The 8 Best Anime of 2017!

2017 is now over and I want to look over the shows that did the most right this year! So here are my top 8 anime’s released in 2017 along with honourable mentions at the end!


  1. Masamune kuns revenge

A boy got rejected at a young age by a ”Cruel Princess” and now to this day she is still at it again rejecting people in the most humiliating ways possible. She’s cold hearted and mean and our main character tries to make her fall in love with him just so he can reject her and have his revenge!

This idea for a story is great as it’s relatively original and gives great opportunity for comedy. What this show ended up doing though felt a whole lot different and it was a little bit of a let-down. While the ending still entertained me and I liked the new drama I couldn’t help but feel like the story I got was different from the story promised.

The female love interest Adagaki Aki suddenly became a nice person and the girl we saw at the start was completely forgotten. It then became very quickly clear that the two love each other so the whole premise changes to become completely ignored. I would be extremely surprised to find out that Masamune actually rejected Aki, it might actually persuade me to continue with the manga!

Despite its flaws the show is still very entertaining and funny and worth a shot if you like the idea of the show!


  1. Boku No Hero Academia Season 2

What I like most about this series is the characters and their attitudes to rivalry especially in the tournament arc where they are more competitive than most shows I’ve ever seen! I really like the characters self-belief in this arc and I thought all the fights were entertaining and performed very well.

I liked the interesting back stories brought into the mix and thought it was really interesting.

The great visuals and animation make this show a must watch if you’re a fan of the shounen genre.


  1. Kobayashi’s dragon maid

Something about this show just makes it a really nice and calming experience to watch through. The situations are often fun and light hearted but the series can become very dramatic and heart-warming at times.

We mostly see introductions of characters and friendships develop over the course of the show and it’s really sweet to watch it build up to a really nice climax that ended the show well!

This is great for people who like slice of life, and also dragons I guess.


  1. Konosuba Season 2

The second season of Konosuba came out at the start of this year and I loved it! The outrageous comedy continued and well that’s pretty much it. It’s a fantasy comedy about taking down the evil lord (or something) and saving the world basically accidentally.

This show was more of the same and what we’ve come to expect to the series. What made the series worse in my opinion was the way it diverted between situations. What I mean is that we got a few episodes in the starting city, a few episodes traveling to another city and more episodes in that city. I personally think these middle episodes suffered from not being in the city and having scenarios around it and I think the starting episodes didn’t work as well since the lead up from the previous season had to be rebuilt and the first city didn’t really have a good ending in my opinion; they just left it. The final episodes also suffered because we didn’t have much time at all to establish the city before the evil guy attacked and the episode ended.

In the first series so much of the comedy was a result of the characters’ previous actions and these didn’t really stick over the course of travel. I would have preferred spending more time in the second city as I think it would have made the final pay off a lot better.

Despite all this I still enjoyed it and it’s definitely a very good show. That’s pretty much my explanation for not putting it higher.


  1. Inuyashiki

Oh yes, time to continue teasing the full review of this series I’ll drop soon! Yet again here’s an idea as to why I liked it so much. (Copy and pasted so that my full review is so much better)

At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a terrible situation. His family hates him just because he’s old, boring and from the looks of it failing at his job. He suddenly is diagnosed with a terminal illness and will spend the last days of his life in misery with family who don’t seem to love him. It’s really sad. But then he’s unexplainably given a second chance along with superpowers!

This sudden tone shift is brilliant and I love the way we start to focus on other people’s problems and what Inuyashiki can do to help that really makes the show entertaining in my opinion. You could say that the show is about good vs evil but I feel like the journey is so much more complex than that.


  1. Tsurezure children

The school in Tsurezure children is much more real than any other I’ve seen and it feels great. We see comedy moments of couples over the course of many episodes to see their relationship develop and improve over time. It’s also really fun to see the characters talk about others who we get the perspective of to see how others view their relationship. It’s a really new and interesting take on the Rom-com genre and if you want to hear more click here:


  1. Made in abyss

Despite my critiques from the “what I watched in December” post I cannot deny that the opening episodes were 10 out of 10’s, only brought down later by the abundance of 7’s. But to me those opening episodes were so good that Made in abyss just has to take the 2nd place spot.

I don’t remember ever crying / tearing up with emotion only at the three episode mark! I don’t think the show gets too much better after the lull in episode 7 but I do end up liking it more and it’s great to see the abyss being explored!


  1. Kuzu no honkai

I know when an anime is one of my favourites when it can instantly hook me. Nothing on this list ever came close to giving me an impulse to continue to the next episode like this show has. In my opinion the drama is so interesting and scummy that I just had to continue. This made it difficult when the show was still ongoing.

Every single character in this show is pretty bad and mostly a terrible person, but it’s really interesting to learn how they got that way and what they do to try and achieve happiness in their own life.

The characters in this show are pretty miserable and jaded, not having much going on except for the drama highlights shown to us. I just found the events so interesting and the stupid way the characters behaved painful and fun at the same time to view.

I think a common criticism of this show is how badly the characters are treated and how terrible they are. I agree that this is true but it’s because of this criticism that I like the series so much, it’s just really interesting to me.

As a pretty nerdy anime blogger none of these events are relatable to me so it’s interesting to see a lot of them for the first time. I have a friend who at the time seemed to be in constant drama to do with things like this and imagining my friend being like this is really funny to me as well. It could also be the fact that I’ve heard about a lot worse so these scenarios don’t make me feel as bad inside.

If you like the idea of a dramatic and sad romance story then you should definitely check this out!



And if you want to see the honourable mentions:

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