Neon Genesis Evangelion – Asuka Arrives In Japan / Asuka Strikes! [8]

As soon as I start to think writing these posts might take me less time, as soon as I start to think that the show will be repeating ground so I’ll have less to say they go and introduce a whole new important character to talk about. That’s right, this episode we come across the third human capable of saving the world: Asuka!

Mistato, Shinji and Shinji’s friend take a lovely trip on a helicopter to the navy on the sea. And when I say the navy I mean the ENTIRE navy! Shinji’s two friends are very focussed on appealing to Misato, one going so far as to buy a hat. This hat ends up serving to create a brilliant establishment shot for Asuka as soon as they land on the massive ship.

EP 8 2

He loses his hat and it goes flying towards an unknown girl’s feet. This girl stomps on the hat and we immediately know a few things about her from this alone. The first is that she is confident and more sociable than the other two pilots. None of the others would have the experience or desire to damage a stranger’s property so it shows that my previous opinion of the personality of Eva pilots is wrong. This doesn’t tell us that she’s sociable, just more sociable than the other two. It’s her bold introduction and slap to that same boys face that establishes her as a more confident person straight away. She’s so confident she doesn’t even address the guy at first and instead talks to Misato!

Due to the fact that this show has Evangelion in the title I’m sure that she has something strange or mentally wrong about her character. It could be that she acts confident but is actually insecure or something like that. But that’s just speculation and I have no reason to believe that. What we know is that unlike the other two who react in very nervous and introverted ways Asuka knows how she is and is confident to display her… well confidence.

It was really funny when the boy dropped his trousers to apologise for looking up her skirt only to receive another slap again because Asuka didn’t want him too. This shows us she’s a bit reckless and violent, which could make her pretty good at piloting the Eva.

EP 8 3

We get to see all of the new characters introduced eating together, along with a new addition called Keji who enjoys flirting with Misato. It’s heavily implied that they had a past relationship when Keji asks Shinji if she still rolls around at night madly. The fact that Misato is so embarrassed makes me almost certain of their relationship; she is just embarrassed so much. If it was a guy you barely knew you’d be more likely to be angry at him than anything else. It seems like Misato is trying to keep this a secret, maybe because she stopped going out with him or just that she doesn’t want Shinji talking about his own criticisms of her privately.

A little while later Asuka decides to show Shinji her Evangelion. What I like about this is that Asuka immediately wants to establish herself as a strong person and a leader amongst the pilots by talking about how great her Evangelion is. I get the impression that she’s competitive and wants to be more respected and used than any other based on her actions here. For example it’s made specifically for combat. Hmm… I wonder how it deals with being underwater.

EP 8 4

It’s here that an angel appears to attack the characters. This has made me certain that the angels know and can detect where our main characters are, probably based on the Eva’s energy or something like that.

Now Asuka is a character that I like because she can take the initiative. As a way to prove herself she immediately starts getting ready to pilot the Eva, not really caring if Misato wouldn’t allow it. She has a strong belief that she can achieve her goal which is really nice. I wasn’t entirely sure if she was actually good at fighting or if she was just a bit stupid. I don’t even know if it was made clear whether or not she had even tried piloting it before!

EP 8 5

Now Asuka is German but the show made it very clear that it was made by Japanese people. I just don’t think it’s realistic for her to know Japanese. I don’t think that’s racist against Germans; it’s just that statistically not that many people know Japanese, of these people most of them are Japanese and not German and out of all the Germans who know Japanese very few are 14 year old girls. I think, it would make sense. The only explanation I can think for this is that due to Japans emergence of great technology (Even though realistically they wouldn’t advance the fastest out of all the countries) more people need to know Japanese so that they can understand and work with the military.

Anyway Asuka tells the Eva to work in her native language and it doesn’t work. However when she switches to Japanese she understands her perfectly. It’s very strange that a person using their first language wouldn’t be understood yet understood with the second. The use of Asuka switching languages of her Eva is pretty badly done but it makes sense for the director to make the decision so that the audience can understand her better.

EP 8 6

So Asuka gets in and Misato immediately approves! It’s a really great moment for Asuka to act. If she didn’t then a lot of damage would have been caused and it would have been too late before the navy gave her permission to move out.

Anyway Asuka is actually a brilliant pilot but unfortunately goes into the water after stabbing the angel. This is when we see what happens when the Eva submerges in water. Luckily they don’t get electrocuted (you know how well water and electricity mix) but they still can’t move which is actually a lot better than it should have been.

