The Worst Anime of 2017! Honourable Mentions – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 11

Whilst there were a lot of good shows this year there was a lot more bad ones and I think it’s still important to talk about them, since how can things get better if you don’t explain why they fail? After making my list of honourable mentions for yesterday it only makes sense that I do the same for the worse shows. Some of these shows would already be on the main list but I’ve already got posts about them and don’t really want to repeat myself. All the posts will be linked too, sorry for plugging them but I may as well do it because someone might want to see them.

Attack On Titan Season 2

I remember attack on titan being one of the shows that got me into anime, so I can’t criticise it that much but going back to season 2 made me realise that I really didn’t like it. Everyone has plot armour, everyone who matters at least and the way they keep making stuff up and introducing new titans is pretty awful. I don’t really get the impression that the manga writer knew where the story was going and just made up everything because the fans wanted the characters to win.

All that really matters is getting to the basement of Erins house anyway so anything else just feels pointless.

I read some of the manga after finishing the show and just felt bored, they had this kidnapping plot and then this sudden politics plot that I couldn’t follow and was pretty stupid and boring anyway. I heard that they might have got to the basement by now but I don’t want to read through the manga again.

Also the action isn’t even good in my opinion, some people think it’s a really gory show but I’ve got a post here explaining why it isn’t: 


Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita.

This should not even be listed as an anime without being listed as hentai. It is just censored hentai for no good reason, also including rape. So it’s not hard to understand why I didn’t like it. Even if it had a plot or story worth watching the sex scenes are just so uncomfortable to watch because the girl really doesn’t want to go through with it. The show explains it in a way that she likes it really but that doesn’t stop it being insanely awkward for me to watch.

Heres my reaction to the show from JEARETTAS:


Black Clover

This show is insanely boring. The plot progresses slowly, it repeats useless information in worthless flash backs which don’t mean anything and have the most annoying and obnoxious characters. The premise is interesting and promises a fun adventure but I really don’t want to experience it with these terrible people.

You would have thought that they would have at least tried to make the first villain appear interesting or cool but he’s just a crazy unbelievable mess. One note villains are terrible and not having them can really disengage me from the show.

If you want more information about why I disliked the show I’ve got another post about it here:


Ousama Game

Too many shows this year have wasted their premise in massive stupid ways. This one was about an insane death game where you had to do whatever the texts told you or you would die. The problem with this was that all the characters are stupid and behave in inhuman ways I can’t even understand. Sometimes the appeal of a show is when the characters are stupid but when this is done it’s made clearly apparent. This show just expects you to not notice, or worse think that their actually normal.

If you want more information about why I disliked the show I’ve got another post about it here:  and another one (not written by me) about episode one:


Evil or Live

I’m sure you’ve heard many criticisms of this show but I actually really liked the sound of the premise. I’d like to see a show about a guy in a rehabilitation facility who thinks they’re in torture because they can’t play video games and wants to escape. The problem is that the main character is just a normal guy and the facility is actually torturous and worth escaping from.

This is not what I would have wanted in a show like this and the fact that they bring comedy and stupidity to trivialise the horrible setting really annoys me.

Here’s another post about it:


6 thoughts on “The Worst Anime of 2017! Honourable Mentions – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 11

    1. That’s true, I got bored while reading and decided to stop, I had no idea what was going on and didn’t really like it. I can at least judge the parts I have read though!


  1. i only read the AoT one, lol, and those seem like very flimsy reasons to call it one of the worst anime of 2017. But that’s just me. “I found it boring and stupid”, so you go on the worst list. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest I didn’t really want to go into shows that I dropped immediately since I didn’t know enough about them but could just tell I wouldn’t like them. All the shows I will be talking about are ones that I actually watched more than an episode of but didn’t like. That’s why AOT is on here even though (and I’m sure you’ll agree) there have been a lot worse. I should have probably made that more clear. I drop things very easily anyway, that is pretty much always the reason I give (boring and stupid), it’s explaining why I thought that which is interesting to me.

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