Neon Genesis Evangelion – Magma Diver [10]

Ok all of these have been way too long recently; hopefully this one can be below 1000 words for once! Not that I don’t want content worth discussing, it’s just that I’m never going to complete this project if I have to write over 30,000 words for the entire month! Shiki was 16,000 words for all 22 episodes and we’ve got nearly 12,000 for just 10 episodes of Evangelion! Oh well too many words… I should move on.

I like the set up in this episode leading up until the let down slightly later on in the episode. Asuka goes out to buy clothes with Kaji and their relationship is completely established. Asuka wants to impress and be liked by Kaji but he sees how young she is and treats her like a child (which is what he should be doing by the way). I like how she buys a swimsuit to in an attempt to appeal to Kaji but it feeds into the rest of the episode pretty nicely. As well as this don’t you think the table shot (probably the featured image so unavailable on the website) really demonstrates their relationship visually well?

EP 10 1

Asuka is actually buying the swimsuit for the school trip that she thinks she’ll be going on. Unfortunately her expectations aren’t met because they aren’t allowed to go and instead must wait in case an angel appears. Asuka is really annoyed too and wants support from Shinji, it’s nice to see them getting on well.

EP 10 2

To make matters worse Misato has all of their grades! We then immediately transition to Shinji doing computer science revision in a swimming pool. Why? Asuka helps him and the only reason why she’s not great at school is that she can’t read all of the questions since she doesn’t understand all of the characters. Finally some realism in languages! I can read katakana and hiragana because it’s fairly easy and helps with listening while watching anime but kanji sounds impossible and the most annoying thing to do. I’m sure if I stopped blogging and switched my writing time for kanji time I would be quite good at it but it would be nowhere near worth it. I know a little bit of Japanese but I’ve given up trying to learn and just know what comes naturally to me, which is actually quite a bit! So I’m quite lucky!

Oh no I changed the topic! WE NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK. Shinji doing computer science revision? That’s actually a great idea! From the looks of things in Eva they are in dire need of more skilled software engineers. I study computer science and NO STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. OK, I think I’ve stopped. It’s funny how I always get confused between Rei and Asuka while writing my notes. NOOOOOOOO. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP.  This is what a tangent is like, I NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. NO.

It seems like Asuka can relax because she’s actually quite clever, it’s just the writing system she needs to learn. I think in my school system you’re allowed to get a teacher to read the question to you NOOOOOOOOOOO ARHGHGHGHGHGH. Shinji however can read the questions and it looks like he’s fallen quite behind.

I remember Asuka asking Shinji if he liked her swimsuit and if warming her breasts would make them bigger. I wonder why I remember that? Shinji just doesn’t react well though. I know in that situation I would say NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOO AGHGHGHGHH STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!

Ok so they assemble everyone together because they need to kill a dormant angel at the bottom of a volcano. Shinji thinks they’ll choose him even though he’d rather Asuka do it. To his surprise they ask Asuka to do it and I can tell that he’s got that surprised feeling when you expect something for certain and it’s taken away when you have no idea why. I know in the scouts this happened to me and I was like NOOOOOOO NOOOOOO ARHGHGHGHGHAGHGHAHGAHGH STOP!

I found myself asking, what the hell does Kaji even do? I thought he worked with the navy but now he works with the military just talking to random women? I don’t understand him, he shouldn’t be there. As far as I’m concerned Kaji is just there to flesh out backstory and look nice, what even is his job?

EP 10 3

Anyway Asuka is wearing a massive heatproof suit and so is her Evangelion. She can’t deal with it messing up her style! But she can’t deal with other people sitting in her cockpit so she basically forces herself to suck it up and do the mission. I look down on her for thinking of fashion at a time like this, she can behave very childishly and stupidly at times.

To raise the stakes further, I went to the butches and said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. To raise the stakes further we learn that they could simply shoot Asuka to death if the whole thing goes wrong which is pretty scary stuff. Not to mention that as she’s dropped. She gets dropped down lower to a point where she’s no longer at a safe height and it all starts going wrong. She lifts the angel up and she starts slowly taking it to the surface. Did anyone actually believe that the operation would go smoothly? We’re very used to things going wrong at this point.

EP 10 4

I was right, the angel activates and Asuka is forced into a battle but she hasn’t got a knife because it fell out due to the pressure. Shinji drops her one just in the nick of time to kill the angel but the rope holding Asuka also breaks. Shinji saves her in just the nick of time though as well. And Asuka likes him a whole lot more.

After this the whole cast go to the hot springs to relax. Shinji throws them some shampoo over the edge and blushes as he hears Misato and Asuka fight playfully. He seems pretty embarrassed to have an erection and that makes me think he’s not very open or used to the idea of sex. Which is what I would expect to be honest.

We then learn that Misato was scared by the first invasion of angels and lived through it. We don’t know very much except that Misato and Kaji lived through the first invasion and I wonder if that’s where they first had their relationship. Anyway we watch the sun set with Misato and Asuka and it’s a very warm moment to end the episode on.


16 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – Magma Diver [10]

  1. It wasn’t computer science. They are talking about thermodynamics (thermal expansion to be exact. Yup, I studied that at the uni) and that’s the reason for Asuka talking about warming her breasts. Heat expands things thus her breasts would get bigger.

    Asuka is getting on my nerves and it doesn’t get any better…

    Best part in this episode is the penguin and Shinji’s embarrassing moment at the hot spring.