EP 8 7

It’s at this point that Misato comes up with another brilliant plan. In this case the plan was quite good but something about the way she explains her plans really annoys me. She acts like she’s extremely clever for coming up with something basic and explains each simple plan as if it’s complicated. You may need to re-watch to see what I mean. Her plan is to use this hook that Asuka and Shinji (Shinji is in the cockpit with Asuka – don’t read that statement the wrong way) to reel the angel to the surface, have Asuka open its mouth all the way and then shoot missiles into it.

Maybe I can explain the thing that annoys me about her plan exposition better. Instead of shouting out the plan in a hectic panic to try and solve the situation in time she almost steps out of the moment focussing on her plan as if it’s a long-term event, waiting for approval from the person she’s explain it too. That’s what annoys me, she should have just said the plan giving orders and explained it as she went.

EP 8 8

What was interesting about Shinji and Asuka in the cockpit was the way Shinji was able to take charge over Asuka and lean over her to pilot for her. It’s clear that the two are touching and it was nice to see that Shinji was confident about it and focusing on the task. Asuka who had more time to think due to lack of control mentioned it but Shinji didn’t even understand. I think that he might be breaking out of the shell he’s created around him and making a new one which is really nice!

EP 8 9

The situation was solved and the episode ends with Keji giving Gendo “the first human being” but it doesn’t look human at all. I’m intrigued to see how this goes in the future.

We’ve already been going on for quite a long time but I really do need to address the ED again since my interpretation may have been correct. The singer of the ED has been changing and I’m very sure that Asuka was singing at the end of this one, it had a certain energy that only she really has. Since Asuka doesn’t seem to have any obvious problems I can either continue the interpretation and say that she’s just feeling like that on the inside or watch the show more and create a better idea later on when I know more about everyone!

35 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – Asuka Arrives In Japan / Asuka Strikes! [8]

  1. It seems to vary, sometimes i Can only have the sub (cowboy bebop, Which is sad Because I’ve heard the dub is amazing, and Sao because i got used to and liked the dub voice actors in season one, but can’t find them for season 2) and sometimes just the dub (evangelion, need i say more.) Usually though, If I’ve found the dub, the sub is available too.

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    1. Sorry I’ve been missing a few of your comments, I really need to fix my notification box!

      I’d say that the cowboy bebop sub is pretty good as well but if you like dubs you should use it to watch bebop if possible.

      I don’t think sao is an anime that should be watched in either sub or dub, I don’t really like it, I find it pretty boring. I’d say watch Sao dubbed because you will be able to do other things while watching it!

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      1. My notifications have been acting up to. I had to revisit posts I commented on for a while to see if someone replied. 75% of the time there was a reply comment.

        At the moment, not possible, but i haven’t searched in a while.

        I lived Sao. I got so riled up during season one that i was literally fighting along side kirito at times. Swinging an imaginary sword in all. I think that’s the main reason i didn’t like the gun gale arc. It didn’t do that for me. The dub was nice for that to. My eyes were glued to the action and my brain was able to focus on that.

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        1. What I’ve done is click on the cog just bellow the likes tab and disable likes and comment like activity because they just get in the way for me. That’s the best solution I can come up with so far.

          I watched SAO when there was still hype for it but found it boring and only really finished it because everyone had seen it. Out of all of them though gungale was my favourite (though all were pretty bad imo) but it was only because I skipped the OP (which spoiled the entire thing) and was roped in by the mystery which was pretty terrible. It’s fine to like SAO, I will just disagree with you. I recommend you watch Digibro’s SAO Diatribe if you want to see why it’s not my thing, he expresses my thoughts and a lot more really well:

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          1. I watch mothers basements anti Sao videos, which are pretty enjoyable, so I understand why a lot of people don’t like it. Strangely enough i never put together all the spoilers in gun gales op. Lol.

            I’ll give this vid a watch.

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            1. Nice, even if you’ve seem Geoff’s videos I hope you’ll get something out of it, you can also run it as a podcast in the background since it has no video!

              I sadly hate mothers basement’s videos now, but I do think he was good at the time.

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  2. I’m pretty sure the reason that asuka switched to Japanese was because shinji ‘s thoughts were interfering. Since he’s thinking in Japanese and she’s speaking in German the EVA was getting mixed signals. I still think she should have been able to do it regardless, in German, but the explanation does work.

    I’m more concerned that her name is Japanese. So she’s German, but has a Japanese name…. My theory is that she had at least one Japanese parent but was raised in germany, which is why she can speak both so well.

