Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Final Messenger / The Beginning and the End, or ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ [24]

I think I heard from somewhere that the final two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion are just recap episodes so this might serve as the finale to the series and I can say that I’m pretty happy with it. I think it ended well.

I’m really sad about what happened to Asuka by the end of the show. She’s just been reduced to lying in a bathtub in her terrible depression. She was so happy and lively before and this wouldn’t have happened if she had the resolve to push on after suffering loss. She is going over the event of being chosen to pilot the Eva in her head only to see her mum hanging letting the depression come back through. I don’t think competitiveness with Shinji alone was enough to cause this but the stress of having her deepest and darkest memories exposed by the angel. This is shown to be caused by the death of Kaji.

Ritsuko is being held captive for killing the dummy system and we learn that Ritsuko just isn’t happy with Gendo and they may have had a relationship when Ritsuko says she’s not happy even when Gendo makes love to her. This relationship isn’t shown very well at all so I can assume that it’s not a positive one. What surprises me is that Gendo doesn’t show that he cares a whole lot since he really likes Rei and would want all of the Rei’s to be alive.

EP 24 2

As Shinji doesn’t think he can face Rei he just stands there outside without friends since they all left in the aftermath of the previous episode. This is how he meets Kaworu the 5th child. I remember looking at the cover art for Eva on my anime list and wondered why a guy who had never even showed up took the centre stage, and while I still don’t understand I do know who he is. He seems to be going on about some idea I’ve never heard of before called lilim and apparently Rei is the same as well, but the only idea I have is that it could mean angels.

EP 24 3

I found it so strange that all the characters were blushing at Kaworu, it’s so strange to me since the characters never blush. Kaworu seems very good with people and maybe knows how to emotionally connect with them, after all he becomes friends with Shinji almost instantly. He then confesses his love to Shinji but he doesn’t know how to react. The two stay together in the same room and it really shows how instantly they’ve gotten along.

Anyway Kaworu takes over Asuka’s Evangelion and starts attacking the base with it. That’s right; it’s revealed to us that Kaworu is in fact an angel! So Shinji immediately needs to kill his friend which is pretty horrible since he’s instantly become Shinji’s favourite human. Kaworu is the last angel, made even more interesting by the fact that he resembles a human and can communicate.

EP 24 4

They continue to fight until Kaworu plunges Shinji into some new dimension that I’ve never seen before where he has to fight Asuka’s Eva. Once this is taken care of Kaworu reaches his own conclusion for what should happen to humanity. He decides to prioritise the life of humanity over his own. He likes the idea of choosing when to die and comes to the correct conclusion that prioritising 7 billion lives is better than his one. Shinji still really likes him though and it takes him a long time to kill him. It’s difficult to tell if he’s being crushed slowly or if Shinji is just hesitating. I’m just glad that in the moment Shinji prioritised humanity even though Kaworu was, at that time only, his best friend.

After the event Shinji remarks that it was the first time he was confessed too and really appreciated it. He goes on to say that he loved him as well, it’s quite a surprising thing to hear and to be honest I’m leaning to these feelings being romantic. You don’t blush constantly in plutonic relationships! I’m not sure how much it really matters anyway because Kaworu’s gone for good. Shinji is looking for comfort from Misato but she’s still preoccupied in her own turmoil’s.

And that’s how Evangelion ends, assuming my rumour of the next 2 episodes is correct, it ends in a really low key and depressed way. It doesn’t feel triumphant, it’s still insanely sad. Asuka is left in a state of mind breaking depression, and so is Misato over the death of Kaji. Rei still isn’t in a better situation than she was earlier and has probably been killed, cloned and replaced many times. And Shinji is left in remorse over the death of his best and maybe only friend, a guy that Shinji only knew for a day. His innate loneliness leading him to become infatuated and in love with the first guy who truly tried to connect with him, spurring him into a depression once he left the world at his own hands. The world is saved but all the main characters are unhappy. The war has taken a toll on humanity and we’re left to see our crippled and broken characters try to live past the drama and terror that comes with it.

