Neon Genesis Evangelion – Shape of heart, shape of human / Weaving a Story 2: oral stage [20]

I like starting episodes from when the previous left off. This time we begin with Shinji in his combined Eva form eating the angel’s core in desperation. The characters remark that they won’t be able to control the Eva anymore. So they unlocked a lot of potential but it doesn’t actually mean much. The higher ups didn’t expect the Eva to be able to absorb angel engines and I wonder if it will make the Eva power up even more.

The episode enters a sort of three day system and I thought we could be launching into a huge 6 episode finale or something like that. As well as this it kind of reminded me of Majora’s Mask which wasn’t released when Eva was coming out but could have been influenced by it. In Majora’s Mask the end of the third day signifies the end of the world so I was instantly looking for something like this. It clearly and quickly didn’t happen though.

To stop the Eva from going loose they chain it up and it worried me. The Eva has broken out of many things before like the angel and its own body so I don’t know if I trust the guys at NERV to not mess this one up. Also it seems a lot longer than 3 days, as far as we know it could be ten times that. I don’t think the show mentioned it though.

It was at the start of this three day journey that I realised all of the Eva pilots could be dead. It was difficult to tell if Shinji was fused or taken over and while plot armour is a thing they did take a huge amount of damage. I thought one would survive at least but wondered if they would kill a character off.  So to answer Shinji is still in the Eva but is merged with it in spirit so his soul still remains. This explains the impossible synch rate, what makes me glad is that Shinji doesn’t feel ensnared by his cage in this whole encounter.

EP 20 2

Rei and Asuka are also alive. Asuka wants to be left alone and still hates Shinji for beating her in piloting. She feels inferior because she couldn’t do anything and whished that she could improve herself.

They think that they can re-create Shinji’s body to its exact state, but out of interest wouldn’t people want to change something about themselves if they had this opportunity, for example I’d want them to fix my terrible posture! Anyway we are with Shinji as he experiences his second personal discover yourself adventure!

Doesn’t this whole thing make Evangelion not a mecha anime on a technical level because Eva’s are biological creatures supressed by NERV. I’d say for ease of access it should be counted as a Mecha anyway but does the fact that the robots are biological change anything about the series’ categorisation or does it count anyway? By this logic wouldn’t horse riding anime count as mecha’s as well?

Shinji finds a cause to fight for in this trip, he realises the angels are his enemy and he needs to fight to kill them. Another really interesting thing was when Gendo said to Shinji’s mum (paraphrasing) “If the baby’s a boy name him Shinji, if it’s a girl name her Rei” so it’s basically confirmed that Rei is Gendo’s daughter and Shinji has a sister or a step-sister. It’s a shocking realisation and explains Gendo’s love for Rei, I’m so glad it wasn’t this creepy pedo thing. Shinji also blames his dad for the way he’s become but the anime hints that it may have been Shinji who ran away himself and he’s been hiding it deep down inside. It’s getting quite late into the series and I’d be pretty happy to know!

EP 20 3

I also want to talk about whether or not it’s possible for Shinji to experience something like this. The answer is most likely yes, and real people can do this too. Nobody who’s heard of this before ever believes me and often tends to think I’m stupid but theirs scientific proof and evidence for this phenomena, I’m just not going to bring them up now. I think this is more of a feeling than actually physically true but it’s called astral projection or an out of body experience. Basically if you convince your body that your mind is asleep you will enter sleep paralysis. Once you wake up and fall asleep enough times you will be in a mix between asleep or awake, you will hear vibrations in your ears and either have a lucid dream or an out of body experience. It sounds stupid and I thought just the same as you but there’s just too much evidence for the effect and people who have nothing to gain from lying whom I trust have had these experiences, also while attempting it myself one time I saw how strange the beginning process felt it seemed pretty legit.

So humans can still think without their body but normally they need their body intact to do this. Whereas deep breathing will break you out of lucid dreams, sleep paralysis or an out of body experience Shinji cannot return. And staying in this kind of form must be terrible.

EP 20 4

Shinji then starts seeing visions of Rei, Asuka and Misato who seem to strangely love him. Then he starts waking up to people talking to him and it’s generally not nice. This basically means he’s rejecting being brought back into his body. Shinji eventually sees his mother and this combined with Misato’s desperation for him to come back lets him appear! She is thrilled.

We end this episode with a bit of a naughty scene between Kaji and Misato, in this we confirm that Gendo has a plan that nobody knows about. Misato also has started smoking but only at times like these, what I think she means is stressful times since cigarettes are known to help relieve stress, which is part of the reason why people in high stress environments become addicted to them. I get the impression that Misato just wants to relax after her stress and spending the night with Kaji might help her with that.

Then either at the very short end or a broken beginning Kaji hands her a pill, his last gift to her. I had no idea why a pill would be that important – it’s a bit too late if the sex is unprotected. But later I went on to the Wiki and found that it was a chip detailing all his findings of NERV, so I guess Kaji was good after all.

EP 20 5

5 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – Shape of heart, shape of human / Weaving a Story 2: oral stage [20]

  1. I felt like the moments where Shinji was being asked to join with the various woman it was actually the EVA itself trying to convince Shinji to fully let go of any form of self and join it. Especially since it happened when nerve was trying to reform his body. Like an act of desperation.

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    1. That might actually be true! They might use trickery to get Shinji or put the idea into his head! I’ve always thought that it was Shinji trying to synch with the Eva but it might be the other way round, with the Eva deciding what’s going on! I don’t know though!

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      1. It’s so confusing trying to figure out what’s up and down in this series. Who wants what, what’s real and isn’t. I’ve finished it btw, but I’ll probably rewatch the last five episodes again as you post.

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