Why you should be on My Anime List (2 Years On MAL)

It’s been two years since I created my MAL account and it’s been a great decision in my opinion! Here are some reasons for why it’s been so good and why you should be using the site as well!

1 – Keeping Track of Things

Using MAL you can see how much anime you’ve seen, for example in my life time I’ve spent 71 days watching anime! Not only that but it’s basically a bookmark for every single show. I used to need to maintain a notepad document to keep track of what I wanted to watch and what shows I’ve already seen. This isn’t nearly as easy as having a MAL account.

The only disadvantage is that MAL won’t keep track of your anime watching history for longer than three weeks.

Basically I can tell you straight away that I’ve completed 242 shows and dropped 193. I’ve also seen 4.5k episodes of anime! Actually maybe I don’t want to know all of my statistics…

Another advantage is that with Graph.anime.plus you can find stats relating to specific genres you like and how many hours you’ve watched each studio and genre for, allowing you to find out which one was really your favourite.

There are more capabilities involved with Graph.anime.plus here.

2 – Easy Access to Information

My anime list has every single anime ever made on it with information too! If you ever want to find out more about the staff or the industry it’s a really easy place to start.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find shows you like but by reading the user written reviews and recommendations you can find something you like. It’s also possible to sort by director and studio along with pretty much any staff position in the anime production process to see if it was that creator’s specific style which was responsible for your enjoyment.

It’s also easy to do specific genre searches, look at the seasonal anime and find out which ones are the most popular and well received!

It’s also a pretty good place to read news articles! One really great thing to see was that MAL actually notifies you when a new anime you have an interest in is going to be coming out. It was great to be notified of the new professor Layton series before anyone else instantly and the more shows you have an investment in the more this feature will become a treat!

Another thing is that you can very easily view trailers for upcoming anime. Don’t like reading? Well you probably don’t like watching new anime anyway because it’s subbed but you will be able to watch a trailer instead of read!

3 – Very Active Community

My anime list is a massive hub for discussion in the community and it’s insanely easy to join active clubs full of people who share interests with you!

If you have a question about anime that you can’t seem to find the answer too it’s the easiest thing ever to create a forum post and receive answers. Every time I’ve done this I’ve received an incredibly high amount of responses in a pretty quick time period. So depending on the difficulty of the question you could get a huge range of responses!


So those are the three main reasons you should be on MAL. As a bonus reason if I recognise you from my blog I will be your friend! Here is my profile. I hope you will consider starting a MAL account because of this!

40 thoughts on “Why you should be on My Anime List (2 Years On MAL)

  1. I am awed by your drop list. I’m someone that usually finishes things. I rarely dnf books, I only have about ten unfinished out of like 600. I also have yet to dnf many anime. Maybe I’m To picky Regarding Whati Start?

    I love mal. Is great for keeping track. That’s really all i do there so far. I use it like i use Good reads for keeping track books.

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    1. Yeah I drop a lot of shows. I always try and find new anime’s by trying things that I don’t always think I’ll like so I end up dropping a lot. As well as this I’m not committed to finishing shows and if I’m not having a good time with one theirs plenty other shows out there to watch instead. Theirs so many anime that I don’t feel like I have the time to complete shows I don’t think are that great.

      You may be too picky for what you start but that’s fine. Theirs also nothing wrong with completing shows for the sake of it, I get that the idea of completing it feels like you’ve learned and achieved something but I went through that whole thing with CLANNAD (which sucked) and decided to never do it again.

      It’s cool that you read books, I kind of stopped a while ago. I did get an audiable 90 day trial free with amazon prime so I might listen to something soon.

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      1. I don’t know if i complete for the sake of it too often. Of course I say what while considering continuing to watch kino no tabi. I think it is more of me being picky, though other then gore and fan service their isn’t much i actively avoid. I pick based on mood, which doesn’t work because it can take me a while to finish something and over all of the plot sounds intriguing.

        I’ve been listening to a lot of audio books in my car. I don’t like feeling like I’m accomplishing nothing other then getting from point a to point b. I utilize my library to get my hands on books, weather they be audio, straight novels graphic novels or anime. I don’t like spending money when i can do free, so i don’t use Audible.

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        1. Yeah that makes sense, you can kind of judge what you’ll like before watching. I’d say be careful though, doing that all the time will make you miss things! I was sure I would have hated Hajime no Ippo but it became one of my favourite anime’s even though I don’t really like sports or boxing at all!

