Neon Genesis Evangelion – Unfamiliar Ceiling / The Beast [2]

The other series I’ve done like this is when I reviewed Shiki episode by episode and when I look at the notes I wrote and the word count of my posts it makes me think that this series will be very long indeed. It’s rare to run out of room while writing notes but it happened!

In a continuation from the previous episode we see the showdown between the angel and Shinji. Despite having perfect synchronisation with the robot it just doesn’t seem to work for him, when you see him simply try to move forward you can see why it took so long for people to synch with it and learn its use. He falls over on the ground; it’s really not looking good!

It’s then made clear to us a very bad design flaw of the Evangelion; the pain the robot feels is also felt by the user. When could this ever be a good idea? It’s just a really poor design decision, but while the show doesn’t give you a direct explanation I think it kind of makes sense. The Evangelion doesn’t seem to have many controls on it so that means it’s probably controlled through human movement hence the machine needs to be connected to the nerves. I’m going to skip ahead to the end of the episode to finish this point. At the end of the episode it’s revealed that Shinji’s robot might be biological since bio matter such as eyes can appear from it. Therefore if the two are in synch and are connected I think it would be possible for him to feel pain.

EP 2 1

The robots arm breaks and Shinji can feel has actual arm in pain, which must be a terrible experience. Misato says that it’s not his arm in pain in a mad attempt to calm him down which could mean that it’s either a placebo or Misato is giving him a very bad coping mechanism which is far too late to reach him. Shinji seems to black out, he then wakes up in a hospital with an unfamiliar ceiling.

Whilst this is all going on we are given vague hints at what took place the previous day, along with a meeting with a lot of important people who happen to also come across as scumbags. They are basically there to reveal the economic situation. Basically if damage continues to be as bad as it already has they won’t be able to afford the repairs of the Evangelion and fight back.

EP 2 2

Shinji is fine but understandably in a bad way. Yet again his emotions are communicated through visuals as he stares at the same arm that the angel broke earlier in the episode. He cannot believe that it’s still there and doesn’t understand how he’s ok. He also remembers the hurt and wants to get rid of it.

To clear things up from the previous episode a war broke out fifteen years ago and wiped out half the human race. Now the world is creating technology for if the angels return again, and they have! So my speculation from the previous post was only half correct.

So Shinji is escorted out from his hospital visit and sees his dad, who is still terribly cold towards him even though he most likely saved the world the day before! It’s not like he just justified his position as a key military figure or anything! So far they just seem to be showing us the relationship between Shinji and his father, I’m looking forward to seeing it explored more in the future.

Misato then lets Shinji come and stay with her, it’s funny that she seems to care about him more than his dad does, and they have a small welcome party! I find it really funny how Shinji didn’t really get why she’d have a party and it might hint at his introverted nature, which seems apparent.

EP 2 3

We then view a very empty city scape and see it rise out of the ground. It’s amazing how something so huge can be made in such a small amount of time. The defence is genius but it’s sad that humanity has been reduced to hiding underground.

EP 2 4

We are then taken to Misato’s house and let’s just say it’s seen better days. She lives in a very messy way and that’s either because she’s really busy or doesn’t care. More on this later though. I like that she acts really excited and hyper around Shinji as she wants to make him feel welcome, distracting him from the previous day. But this is contrasted later in the episode when she’s contemplating her attitude to Shinji alone. She describes herself as “transparent” which makes me think she’s just putting on an act to make him feel better and that she perhaps could be a lot more serious and sad on her own because her living conditions show someone who has stopped caring as much. She has a lot of beers in the fridge, which makes me think she might use alcohol as a crutch to escape the trauma of the military. That’s just speculation on my part though; it could later be revealed that I’m terribly wrong!

EP 2 5

I’m sure everyone can relate to having difficulty sleeping due to stress and it seems apparent that Shinji will have this problem. We are shown a picture of Shinji who is just listening to music on a tape (very old for 2015 AD) and going over the previous events. I think it’s a really interesting decision to have the action scene in retrospect as we’ve been constantly seeing the consequences of it and dread the horror to come later.

We see that after Shinji gets knocked out he goes berserk, loses it and then relentlessly attacks the angel. I think this is only possible because of Shinji’s connection to the robot and his inner human instincts and desperation resulting in natural movements that resulted in a brilliant attack.

The episode ends when Misato enters Shinji’s bedroom congratulating him on the previous day and encouraging him not to lose heart. The message is directed at a panicked and stressed individual. Needless to say it’s going to be a long night for Shinji.




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    1. haha! Don’t worry that’s coming in one of the next posts! I sort of wanted to ignore it so that I could stay more focused on the serious nature of the show instead of the comedic. It was pretty funny though, I have no idea why he was there!

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