Neon Genesis Evangelion – Rei beyond the heart / Rei I [5]

We start off with a flash back of the testing of the very first Eva. I genuinely thought that the military guys were creating new body suits for humans instead of mechas due to the way the scene was shot. When you see something in an empty white room it’s difficult to notice size. It’s only when we get a glimpse through the testing facility that I understood how stupid I was.

Anyway the Eva goes Berserk and they decide to shut it off but there’s a problem with the communication! I’ve only seen five episodes of this show so far and they’ve already used that excuse way too much! They really need to fix these things.

EP 5 2

To my (and everyone else’s) surprise it’s actually Shinji’s dad who comes to the rescue and it’s really unnatural to see him act that way; risking his life to save a humans. This scene comes into play later and results in two different attitudes between Shinji and Rei at how they view Gendo Ikari.

The purpose of this episode is to basically introduce Rei as a main character and establish her fully. We learn that all of Rei’s information has been deleted as well so she doesn’t really have anyone who knows a lot about her. The anime also implies that Rei changed drastically after piloting but that could just be myself reading into the series too much.

What I really like yet would never have thought of is the idea of looking at the angels once their dead to see how they work. They reveal that these angels have 99.89% human genes, I guess they got lucky and got rid of the 0.11% DNA which was responsible for causing injury from normal weapons.

EP 5 3

Once this is explained Shinji realises what his dad did when they were first testing the Eva 00. Just like us we can see that Shinji doesn’t believe what happened. We can tell that the Ikari’s have some bad family history but I kind of want it to be explained at this point to give contrast between his attitudes between Rei and Shinji. What event made Shinji dislike him so much? Was it just simply him leaving or did something worse happen?

EP 5 4

Don’t you think it’s strange that Shinji and Rei have never had a conversation at this point in the series? They have a lot in common. It’s really strange during the swimming pool scene when Shinji treats Rei as a stranger. They should know each other by now! This just shows how socially inept both of the characters are. When Shinji is caught staring at Rei, his friends tease him about his attraction towards her and it’s pretty funny. This is because his reaction is over the top and pretty childish, it reminds me of being a small child since that’s how bad his reaction is. Whether he has affection or not it’s surprising his reaction isn’t a lot better. I think this comes from a lack of experience with this type of conversation and a lack of maturity for all people in the conversation.

EP 5 5

Rei has no friends despite being a pilot and Shinji was just wondering why. On the surface it’s that she’s simply introverted and quiet but I’m wondering if we’ll find out a deeper reason later. She’s not even cold to everyone though and is nice to Shinji’s dad of all people! Shinji can’t believe it and I’m sure he feels a huge jealousy for her and lack of understanding about the nature of his dad’s character. He can’t understand why he treats a little girl better than his own son! And neither can I really.

EP 5 6

I wasn’t going to bring this up but the appearance of military penguin is way too annoying! How can I take anything seriously when theirs a military penguin running around with no explanation given? It’s very out of place. Not that I don’t like penguins, I just want a reason for the penguin to be there.

The episode progresses by giving Shinji the task of giving Rei her new card. What could possible go wrong? Well we see one of the most awkward scenes in anime ever made, and I’ve seen watamote!

Shinji is in the house while Rei is in the shower. She gets out and sees that Shinji is wearing her glasses. She runs to get them off him but Shinji ends up falling on top of her, spilling her underwear draw on top of them and then grabbing her boob.

EP 5 7

In other shows this scene would be used for comedy and the main character would receive a slap on the face and that’s it. I feel like this scene was so much more important and expressed so much more than any of these scenes and actually had real consequences on the story.

The first thing is that the awkwardness is communicated very well. Rei is not a loud or panicky person and just stares giving Shinji the responsibility to move away. Once this is over she ignores him completely despite Shinji’s apologies and it just feels really bad. She doesn’t actually give Shinji a time to respond, communicating her distaste for the guy without even using words! And the next conversation the two have really doesn’t help things.

Shinji for the first time opens up to somebody about the difficulties of piloting an Eva and Rei says she doesn’t care. Does this mean she actually doesn’t care or just wants to end the conversation with Shinji faster? I assume the last one is truer. Shinji expresses his distrust and dislike for his father only to receive as slap from her since it angered him so much. Neither can believe that the other person has their opinion and it shows that Gendo (Shinji’s dad) has a more complex character than we first thought and it makes me wonder what conflicts and tragedies are resting in his head to make him the way he is.

EP 5 8

Shinji’s dad is the co-ordinator for all of Rei’s experiments yet sees it fit to ignore Shinji. This could be because of Shinji’s resentment towards him but I reckon his dad reciprocates the same annoyance Shinji does.

Angels attack again and we see that Shinji is ready to fight. Except that he gets shot through the chest instantly, great! The character development / establishment was brilliant this episode let’s hope that this quality continues into the future! I’ve seen that theirs another pilot with orange hair to be introduced soon and I’m actually really looking forward to seeing what she’s like.

And I promise as soon as I write a shorter than average post for this series I will fit talk about the ED at the end!


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