I got a Nintendo Switch! My Experiences With The Console And My Friend Code!

Hey guys welcome to my first post in 2018! I’ve decided to release a bunch of posts in quick succession so that Evangelion month can have a clear start and establish itself without any posts such as these getting in the way!

Basically at Christmas I got a Nintendo Switch and decided to talk a little about the games I’ve got on it as well as plug my friend code so that any anime bloggers who read this can have me on their switch! Here it is: SW-2211-5443-0446


Also my 3ds friend codes are here as well:

New 3ds FC: 4468 – 1831 – 7771

Alternative 3ds FC: 1092 – 1702 – 6834

I don’t know if anyone will want these but there you go! If you want my 3ds one then I think you’ll have to give me yours as well. It was a fun idea in my head, I have no idea if anyone cares but there you go anyway!


Now let’s talk about my switch games.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This game is easily my favourite game I’ve played on the Nintendo switch. While the others are still great I really love the RPG elements of this game and enjoy the world and side quests. The combat mechanics are pretty advanced and it feels like it kept the best parts of the previous game while including lots of its own unique features to make it feel like its own product instead of a sequel.

Quests were a huge problem in the previous game since nearly all of them weren’t difficult but tedious. The aspects included to make the less of a problem are really great. For example you get quest pointers which mean you don’t have to constantly google where the NPC you need is and there are guides in place to help even though the game’s only been out for a month! Can’t wait until the wiki gets an update.

It’s not a game for everyone but as a xenoblade fan (playing 2/3 of the series) it has a lot of stuff that makes me like it more than other games.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You don’t need me to tell you why this is a great game. It’s a huge open world experience with entertaining puzzles and cool side quests. 100% completing both this and XC2 will take at least 300 hours combined so I look forward to it!

What has stopped me playing this game as much is that I’ve literally been exploring random areas trying to find shrines for extra hearts and things like that. Doing that exploration has taken something out of me and made me forget about how great it is. I know that there’s a lot of stuff to do in Kakariko village and I should really get back so I can complete that side quest. It should be a lot easier with all those shrines I’ve visited!


Super Mario Odyssey

I went through the first tutorial level fine, and then on the 2nd one I got all the moons required on my first run and felt very happy with myself. But then I realised, theirs loads more moons! I saw that there was like 40 moons in one tiny area and I couldn’t believe it! So I started exploring and really enjoyed it.

It takes a lot to make me stop playing a game like this and it happened. In the wooded area I fell down into this empty chasm called the dark woods or something like that. I put my hat on a scarecrow and a moon appeared! But when I looked I couldn’t find it, after spending a very large amount of time doing this I gave up and never came back to it.

This definitely won’t stop me from playing the game but it just makes XC2 look that much better to me so I’m more inclined to play that!


Demos / Free Stuff

Project Octopath Traveller – This RPG was pretty fun but I don’t really think I’ll ever get the actual game. We are allowed to play two routes with two characters but the problem with this is the reused content. If you want to replay with a different character you might not have as much of a good time as you think. Yes the opening story is different but once that’s over you travel through the same routes and meet the same people. I don’t really see it having a great replay value.

As well as that it took me way too long to defeat a difficult boss all because I didn’t realise 800 magic damage wasn’t as effective on the boss as 30 damage dagger attacks. I’m such an idiot!

Snipper clips – Whilst it’s quite a childish game I thought it might be fun to have the demo on my switch for playing with a friend since my only multiplayer game is Odyssey. It was actually kind of fun and the teamwork aspects were great. The only issue is that it’s pretty short and would probably only entertain the two of you for half an hour at best. Still it might be fun to try out and maybe you’ll want to play the whole game after!

Pokken Tournament – As far as I can tell this demo has pretty much everything the main game has, the only catch is that theirs a 15 game limit before the demo is useless to you. I only played the tutorial level and found it pretty fun but I wanted to save those 15 plays for playing with friends so I didn’t actually play the rest.

Rayman Legends – In this demo you get three levels as well as two mini games! Rayman is a pretty fun platformer and the final level of the demo was excellent and involved a hype chase sequence that felt epic! There was a mini game where you controlled a fly helping a player out and another one where you played 2d football and it was seriously addictive. I don’t recommend using rayman for the football game because he sucks, go to the gallery and pick another character to play as!


And there you go, that’s my experience with the switch so far! I hope that you find this useful and that it either gave you a game recommendation or informed you better on what the switch is like! Also add my friend code!


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