Neon Genesis Evangelion – Weaving a Story [14]

Something that makes my job a whole lot easier as an episode reviewer is the recap episode, to see everything that was shown in the recap just read all of the previous posts! I actually really dislike recap episodes and despite it being edited interestingly and uniquely it was still a recap episode and really suffered. I like the dramatic way it was shown along with the big title cards as well as a more accurate time line. I can imagine a lot of people losing track of time if they didn’t binge watch the series so it can help to put everything into perspective. When theirs a time skip it tells us, but those moments have been more and more infrequent which means that these angels attacks have been relentless. It makes you wonder why they didn’t all decide to attack on the same day!

Fortunately I’ve got some things to say because only half of the episode was for recap! A common theme in this episode was the idea of following a script. It seems like Gendo has a master plan for success which is being followed, thankfully someone has a long term plan.

The characters then perform experiments to synch with other people’s Eva’s. They can all detect the smell of the other person in their own Eva. Rei has a very loose grasp of who she is and what she identifies as. She uses terms like “this body” which shows her disconnect of reality. This could have been spurred on due to changing Eva’s however I think it’s just to introduce us to the inner workings of Rei’s mind. She is clearly not normal and it will be interesting to see if Rei’s problem will get better or worse over the course of the series.

When Shinji attempts to synch with Rei’s Eva something goes badly wrong and it starts breaking loose and running towards Rei on its own. Could this be that Rei’s loose sense of her own identity made the Eva connected to a part of her? Or does it just know something’s wrong? I don’t really know but I’m more inclined to believe the latter because the former is a bit unrealistic. Shinji loses his memories of this event and wakes up in that same hospital room! He’s not very happy, it must be terrible to wake up in a hospital and have no idea why.

Misato believes that the Eva was trying to kill Rei whereas Ritsuko thinks it was trying to attack her specifically. Ritsuko is clearly incorrect since the Eva was hitting the walls where Rei was standing. My own interpretation of the scene was that the Eva wasn’t trying to kill anyone, and instead wanted to connect with Rei and find her. But maybe we’ll find out more about this later.

Now for the first time since any other pilots were found Rei is sent out with her Eva? What will she do? Find out in the next episode!

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