Neon Genesis Evangelion – Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3 / Rei II [6]

We’re going straight back to episode five to add another detail I missed about Rei’s character and discus a strange disconnect between two parts of her own character. To recap Shinji falls on top of Rei while she’s naked and she reacts by just staring at him. What I found so odd about this scene in retrospect was the major difference in reaction she had.

When she exits the bathroom she’s not annoyed with Shinji because she’s seen him naked, it’s because he’s wearing her glasses. Her reaction to this is instant; she rushes to obtain the glasses in outrage. However when Shinji falls on top of her she really doesn’t care as much. It’s not like Rei has supressed emotions either, she reacts badly by slapping Shinji as soon as he criticises his dad! What could this mean?
Rei doesn’t really seem to care about herself or her own personal safety (as shown later in this episode) yet cares about other external things. This is pretty sad. To make this theory or interpretation stronger she seems to care a lot about Shinji’s dad and expresses emotion towards him. So now I’m wondering if Rei’s coldness towards Shinji up until now was because of his intrusion in the house along with the mess he caused.

When Shinji apologised for the second time I remember Rei saying something along the lines of “for what?” I don’t think that most people in this situation would react like this; it’s like asking someone to bring up a horrible experience all over again. Even if someone would act like this I don’t think they’d say that exact line to a person like Shinji. Do all these things mean that Rei has no self-respect for her life? It may be a bit extreme but I feel like this disconnect shouldn’t be glossed over as simple social ineptness. Anyway on to the episode!

EP 6 1

I think it was in episode four that Shinji said that he doesn’t trust his father or maybe the military in general. Well at the start of the episode it’s easy to see why! Shinji is immediately shot through the chest with no time at all to react. This minor mistake resulted in a 3 hour repair cycle for the Evangelion! How stupid are these guys?

The problem in this episode is a giant angel which looks different to all the others. It’s some kind of metal ball which has a shield to protect itself and a gun to fire at enemies with. Its ability to launch missiles and retaliate perfectly to incoming missiles might make it a bit of a problem.

EP 6 2

But don’t worry Misato has a crafty plan in the works. Did anyone else have expectations that whatever her plan was it would fail miserably? At this point in the show I just couldn’t trust her as I feel like she’s made a lot of bad calls in the past. Things such as letting Shinji leave, giving him bad instructions in combat and finally launching Shinji into the direct path of a missile before he had any chance to leave. This made me trivialise her actions which might have been a mistake.

It’s great to see her act so responsibly to this sudden authority and work under the pressure of the entirety of Japan. Yes, this plan involves removing all of Japans electricity (approximately 180KW according to the show) and firing a massive positron rifle at it!

EP 6 3

Meanwhile in Shinji’s hospital bed we see Rei give him his orders. They are to team up and fire the gun late at night whilst Rei protects him. This is actually a brilliant call by the guys. While Shinji isn’t great under the pressure I find it difficult to see him willing to endure pain to save Rei, it’s too risky. Yes in Shinji’s head he might be able to do it but as soon as he feels anything close to a threat / injury I don’t see him being very useful. Not as good as Rei at the least.

Later when the two get ready for the operation Shinji expresses his self-doubt and worry. Rei reassures him in a worrying way that she will protect him. It made me think that she would sacrifice herself if needed and having the attitude that you could die for a cause before going into battle isn’t a great way attitude to have for survival.

Rei also expresses the same philosophy I had earlier to saving society. She thinks she’s bound to pilot the Eva so she can save the world. She thinks she’s got nothing else to offer. It’s a very negative view to have on your life however in comparison to what she could be doing instead I think it’s kind of true. I’m not saying that a 14 year old girl couldn’t help against a space invasion, I’m just saying I don’t see any better way than piloting one of the only two machines which can combat the invasion. It’s not the content which concerns me but more of the attitude Rei has while expressing it.

EP 6 4

So the two assemble on top of the mountain and I’m sitting there ready to cringe at the failure that I’m about to see. The angel can detect the high level of energy in Shinji’s positron rifle and fires, Shinji fires too and the shot seems to repel. This is pretty important information. I know a fair amount of physics but not about plasma or laser beams so take this interpretation with a lot of salt. Positrons are the anti-particles of electrons which means that the gun fires a beam of positive charge. So Shinji fires his beam of positive charge at the same time the angel does and the beams seem to repel each other quite strongly. This is most likely because the angels beam has the same charge as the positron beam. Both explosions have a similar size and the gunshots seem to be similar as well. This leads me to the idea that both Angel and Eva technology is very similar and the main difference between them is that one holds the same amount of energy as all the electricity in Japan whereas the other will cause a black out. So they’re not on a massively equal level if that wasn’t made clear already!

Shinji is targeted by the blast but Rei leaps in with a shield to save Shinji’s life but the protection is slowly disintegrating and Shinji needs to shoot the next blast quickly to save everyone. And to my surprise it actually worked! The missile destroys the angel and all seems well!

EP 6 5

Even though Shinji’s ok Rei isn’t and we get a scene similar to the same one where Gendo Ikari saved Rei’s life. When Rei was defending the blast she didn’t seem to care about saving herself (hence the earlier interpretation) but really wants to save Shinji, this resulted in a massive injury which most likely nearly killed her.

This compassion and selflessness resonates with Shinji as he’s the only one who can truly relate to her pain and he knows how much it means that she went to the effort to save him. They have a really touching scene where Shinji cries and tells her not to die so easily. Rei sees Gendo in Shinji’s eyes and she really starts to like him and care about him in the same way Shinji cares about him. Rei has no idea how to react and Shinji tells her to simply smile. It was a really touching scene to end on and it’s nice to see that the two have come to know and like each other better!

Trust me I will talk about the ED at some point! This review would have been a lot shorter if I didn’t talk about the boob scene from the previous episode so it would have gone in there!

EP 6 6

2 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3 / Rei II [6]

  1. I’m finally starting to like rei even though i still don’t understand her. actually I’m starting to like all the characters now a little bit more now. This episode felt like a turning point for me.

    Like you said Misato actually has a plan that works, and while i don’t think i doubted her as much as you did, i was still surprised by how well it worked in the end. Then the ending scene between Shinji and Rei was perfect and sweet.

    I’m falling a bit behind at the moment and I’ll probably have to catch up all at once in the middle of next week, so you may not look at the next few posts of yours right away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s not a problem! Watching an episode a day isn’t exactly as easy as binging a few of them in a night!

      The ending scene was really nice and it’s great that you’re starting to like Rei! She is pretty difficult to understand though.

      Liked by 1 person

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