Neon Genesis Evangelion – A world that’s ending / Do you Love me? [25]

So in the previous episode I thought that these two episodes were just for recap and the film “End of Evangelion” was the finale but it seems like things are still happening here. There is a good chance that the final two episodes of NGE are in “End of Evangelion” and if they are I will put an edit note at the bottom telling you whether you should watch this episode or the film.

If this episode was recap it’s one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever seen, instead of going through plot points it goes over character psychology and their development over the series in an artistic mess which is difficult to understand.

We see the massively bad things going through Shinji’s head at the end of the episode, the idea that Kaworu was human like him and things like that. I’m also not so happy with the ending; I think it might have been better for everyone if Kaworu just lived as a normal human. The show didn’t really establish any reasons for destroying the angels other than the fact that they keep attacking. If the angel is being peaceful, why not leave it? I’d like to find a good reason for this from the show but didn’t really find it.

The episode really focusses on the mental states and they are basically the same as described at the end of my previous review so I don’t have much to say here. An interesting thing I noticed was how Rei talked to a lot of versions of herself and I might be able to assume that they’re all the dead Rei clones, they say “we are Rei” which means they all believe themselves to be the same entity and it’s sad that none of them have their own individuality.

Each person says something like “You are the (name) of my mind” and the other says “That means you are the (name) from mine.” Which made me think all the characters were coming together in the same head space for some unknown reason. It wasn’t a simple situation where one person was imagining the other.

All of this is actually explained when they show that all of humanity is coming back together at the end in one entity. I think the explanation for this is that only one angel can exist at once (explains why they don’t work together) so all of the humans who are collectively one angel need to return back to become one. This is why I think the angels should have lived together, win or lose the end of humanity was inevitable. It was only with peace that everyone could have been happy.

Sorry for the short length recently, the show just has constant interpersonal scenes that are more difficult to talk about than normal, especially when they seem to be going over things I’ve explained already. See you next episode for the finale!


You can watch both, but you should never skip the final film.

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