1 Year of Anime Blogging! + What’s going on in 2018?

One year has passed since I started writing my blog, pretty cool right? I never thought there would even be a blogging community when I started but it’s nice that you guys took the time to read and pay attention to my work. Thank you!

Starting my blog on the 27th of December 2016 is a bit weird isn’t it? Why not wait until 2017 when you get a fresh start for the year and treat it as a new year’s resolution? I have a strong belief that if I did this I wouldn’t have continued my blog for nearly as long and would have probably dropped it by now. The reason for this is that at this time I had such a strong vision for a series of posts that I wanted to write that I just had to do it there and then. In December I wrote 8 posts in 5 days, getting my into blogging, creating an initial investment and getting some initial attention from a lot of consistent output early.

If I waited for longer my passion might have died out and nothing would have been done, so if you’ve got a goal or an idea do it straight away since you will lose care for it if you don’t get it down straight away. It doesn’t matter if it sucks because you can make it better one year down the line when your skill should have improved.

I want to talk about hiatuses, because I had many. Something that makes me really proud is that I only had one hiatus that people noticed yet had many month long breaks where I wrote absolutely nothing. I really took advantage of using the schedule function which allowed me to take a 4-5 month length break for exams.

That brings me to this year where I will also be taking a break longer than that. But it’s my strongest intention to make sure that you guys don’t notice, so don’t worry about it! I’m now going to reveal the biggest post series I’ve ever written: The anime database. More on that when it starts coming out but I’m sure you can get the idea.

I think when you reach a period of time such as a year it’s good to look back on what you wanted to accomplish and comment on it. So I’m going to spend the rest of this post talking about the targets I set myself at the start of the year and also set myself targets for the end of next year too!


  1. Video versions of posts – no I did not do this and only converted the aqua (konosuba) theory to video which didn’t actually go very well. Editing is annoying and the effort put in to making a video isn’t nearly worth it, especially when I hate the way my voice sounds in the microphone.
  2. Write about everything – I only really focussed on anime but I’m sure this meant everything in anime, obviously you can go on forever about the subject but I did write a lot about it!
  3. Big rant on school days – I already said during the 12 days of anime Christmas challenge why I didn’t do it.
  4. Consistency (8-15 posts) a month – I ended up writing a lot more than this on average so that’s definitely pretty cool!
  5. Improve my writing – This was decided by the result of the squid girl challenge in the 12 days of anime Christmas post!
  6. Encourage more commenting – I’ve not really said “please comment” or “what do you think” or asked the readers a question to respond to in the comments but I’ve received a fair amount of them and all of them have been brilliant, even the angry ones.

As well as goals for the blog I had some more personal goals to follow.

  1. Learn more about the industry – I’ve not done this to a massive extent but I do pay attention to some of the directors of the shows, focussing mostly on Miura but I’ve also done several posts about specific anime studios which was pretty nice.
  2. Get my friends into anime – I knew that this wouldn’t work very well but some of my friends have been watching it a bit – one of my friends watched the entirety of Ippo which was great. I also made a few friends who like anime already and talking to them in front of non-anime fans does help to get them interested.
  3. Read all of one piece – This was covered in my “How to binge read manga” post and I did it, but then got bored of one piece and never kept up with the chapters again. I wouldn’t recommend binge reading if you want to keep all the information in your head – I forgot a lot about one piece that was important to the story and it really didn’t help.
  4. Make youtube videos – This didn’t happen very much, except for maybe my hit series: hentai Wednesdays.
  5. Play D&D – This didn’t happen as often as I would have liked but we still play it, should be having a new game pretty soon!

There you go, that was my goals. Not a lot of them happened but I’m still pretty pleased with how I did. Now I’m going to give myself targets for next year (if there is one) so I can compare then!

Blog Goals

  • More accessible posts – Not everyone has the same experience with anime as me and I should write posts explaining things I already take for granted and write things to get people into anime such as more recommendation posts.
  • Make the database of anime project happen!
  • Write more posts to do with the anime industry as well as shows
  • Involve myself more with the community and maybe branch out to social media to extend my reach – I’m finding that pretty difficult right now.
  • Continue to improve my writing and make more detailed and researched posts like the Sakamoto one.

I would reveal my personal goals if I had any I thought were worth mentioning above the ones from last year and the ones above. I am learning visual novel programming so my goal could be to finish a reasonably good game by the end of the year!


Thank you for supporting me for a whole year; let’s hope for another great one!

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