          I always listen to podcasts instead of audio books but either is better than nothing. I agree, theirs also so many free audio books on YouTube (definitely legal) so theirs no real reason for audiable, especially when you realise how much extra you can get with amazon prime for the same price! The audio book I got from audiable is The Pillars of The Earth, it’s been pretty good so far.

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          1. Yeah, that is always a risk. I guess the question is does it bother you more having viewed something you think was a waste of time or possibly missing out on something you will love. If it’s the latter at least that doesn’t haunt you dreams at night. Of course I digress, because while I am picky I’m not actively picky. And I figure, If I ever get the time, I’ll turn around and try some of the shows I’ve walked away from anyway.

            I’d use youtube or other places that have free domain audio books, but most of my listening time is in the car where there is no wifi. I’m currently listening to killing the rising Sun by Bill O’reilly. Say what you will about the author (is a co authorship, how much did he actually write anyway?) The book is fascinating and really good.

            The pillars of earth sounds like something I would enjoy listening to. Not read. There are things I can listen to, but not read.

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            1. That’s good, I can understand that idea. I’d say if you were going to try something you think you won’t like, try something that is massively recommended in that genre first, it’s a bit safer and you’ll be watching a show many people like anyway!

              Some people don’t like this but you can use YouTube to mp3 and then play them using that on your phone.

              I could never read pillars of the earth. It was recommended to me and I got it because I thought a 40hr audio book might be worth the effort of starting and cancelling a free trial.

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                1. It’s a website where you paste a YouTube video url into it and it can download the audio from the video as an mp3. It has pop ups though and I’m pretty sure you said you don’t have pop up blocker so I’m not sure if I can recommend it really.

                  Yeah I’m set for a long time with a 40hr audio book! I don’t see any reason to pay like £8 for a 2 hour story, if you’re going to pay (which I’m not) then why not get something which is actually worth £30? I was going to get all of TLOTR but they only have the three individual books because they know about their token system and want to make people pay three times for one book.

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                  1. I don’t mind pop ups if they don’t have virises. There are sites I use that have pop ups that I have no issues with. Yet.

                    TLOTR would have been a good choice but I see your point. I had to listen the silmarillion because I couldn’t get through it by just reading it. The rest of series? I was twelve when I finished actually reading it.

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                    1. Yeah but I think the books are classics that can be enjoyed at any age, it’s a shame I never got the books as a kid, I had my reading messed up so badly in primary school.

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                    2. That’s great, home school can be really bad for some people though. I’ve heard from people online that it can kill social capabilities and make you massively unsocial or just strange. I once saw a video where a guy complained he couldn’t dress up as sonic to his highschool even though it was fine at home school. What are your thoughts on this from your experiences?

                      What I mean when I say that I was messed up in primary school was that they had about 1000 (no exaggeration) little kid, very simple and easy to read (like one sentence a page) books, and for some reason we had to read all of them before we could read actual proper books.

                      Most people just skipped but I was too well behaved, at least I really caught up later, I think reading terrible books for so long made me read more. People say that reading helps your brain to become smarter or something and I definitely agree with that, I was always in the worse (basically special needs, not that all special needs make you dumb) groups until I started actually reading properly.

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                    3. To be honest i have heard some horror stories, but I’ve never encountered one. The homeschool community in my area is huge and to be honest I’m more concerned by some of my public school friends and their ability to cope with the outside world. It’s a good community and it helps that our state, I live in the U.S., Had an amazing homeschool legal system that supports parents, but don’t take crop like unschooling.

                      As far as the sonic case, the closest thing I’ve encountered to that usually had to do with students that went to public school, were homeschool for a year or two and then complained about our abused their situation when they went back to public school.

                      That is ridiculous! It was a requirement? That is so stupid. Let a kid jump ahead if they are capable.

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                    4. I’m glad you’ve not had that experience because it’s literally the only experience I’ve ever heard about. You have had the only positive homeschooling story I’ve heard!

                      I actually know what you mean with public school, I’d see people walking with a massive box on their head or skipping with earphones and it was pretty concerning.

                      I couldn’t agree more about the reading thing, I was breezing through them but theirs only so many books you can take home in a day and you’re not likely to enjoy them if that’s all you’ve been reading for a few years.