    1. Oh yeah, he says studying science and not computer science. That’s my mistake. I think I remember doing a bit of thermal expansion but I never would have related the two.Thank you! And would Asuka’s breasts get bigger or just burn? It’s really important for me to know!

      Asuka has one hell of a character arc though and at the very least the reasons for her being the way she is are explained very well.

      The hot spring scene was so funny too!


      1. Well, they will never get bigger not matter how much heat she add to them but burner, yeah definitely if she add enough heat. 😉

        I don’t care what Asuka has been through (I have seen to ep 22 now so I am just at her story) because she is horrible anyway. She doesn’t have to behave like an ass and be bratty as fuck. She is only thinking about herself and her jealousy towards the others are out of bounds. The hate she feels is something people should deal with but no one does anything. It affects her piloting. I just want to scream everytime I see an adult look at Asuka “Do something!!!” Well, she triggers me.

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        1. Aw, I don’t like burner as much as bigger…

          I think your criticisms of Asuka are very valid but to me that’s kind of why I like her. She feels like a realistic bratty 14 year old with all her problems and I think she’s interesting to watch because of it.

          Asuka places all her pride and identity on her being the best Eva pilot and her love of Kaji. At the start of the series she has these things and is happy as well as confident. As soon as these things are taken away from her she gets depression and loses herself and it’s painful for me to watch. Seeing this bright, smart and confident girl completely lose her mind is horrible to me, I don’t exactly think it’s hate either. She obviously had Kaji but the idea of being the best made her hate her competitors and see them differently and caused her to become mentally ill not the other way round.

          I get your perspective, and I hope I’ve explained well enough why I think differently from you!

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          1. She says at some point that she pilots EVA because she wants to tell herself that she is good/the best. That to me is a pretty sure sign that she really is an insecure girl. And she is kind of fucked up in the head but she is really unfair to both Rei and Shinji when she talks down to them and is sarcastic and mean all the time. Also a bad trait an insecure person can have.

            No we don’t see her the same at all. Especially not since I think she is damaged from the start and probably depressed already when she comes to Japan and probably already before. All she got was Kaji and EVA.

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            1. Yeah yet again I agree but it just makes me find her interesting. She’s mean because she priorities her being the best and she’s mean to try and get back at them because she’s not the best. It’s a bad trait but still interesting because of how the other characters exploit her insecurities without her realising. I’m completely on board with what your saying but IDK I think I take her actions a lot less seriously than you do (which is fine).

              She probably did have depression from the start but it was difficult to notice. I know a friend who (thankfully) used to get insanely depressed when he was on his own but you wouldn’t notice because he was always normal and happy with us.

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              1. I am a girl who has had “friends” with her traits. Let’s just say, it isn’t easy to deal with people like that. She is of course extreme but the traits are there. She is hurting people and she does it being aware of it.

                Yeah, discovering or recognizing depression in a person isn’t always easy. I just imagine with her background and her leaving all behind, only having one person she clings onto, there isn’t much left for her. Especially not when you have to move to a country so unfamilliar and different from Germany. Well, she is an interesting character nonetheless. I have one episode left now and jeez it is weird. Everything is so rushed and information is just thrown at you. Ugh, well, it’s still good though. I look forward to see the movie that explains the end.

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                1. I’m not sure if Asuka is really hurting anyone though because they all seem to like her and don’t take anything personally because they know what she’s like. I guess growing up with people like her would give me that attitude as well but I’m lucky enough to not have experienced it.

                  Haha, it’s great that you’ve got so far, I’m only one episode ahead of you now!

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                  1. I am gonna watch the last episode now!!! The alternative ending that is. It has been a crazy ride this. I am not sure I like the fact that they did an alternative ending though. I like the original end. I can however understand why people were confused leaving with that. So yeah, now I look forward to the movies. I am not really ready to leave the universe just yet. I am also sure I will rewatch the series soon again because with the knowledge I have now I will look at some things completely different.

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                    1. Sorry it looks like I’ve missed a tonne of comments without realising, I feel like I should disable notifications for likes to make it all easier to keep up with! I really liked the end of evangelion and am half way through writing a review, the only problem I have so far is that it’s way too long, I will also be reviewing the rebuild films so I don’t know if you’ll want to watch them next!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Are those the films with the (not) in them? In that case I will watch them. If not, what are those? What are they called? There was so much I got confused when I was downloading everything.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I’m not sure what the rebuild films are, whether they’re remakes or follow ups. I don’t know what you mean when you say “Are those the films with the (not) in them?” but they are the films with + 1.0, + 2.0 in them and e.c.t. I think there might also be versions called 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 or something like that but I’ve not got around to them yet!

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                    4. That’s the same as the movies with the titles there there is a (not) in them. God, I am not making sense, I realise that.

                      [checking it up]

                      Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone is the first one and then there are the 2.0 and 3.0 as well with titles that there are a (not) in them. So yeah, it’s the same as you are saying. I have them all but in the versions 1.11, 2.22 and 3.33. Apparently they are just a few minutes longer. I read the reviews for 1.11 on MAL and it seems like at least that one is just a remake of the first 6 episodes of the original. Most like it but there are some who thinks it is too different. Idk, I’ll give it a shot I guess. I watched the PV and it looked ok.

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                    5. As for the comments, it is confusing to me too. I have so many notifications and still I tried to change the settings. Now I am trying to figure out how to not get emails everytime someone likes my posts and comments. Before it was when someone commented. Ugh, sometimes it feels like WP lives its own life.

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                    6. I hate receiving emails from WP because the notification button works ok for me most of the time. I genuinely feel really bad for my email followers because of how much I’ve been posting recently.

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