Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Value Of Miricles / She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred’ [12]

We open with a shot of Misato’s back story where her father saves her life by putting her inside a massive capsule before an angel explodes killing him. Misato is still contemplating this moment as Shinji and his friends are taking shelter from the rain. It really shows the difference in personality when the characters say that they’ll be quiet for Misato sleeping and Asuka shouts as loudly as she can to get the characters out of the house.

Misato also has a promotion and while everyone is happy for her she’s not so sure. I think this might be because it’s not a real promotion, for example it could be one of those terrible promotions where you get 30% extra work for 10% extra pay or something like that. As well as that her responsibility is a lot higher which means she has more pressure to succeed.

All the characters have a celebration party for her promotion and literally everyone is there except for Rei. Misato is concerned that Shinji’s around for so many people and isn’t dealing with it very well so I can only imagine how bad Rei could be. I can definitely relate to being in Shinji’s position though, you can sometimes find yourself left out of a big group with no idea what they’re on about or without desire to join in. It must be sad being Shinji and having this happen to you a lot more often.

Then once this part of the episode is finished we switch to a conflict where a floating angel is dropping bombs and Shinji’s dad is away. This means that Misato has the free reigns to start her 0.0001% plan and nobody can really stop her. It’s sad but it’s their best bet.

In the elevator before combat Shinji asks Asuka why she pilots her Eva, and it’s for reasons we kind of knew already: She wants to show off basically. When she asks Shinji the same question he doesn’t know. At this point I thought it was because he had people he relied on and wanted to protect or wanted to do his duty for his country. This idea is going to be brought up later in the episode and it’s really interesting.

Then the Eva’s are deployed and they have to catch the angel with their AT fields before it hits the ground and destroys everything. Something about running through a city is really cool. Have you ever tried sprinting across a whole street? It’s really fun and I can imagine that Shinji might be feeling a little like that.  Anyway he holds the angel up but can’t hit it, Rei and Asuka join him later and help him propel him up together and slash his eye out, killing it.

The city is pretty damaged but Misato is still praised as it was a very difficult thing to do. What was also amazing was that Shinji’s dad praised Shinj, he looks so happy! Later Shinji says that he might pilot the Eva for praise from his dad and that’s a pretty interesting yet sad thing.

Whilst this way of thinking might be nice way to end the episode it’s not really a good thing to be doing. People who base their self-esteem and ambition based on what one individual person thinks about them can be let down very easily and suffer greatly for it. This could have led to the damage that Shinji feels. On that positive and happy note, see you tomorrow! And wow this was actually half the normal length! Pretty good!

4 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Value Of Miricles / She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred’ [12]

  1. “In this episode we learn that pretty much everybody has daddy issues. ”

    When this opened up and i realized the girl in the capsule was misato I legit began to cry. This episode hit me pretty hard. I only wish asuka would shut up once in a while.

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    1. Yeah, sorry if I came across as making light of it with that statement, the moment really didn’t resonate with me as I didn’t know the situation so well.

      I really liked the emotion though and Shinji at the end was happy and sad to me at the same time!

      Both people who have told me they’re watching this as they go (others don’t really comment) that they really don’t like Asuka, you don’t seem to hate her but you don’t appear to like her as much as anyone else. I really like her attitude and the changes she makes to the show, making Shinji more argumentative and confident as well as providing more relatibillity because she feels more like a person I’d know than anyone else in the series. That’s just my thoughts though, you’re fine to dislike Asuka if you want!

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      1. That is a really good point. If she wasn’t there it honestly wouldn’t be the same series and to be honest i don’t think I’d change anything she’s said or done. It’s her voice that gets on my nerves. Maybe I’d like her more in the sub.

        I think misato is my favorite character, so I really enjoyed learning more about her. She makes me think of my aunt if she worked for the military, never got married and had to watch after kids that weren’t her own.

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        1. Oh I see, her voice is pretty good in the sub but it’s fairly standard as sub voice actors go, she speaks good German though!

          I’m glad you like Misato, relatabillity really helps you to connect to characters. At least not all of her character is relatable though! I wouldn’t say she lived a good or happy life style as part of the military.

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