Neon Genesis Evangelion – The birth of NERV / He was aware that he was still a child [21]

If you are ever unable to watch anime in your normal streaming preference for popular shows you can always count on daily motion which is where I watched this episode, also I cannot stress this fact enough, if you stream anime online or even download it you need to be using the pop-up blocker extension on google chrome, do not trust your mouse speed because at one point it will fail! It happened to me, it will happen to you!

This episode really confused me and even though it was ten minutes longer than the rest of the other episodes I had a significantly small amount of notes. I didn’t like the way the episode jumped around scenarios in a way that was difficult to understand all at once either. You would have thought the director wouldn’t have made his exposition needlessly cryptic but oh well. I’ll try my best but I can’t promise something like every other time because it’s about characters I don’t feel strongly about.

Ep 21 1

We open with a long experiment which fails badly, the Eva has gone out of control and quarks are breaking apart which shouldn’t be possible unless they break apart in pairs! I assume this is because of the second angel engine the Eva absorbed which gives it unlimited power. Gendo looks like he’s going to try and use this to become god or something but I’m sure we’d appreciate it a lot more if he put it towards creating the first efficient nuclear fusion generator.

The vice commander is kidnapped and they assume its Kaji, which is pretty much definitely true. If you don’t know who the vice commander is then neither did I! It’s the old guy who gets most of the episode focussed on him! From what I can tell he had feelings for Yui and is very annoyed that Gendo: a criminal at the time is dating her. He also is annoyed that she’s marrying him. Gendo looks cool and exactly what I expected really.

EP 21 2

Misato is also taken away to prison because of her presumed involvement with Kaji, though this is false, the way the show passes time to show how long she’s been there is through these flashback sequences. It’s told to us that Misato was the only survivor of the second impact and Ritsuko is amazed with how normal she is. We also see her old relationship with Kaji which is always cool!

Gendo has a trip to the location of the second impact and finds a perfect underground cavern for the third if it’s ever needed. This seems to be part of his godhood plan but I have no clue what that might entail.

Then we skip further ahead in the time line to baby Shinji! It’s funny how characters who have been established for a long time have very iconic baby designs who look just like them whereas it’s not the case normally for babies that aren’t intended to become characters later. For example I don’t think Rei would look nearly as identical to her younger self and I think it’s a bad design choice even if it looks like Rei: that’s why it’s so weird!

EP 21 3

So Yui (Shinji’s mum) dies with Shinji in the factory and Gendo completely changes. Later Gendo brings another kid (Rei) into NERV HQ claiming that she’s his friend’s daughter, which is something I kind of doubt. Since there are no records of Rei there I can make an assumption that he might have been cheating on her, it seems like an odd coincidence that Rei is the name Gendo would have given to Shinji if she was a girl.

Rei calls one of the workers an old woman and she’s pretty annoyed. She loves Gendo and when Rei says that’s what he calls her she starts to freak out and strangle Rei, which is horrible. The worker can’t believe what she’s done and she kills herself (it’s not shown but implied) to be found dead the next day. I wonder if that event scared Rei in some way, she was quite a silent child already so I’m not too sure.

EP 21 4

The finale happens when Misato receives Kaji’s phone call which confirms his death and that he’s been found out by NERV. Misato cannot help but cry and Shinji hears. He goes to look and does the exact same thing that I would have done: seen the situation and immediately dipped. Shinji is still scared and doesn’t know how to comfort her and Shinji remarks about how much he is still a child. You could say he was aware that he was still a child.


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