What I Watched In December (Recommendations and Reviews of Anime)

December has been a fairly busy month for me so I haven’t watched a lot of shows, I’ve also been catching up with classic films which I’ve missed. Nether the less there are some great shows here so I hope you guys find something you might like! I hope this post will give you some really nice recommendations and put you in a great mood that will stay with you for the rest of the year!

Itsudatte My Santa!

I watched this around Christmas time because when else would you want to watch it? It wasn’t brilliant but was nice if you wanted to feel Christmassy. If for some reason you want to get back into the spirit of Christmas exceptionally early you can find the post here: https://mybrainiscompletelyempty.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/christmas-anime-12-days-of-anime-christmas-day-9/


Made in Abyss

This show is great, but I cannot make myself finish the show. The opening episodes are really great but the quality drop has really made me bored of the show. For the longest time it was something that I needed to finish for this post, I’d watch an episode then leave it for ages until now where I have no time left to finish it before I write my post. Maybe I’ll finish this later but I can’t stress enough how much this show slows down and really loses what it once had.

Even though I can’t continue the show I can’t recommend this series enough anyway for at least the first three episodes of this series, which were magical. I’ve got three episode reviews here to prove it:





And here’s Episode 4 anyway!


Sorry for all of the plugs but there’s no real reason why I shouldn’t give people links for if they want to find out more.

The story arc of the first episode was a joy to watch, as we learned things about new characters and slowly got to learn out more about the land of the abyss. The problems started when they entered the abyss, because believe it or not a massive hole in the ground isn’t as interesting as a big bustling city full of loads of brilliant characters already!

The show never gets bad, it just feels terrible when you know what the show was. A big problem for me was the slow pacing. Not enough happened and what was paid more attention too wasn’t always that interesting. Another thing that made the show suffer was the main characters numerous encounters with danger, and how easily they escaped from it.

The show clearly has the problem that everything already introduced has been massively cool and strong. This may be cool in the moment but this is meant to be the weaker layers! In the future they won’t be able to communicate the progression or danger the characters are feeling because we will have seen the characters survive worse! It’s either that or they just make each enemy stronger than the last until it really starts to become unrealistic and immersion breaking.



At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a terrible situation. His family hates him just because he’s old, boring and from the looks of it failing at his job. He suddenly is diagnosed with a terminal illness and will spend the last days of his life in misery with family who don’t seem to love him. It’s really sad. But then he’s unexplainably given a second chance along with superpowers!

This sudden tone shift is brilliant and I love the way we start to focus on other people’s problems and what Inuyashiki can do to help that really makes the show entertaining in my opinion. You could say that the show is about good vs evil but I feel like the journey is so much more complex than that.

Writing this has made it clear to me that I really need to get a full review of this out on its own, you should just trust me and watch this.


Cromartie high

The synopsis of this show will tell you that a normal student transfers to Cromartie High school, the most infamously rough school in japan, but trust me it’s a comedy. A comedy with the most lovable delinquents out there, you might have to take away Onizuka though.

This anime is just whacky and strange, and what make the humour stand out are the memorable characters. You could say that their one note but even if that’s true they all feel integrated into the school and theirs so many of them that it’s really difficult to notice.

If you want to understand how good shows make brilliant inside jokes then you’ll need to watch this show. Whilst the opening episodes are still great the reoccurring events and characters in odd places make a punchline on their own so you’re appreciation for the show increases the more you watch it.

I’m not going to tell you to watch the show expecting this, just enjoy the experience and hopefully you’ll see what I mean!


Ginga Nagareboshi gin

If you like to see dogs die this show will appeal to you. It will appeal to you more if you like the idea of dogs killing things too! If you cannot put up with the idea of this occurring you may not want to see this show.

It’s pretty slow paced and old. Don’t get me wrong I like this show but I can definitely see this putting people off. I haven’t seen too much of this show yet but it’s something I only watch occasionally when I’m in the mood for a heart-warming/ deeply traumatising narrative.


Cupid’s Chocolates

Do not watch this show. It’s really bad. I don’t want to give too much away really but at some point in the future I will need to know a fair amount of Chinese and anything that could help is worth watching. So if you’ve got any Chinese anime’s to recommend that are actually good please tell me!

The show is about a guy who eats an enchanted cake, then a bunch of girls eat that same cake and have false memories of a relationship with him and follow him around telling him that she’s having his baby. To make the girls stop he needs to solve a massive problem in their life.

I thought this would mean that the girls would stop liking him once he solved their problems, that way it would be a proper reverse harem where it reverses over the course of the episodes! This did not happen. Due to the fact that the girls remember what the main character did after they ate the cake they fall in love with him anyway.

It’s not that funny or moving. I just wanted to see something in Chinese without watching anything in live action.


I would normally reveal the best show along with the league table however I’ll save that for later when I reveal the best anime that I watched in the entirety of 2017! Look forward too it!


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