Announcing Evangelion Month! (January)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is 26 Episodes Long, and there are five more films after it. That’s 26 + 5 which equals 31, and how many days are there in January? Yes 31! So in other words this entire month will be focussed on reviewing every episode of Evangelion as well as the films. If you don’t like episode reviews then don’t worry! My episode reviews aren’t short synopsises, they tend to be long and thoughtful with analytical insights you hopefully haven’t heard before! Well that’s just my opinion; you can be the judge of that!

Unlike other series’ like this such as Shiki or JEARETTAS I have not had a long planning and production phase and I’ve not even written a single post yet|! This means the struggle will be interesting this time and I might actually be challenged to complete it!

I’m not going to reveal my opinion of the show yet as it will become obvious but whatever my attitude towards the show is I believe it will be worth talking about! So since I’ve seen very little Evangelion I hope you stick around to watch me become an expert over the course of the next month!

I will still be releasing other posts (not nearly as much, all end of year posts mostly) so I hope you’ll stick around for that as well! Also if you think this is going to be a reoccurring thing you are sadly mistaken, probably, I don’t really know; I’ve not watched the show yet!

So if you’ve not seen Evangelion this is a great chance for you to start watching the series with me!

37 thoughts on “Announcing Evangelion Month! (January)

  1. I’m just gonna write this comment here and not on the latest post because I haven’t really read it (since I haven’t watched NGE). I have heard of NGE and have been curious and now might be a good time to watch since you are doing your posts every day. I have a bit of thing for 90s anime, the way they are animated so I like the look of the anime and the plot seems interesting enough. So I might follow you on your journey I think.

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    • Brilliant! People consider EVA a must watch so this might be a good time to jump in! I really love the 90’s aesthetic as well too. NGE isn’t the most easy to get into so it’s great if I can be of help! Writing the 30 day anime challenge is quite a commitment though so I can understand if you can’t, it’s a pretty tall order to ask people to read an episode review from my blog every day anyway!

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      • I’ve got so much time on my hands at the moment I need something to do. So I am gonna try and squeeze it in. But first I need to catch up. 😉

        As for the challenge yeah. Right now, this second, I am doing everything else but that because I can so not come up with that damn male character. All I can think of is Oga in Beelzebub because I wrote about him yesterday and I am pretty sure I have someone else I like more. But my mind is blank at the moment so I sort of bury myself in a pile of leaves and pretend that the issue doesn’t exist.

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        • Oh good luck with that. It’s things like this that’s why I’ve not done the challenge, not to mention I’ve already released a lot stuff about my favourite shows and characters. At one point I just made posts following the challenge without actually calling it the 30 day anime challenge since there were so many posts I wanted to skip.

          You could just put in that character anyway and write about the stuggle and hardships involved in coming up with new topics for the challenge! For mine I said it was Zetsubo Sensei even though its more likely Guts or Griffith or Kaiji from Berserk/Kaiji.

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          • I actually found a character! Yay me! It just came to me and I really believe it is the character I love the most. It’s one of those anime I always come back to now and then in my thoughts. I have read the manga too so it probably helps that I like that just as much as the anime. Maybe even more.

            I can see your point in not doing the challenge. I can admit; I haven’t looked at all the posts I have to do. So, it’s really gonna be a challenge and I have no idea if I can even fullfil all. But I figured why not try since I have recently started the blog I haven’t written that much yet. So I haven’t covered so much about my favorite anything. A good opportunity I think.

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            • That’s really good, I will look forward to the post tomorrow! And the 30 day challenge is definitely better for new bloggers so I hope it works out, if you can’t think of anything it might be funny to pretend you like something you actually hate and see if you can persuade people that you really like it! But it’s of course up to you!

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                  • Hehe, that would be awesome. I just have to watch SAO first. I can just choose a random episode… 😈 “How to lose your followers in one post.” That will be my next post after that post. 😆

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                    • This is like the strangest thing ever but its like you know what times Im active at! Instantly as soon as I go online to check your comment appears! Its so strange to me.

                      Yeah maybe SAO isn’t a good example. Lots of people have heard of it though so it could get a lot of views anyway!

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                    • Haha, that’s spooky. 8)

                      SAO is a perfect example though. Everybody has an opinion on that anime, even people who hasn’t seen it. Well, I don’t though. I actually consider to watch it just because people have such strong opinions about it. It seems like either you love SAO or you hate it. There isn’t anything neutral about it apparently.

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                    • I don’t think it’s a very good show even when it was fine to like it. I just found it boring so it’s not like people have changed their minds now that everyone hates on it!

                      If you are going to watch it I’d say wait until you’ve seen evangelion since it’s a lot better 😉

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                    • Don’t worry, I can multitask. 😉 Not gonna forget about NGE. It’s my first priority.

                      But I can admit that there as been so much buzz around me about SAO lately I am curious.

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                    • Alright cool!

                      The buzz about SAO… well you should watch it at some point because pretty much everyone has seen it and it’s good to have an opinion. If you happen to like it then the people in this community are very nice anyway and will probably politely disagree. Controversial opinions about anime are very good for discussion anyway so you will probably have the longest comment chain anyone’s ever seen! This will also be true if you come out hating Evangelion or Hayo Miyazaki!

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                    • I aim to misbehave. 8) I just did a little post about SAO. Let’s see what people have to say about it. I just can’t help myself sometimes. *snicker snicker*

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                    • One time I was trolling my friend on skype and I could not stop laughing. He ended the call and 1 minute later he called me again and I was still laughing! That’s how I feel after that Rick Astley joke!

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                    • Rick-rolling is the best. 😆 Best part is RA is my childhood crush. Still is. I love him so much. That is kind of my theme song. (I’m a sucker for the 80s music)

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                    • haha! Great! There’s this thing you can do called inspect element, if I was ever next to my friend at a computer and he wasn’t paying attention I would change as many links as I could to RA and it was the funniest thing when he clicked on them!

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                    • Do that! It’s such a cheezy love song. I don’t know why I am so infatuated with him. I think it is his manly voice. Hehe…

                      A NGE question; what is the difference between the directors cut of episode 21-24 and the original cut? Which should I watch? I just decided to download the season instead of watch it online and I got both options.

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                    • Um I honestly have no idea. Actually telling me that has changed evangelion month a little now because both of them won’t fit. I’d say try the directors cuts because they are often made post production to improve the show! But I’ll try to talk about both!

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