Neon Genesis Evangelion – In The Still Darkness / The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still [11]

This episode involves a black out of the entire city by some unknown saboteur. The characters think angels caused it which is most likely correct but I’m not going to rule out the possibility of a terrorist group doing it. Either way conveniently an angel is attacking the city right as soon as the power fails.

EVA 11 1

In this show way too many backups fail and it feels way too easy for the show to stop them just to add to the tension. While it makes the episode more interesting it makes NERV look like the most stupid people to be leading a resistance group ever. Shinji talks to his dad on the phone to tell him about parents evening, his dad is angry that he’s wasting his time and tells Misato to do it. These two clearly don’t like each other, and it’s horrible that a simple mistake on Shinji’s part (which shouldn’t have even been a mistake in the first place) results in Gendo’s huge outrage and it feels very uncalled for.

And for what feels like the first time since their meeting we get to see all of the Evangelion pilots together on a walk to HQ! I really like seeing all of them in one place because I feel like they work well together and their differences make their dynamic interesting. They show up and the power doesn’t let them through the gates, so the first thing that should obviously be done is declaring Asuka as the leader of the group! Once this is done they start making their way through manual doors and air ducts. The fact that these guys are actually able to break through into the main room of the base highlights a massive design and security flaw since nobody should be able to get through without swiping their card.

EP 11 2

We now see the adventures of Asuka, Rei and Shinji as they travel through a maze of air ducts and passageways! This innocent adventuring is really fun to watch! Asuka opens a door only to find the angel attacking outside and it looks like a strange spider creature. Why is there no consistency between the angels? At first they looked just like the Eva’s but now they’re changing into spiders, cubes and giant fish! I wonder if these ones were just the slow ones.

Asuka doesn’t like that Rei seems to be the favourite but Rei disagrees with her. This argument seems to be really important to Asuka but I think she just puts too much pride on being the best. I think Rei is probably the least favourite because she’s stopped being chosen for missions.

Meanwhile the guys who are actually working inside the HQ set up the Evangelions for our main characters to fight back with when they arrive. It’s really great to see them work together with painful manual labour for the sake of achieving a common goal. I also like how we hear the main characters in the vent before you see them fall down by breaking it. Asuka arguing with Shinji is pretty funny and the main characters in the room seemed to find it funny as well.

EP 11 3

The show gives us the moment we were all waiting for: the pilots fighting together! They weave their way through a maze of massive tunnels until they find the place where the angel is. As they climb up the massive tunnel orange corrosive liquid from the angels eye drops on them causing them to drop their rifles to hide. They want to beat it but they can’t without their rifles. Isn’t that really stupid? If the Eva’s can only kill angels with Rifles, then why not just make massive rifles! I’m sure putting massive rifles on cars or bigger trucks would be just as effective of the Eva’s based on this logic!

So Asuka protects Rei and Shinji as they travel down to grab their rifles, Rei gets one and throws it up to Shinji who makes Asuka dodge out of the way so he can kill the angel. This works without any problems at all!

The power comes back on and we see the pilots just hanging out on the mountain top watching the lights come back on. It’s really nice. The ED has also changed to add everyone singing together which is really cool!

EP 11 4
This Review Wasn’t massively long today!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

      This project is called “Evangelion month” and we’re set to finish NGE on the 26th, that means I’ll be covering all the movies one a day until the 31st. And I will definitely be reviewing end of evangelion along with the rest of them! It should be fun! I think there are two recap movies that I’m skipping though, death and rebirth or something like that.

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