EP 24 5


14 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Final Messenger / The Beginning and the End, or ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ [24]

  1. I enjoyed the last to episodes after this, though they really don’t contribute much to the plot. They’re a deconstruction of shinji’s mind i think, though also a deconstruction of the series as well. I’ve always liked things like that, If they’re done a certain way. So if your not doing these episodes what are you writing for the last two days?

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    1. I am doing those two episode reviews, just not very well because it’s hard to understand anything! Then, because I want the series to end on a high note I will be doing the rebuild films and then the end of evangelion film review! I’m skipping death and rebirth because it’s just a recap and I’m replacing it with something else.

      The episodes were really strange but end of evangelion really gave them some good context.

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      1. Death and rebirth is the one movie i can’t find on my viewing sites. I heard the last thirty minutes of it is new. I wonder what your replacement is.

        I’ve watched half of end do far. Put it down at the halfway break. I’m not enjoying it as much as i did the series. I’m not sure why.

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        1. That’s strange the movie was my favourite part of Evangelion! The new thing isn’t much, more of a random thing I wrote before writing the final review of Eva month. I would recommend finishing it though, you’ve come so far already that it would be a shame to stop now!

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  2. This is terrific that you’re going through Evangelion! It isn’t the same as it once was, both a victim of time and of how much anime has taken inspiration from the series and evolved it, but it’s still a really involving show and one of my favorites.

    The last two episodes do have a lot of recap, but not like you’d think. The budget for Evangelion was running out by this point, and so the last two episodes are done in an alternate style including recap—still, you’ll get a finale out of it. And then, you can watch Death and Rebirth followed by End of Evangelion, which is the fully animated version of what plays out in the last two episodes, and really has to be watched to understand what happens to the characters (I really don’t like the film, but it’s absolutely key to see what becomes of the characters and how it all ends).

    Oh, on another note, I noticed you follow Gaming and God and Nanaca Sakura! Those are two of Beneath the Tangles’ shimai sites. I’m glad that you’re following along—they develop some wonderful content!

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    1. Yeah this was my first time watching Evangelion and I’ve loved it!

      I’m actually a bit ahead with this project so I’ve already done everything you described! I completely disagree with you about the film, I loved it but I’ve got no problems that we disagree! The end of evangelion post is probably the longest one I’ve ever written because I have so much I like about it.

      I also don’t follow those people, sorry I’ve never heard of them. Are you sure you have the right person?

      Thanks for reading and commenting anyway though!

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      1. Haha weird, I think MY follows came up while I was browsing your blog? I’ve never seen that happen before.

        Ah, so now, what about the new films? Will you tackle those? They deviate sharply starting in 2.0.

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        1. Ha ha, it happens!

          Yeah I wasn’t too happy with the changes really. I didn’t mind the changes in the second film except for what they did for Asuka but the third film was so strange! How can they have a 14 year time skip and have Asuka be the exact same!


          1. Haha, another difference in opinion. I loved the second film. I thought it was so much fun, and it helped me separate the film series from the original series—this is something completely different. But yeah, the third movie lost me. -_-‘

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            1. Cool! For some reason everyone who comments seems to hate Asuka, I’m not saying you do but seeing her put in that angel wasn’t nice!

              I don’t really mind changes if it’s better or at least better in a certain aspect. The film was good but not up to standard with a normal NGE episode in my opinion! But having these different perspectives isn’t a bad thing.

              Honestly liking Evangelion is a good enough opinion by itself!


              1. Agreed!

                Btw, I think Asuka is reviled in the U.S. because of her voice actress. When it aired, the dub was infinitely more popular here than the sub, and there was so much backlash against how she was voiced (though I honestly thought it was a good portrayal). In Japan, she’s wayyy more popular than Rei, the opposite of here! And poor Misato—my favorite from the show—isn’t even in the conversation.

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                1. Aw Misato is cool but I don’t think she has as much screen time which is why people like her less.

                  That kind of matches up because one of the people is from the US! A badly dubbed character can ruin the whole thing, the Asuka dub must be terrible then because I really like her in the sub.

                  I’m glad she’s getting some love somewhere though!

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