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    1. Yeah I never actually thought of that! You’ll find out later in the series that your theory makes more sense than you realise!

      And that’s also a pretty good reason why the Eva didn’t work in German, I don’t like pointing out plot holes without a potential explanation and that definitely works!

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      1. I’m honestly just happy she spoke in German. I’ve already seen way to many series where the characters are from another country and there is absolutely nothing to indicate there county of origin other then the statement that they are from there. I just really liked that. Added some realism.

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        1. Yeah the series has really good engrish and I guess germish? They also don’t forget that Asuka’s German because she uses more into the future! Do you also find it funny that we’re praising something that should be common yet isn’t? Having good engrish should be normal imo, it enhances the realism like you said,

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          1. I’m assuming your watching the sub, correct? I am watching a dub so it’s all in english for the most part, but when there is a reference to language they state that they are speaking Japanese, so i really like that in the dub. It really is sad that it isn’t common, especially considering how old this is.

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            1. Sorry I never even registered that the dub voices would all be in English. Yes I’m watching the sub but the language changes are always quite funny in dubs, two people will speak English but they still won’t understand the other!


              1. Actually the German came through intact, they didn’t translate it to English, so the problem of unhearable language barriers, due to everyone speaking the same language when they shouldn’t be, isn’t present. I wish I could listen to the sub version, but I’m very impressed with the sub at the moment. That could change if I ever got my hands on the sub though.

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                  1. Thank you! I now, finally know what they are singing in the op. I’ll probably watch the sub for a while now because i absolutely love it when they put the Japanese lyrics on screen. It gives me a better chance to sing along. I switch back and forth though because when i watch a dub i can multitask a little, and not worry about reading dialogue.


                    This is where I’ve been viewing if you wanted to check out the dub as well. I feel bad about not using a legal streaming site, but i don’t have the money. I try to use crunchy roll when i can and just bear with the commercials, but i don’t have flash player on my primary viewing device at the moment.

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                    1. Thank you, don’t feel bad about not using legal streaming sites because they all suck and even if you use the service (like I did) the chances of them having a show you want is massively small.

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                    2. Actually, turns out i won’t be watching the sub. Sigh. The site you linked to, while likely a safe site in Of itself keeps opening up other website pages that leave me with messages of possible virus contamination. I had the same problem with mangafox so I switched to mangahere. So disappointing, because it has some other stuff i really wanted to watch too.

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                    3. If you change the source to mp4 upload that doesn’t happen to me, that site has never done that on mp4upload which is why I use it. Also google pop up blocker and add it and you will never have to worry about those pop ups again! You need to be using chrome though.

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                    4. See, my primary viewing device is a kindle, which already has its version of pop-up blocker on, I checked. I sometimes get to use a computer, but not as often as I’d like. Is the mp4 upload one of the streaming options?

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                    5. Yeah you scroll down the sources and select it. There should be about ten and most of them suck. If that doesn’t work you could always try youtube! I can’t explain this but sometimes I like watching something in 480p in a small box!

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                    6. Same problem, but thanks for helping me to try getting it to work. I’ll just keep watching the dub i have been watching i suppose.

                      YouTube can be great. I’m watching three series there now and it’s where I viewed my first anime. I can’t find a sub for Evangelion though, a few dub episodes popped up.

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  3. I’ve seen until episode 6 now!! So soon I’ll be able to read this. But I am sorry to say this… I won’t be able to watch with you. It is impossible. There is no way in anywhere I can watch just one episode per day. That’s just cray cray!

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    1. Of course not, not even I watch one episode a day! Let’s say you’ve seen six, you binge the show more on another day, you’re already ahead and can talk about each episode as the reviews come out! I kind of like that idea as long as you don’t spoil!


      1. Not gonna spoil, I promise. I read your first post (as you can see since I commented on it.) now and am gonna read the rest tomorrow because tonight I’m gonna go to bed early. wish me luck on my sleep.

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        1. Oh I hope you settle in well! And I think watching it over a long period of time isn’t a bad thing, I’m just glad you seem to like it. Hopefully it might help you relax when you come back from the new job!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. That sounds bad, you do well to keep up with blogging and still write yourself! Don’t let anything get to you and control your moods to force you to do all the important stuff! I’m sure you do that anyway but it really helps me to think of these two things after I get back from work.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Part of being healthy is finding that little bit if time for self. If I need to step back and take a break from something i will. In that case, I have a bit of a blogging stock pile, so hopefully that won’t be a problem if i get overwhelmed in that area. The most important thing of ask though, is proper sleep!

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