blatantly cost cutting and it’s not fun to watch. This series also had live action segments, which I do admit did have better animation, but it completely ruined the immersion for me and felt extremely forced and extremely unnecessary.

Season five was a return to form in my opinion and was on par with the first two seasons. The best thing was that the old, creepy narrator was back and its animation returned to normal and it learned its lesson by not repeating the other mistakes mentioned.

I wouldn’t say skip yamishibai if you’re a fan of the series but just watch a few and see if you can put up with all the things I didn’t like.


That’s all for the honourable mentions! See you in 2018 where I discuss the best shows!


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