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  2. I have a mal account. I use it for no 2. It’s very handy when it comes to information. I did use it for bookmarking anime I wanted to watch as well and the notification thing is good when new anime is coming. Sometimes I have even forgot I was interested in watching something so it’s a nice surprise. And it’s hand for someone like me who wants to watch every sports anime there is available. It’s easy to find on mal. The community I find a little toxic tbh. Some people are so rude and some are mightier than god. That ticks me off. If some one asks a question then answer the damn question if you know the answer, don’t tell the person to google. And stop looking down on people who have Naruto as their favorite anime and only watch shounen anime. Maybe I have just met the wrong people. 🙄 Lastly; statistics scare me. 😱 I don’t want to know just how much of my life I have spent in front of a screen watching anime. It’s scary. 🙈😱 But it’s also interesting. 😎

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    1. My experience with the community has been mostly positive but I obviously can’t vouch for everyone, it sucks that you had bad experiences with that, I don’t like people like that either. As for answering questions it’s rare to get that bad one like the one I asked.

      I’m sometimes disappointed with my days spent watching anime but when I realize one of my friends has way more than me in just TF2 hours alone I don’t really mind.

      Using it for information is where it shines imo and I’m glad you’ve found a use for it. Whats your MAL username btw?

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      1. I don’t engage in the forum for the reason i wrote. It’s enough to read. I would only be angry and lash out on people so I have another user name now. Dorislina it is. My lists are a mess I might add. One day I might make something out of them. Until then I have the ones I have here and use mal for information.

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          1. Yay! I have actually started to clean up in my lists and started to add the anime I have watched and am watching. I have some in dropped too but that isn’t much. So maybe I’ll get some proper lists over there.

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              1. I have my lists here so I am using them for now, and I have what I have downloaded on my harddrive also. Then I just go through each season list atm. The older ones are the hardest. Me and names are a drag. 😝

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                1. ok, that’s cool. So you try and watch all the seasonal anime? I really dislike most modern shows that come out so I just wait to see which ones are considered the good ones, I like going back to watch shows personally, I like that visual aesthetic much more as well.

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                  1. Oh no, I meant that I go through mal’s list for each season to see which of those I have seen so I can check them off in my list. Sometimes something pops up I have totally forgotten I had seen. Also, you can also find new stuff you want to see. My list of to watch is getting long now. 🙄 I too prefer older anime. They are more aesthetically pleasing I think. Also, the ost is often better.

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                    1. I will be dead before I have watched all that. 😩 And the list is only getting longer. I have a lot of time though. And I am unsure of some I have added there, I might drop them fast. Let’s just say, I am curious but very unsure.

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                    2. I saw quite a lot there that I didn’t really like but we all have different tastes! I would recommend everything I’ve given a 10 or 9 but you’ve got a lot on your plate already!

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                    3. I don’t like stuff that has girls only mcs. No matter the topic I never give them a look. And no cute girls do cute things. I don’t know, I just can’t deal with cute girls or high school girls. It’s okay if there is a dynamic group of girls and boys if the girls aren’t hysterical, annoying, love sick girls. I have an issue with girls it seems. I am one of those people who mostly watch shounen, josei or seinen anime. The two later because they are more mature in their nature (josei is almost always slice of life which is one of my favorites) and the sooner because it rarely involve unnecessary romance and has some nice action to it. No shoujo like ever (unless they think music with boy groups are shoujo, then I make an exception.)

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                    4. I know what you mean, I think I’d be fine with an all girl cast but the problem is that an all girl cast is very genre specific and is normally for just one kind of show, which is a bit unfortunate.

                      You said you like shounen anime so I’m going to recommend Hajime no Ippo to you, it’s like a mix between shounen and sports which could give you something new that feels like shounen but isn’t it exactly.

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                    5. I have been thinking about it but the boxing has made me hesitant. Not sure why. Maybe I have been thinking that it’s hard to do properly animated. Then again, now that I have seen ballroom dancing properly animated it feels like anything is possible. But yeah, maybe I should watch it. I have only heard good things about it.

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                    6. I hated boxing before the show, to me it really doesn’t matter. The training and action was good enough for me that I actually started to like the sport! Though I wouldn’t watch the sport I respect it a whole lot more due to the show.

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                    7. You know what the fun part is? I actually watch MMA so I don’t really have anything against boxing. I don’t know what it is that has made me hesitate so much. Everytime I have happened upon it (many times since I often go through MALs list of sport anime 🙄 ) I pause at it and then I decied against it. smh

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                    8. I think you’ll like it then, it will give you some idea about the feelings and preparations that the fighters go through before, after and during the fight! You’ve got a lot to get through though, so don’t feel like you have to get to it anytime soon!

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                    9. It feels very real to me, the training and characters are really believable as well. Theirs no real magic used except for the fact that everyone can take a liver blow and still be ok!

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