Crunchyroll ANIME AWARDS – Pulling it out of the bag again!

So it’s that time of the year again, time to vote for crunchy roll’s brilliant, fair, well structured anime awards for the second time! I don’t think there was any yuri on ice this year so that’s immediately made this one better than last time but crunchy roll never decided that so I can’t really praise them for that.

I do watch a bit of seasonal anime, and I nearly always have strong negative feelings towards it, so if you can’t handle your favourite seasonal shows being ragged on then you’ve come to the wrong place.

You’ve come to the wrong place I think very few of the nominations should have even been there in the first place!


I hate that crunchy roll even has nominations for the best in that category, it unfairly gives those shows an advantage because some random people who nobody knows thought they were good. These people haven’t even watched ep 1 of everything so they can’t even say which was the best for them since they missed so much!

Crunchy roll shouldn’t have nominations because people unfairly just pick whatever’s there without thinking.  If everyone actually needed to type out their vote then I think the voting would be a lot better.

The rest of this post will be the thrilling story of deciding what I’d vote for.

Best OP – The only OP I have on my phone from 2017 is the kuzu no honkai one so it has to be that.

There wasn’t a single show on this list that I could say I’d give more than a 5 except for Rakugo because I’ve not seen it.

ACCA just feels like that same boring, plot armoury joker game / 91 days show. I’ve got a whole post explaining why I think the ancient magus bride is boring. Princess principle’s first episode was just nothing to me so I dropped it, and the rest I just got bored of. Not to say that’s why I thought their op was bad, I just thought their op was bad as well.


Best ED – The only ED I took the time to download on my phone was the kuzu no honkai one so I guess it’s that.

I never got to Kekkai Sensen and Beyond because it was a sequel. I really like the maid dragon ED but I don’t think it’s as good as KNH. When you look at posters you can often tell if a show won’t be for you, and land of the lustrous looked like just the kind of thing I’d hate, with its’ massive cast of characters on a white background. I’m actually still. And just because and March comes in like a lion really bored me instantly so I’m of course not going to vote for them.

Best film – I haven’t seen enough of the films from this year to comment in this catagory

What I find funny about this though is that crunchy roll have a very clear bias towards “In this Corner of The World” because it’s poster is massive compared to the other ones! I guess they want to stop your name from blowing everything else out, this will not happen.

Best CGI – Without a doubt Inuyashiki, I loved this show, yes Kado’s pyramids are nice but I felt myself enjoying Inuyashiki’s world a lot more.

When I saw that AOT was on this list I laughed so much because it’s CGI sucks so bad! It’s extremely obvious and very badly done! And nothing else can really hold a candle to Inuyashiki in my opinion. (I think that’s a phrase)

Best score – I don’t pay enough attention to music that I can comment here.

I would probably vote for made in abyss but soundtrack is something I tend to not notice really. I know in next year I’ll vote for devilman crybaby in this category because it’s the only one that I’ve actually gone back to listen too.

Best animation – STOP CRUNCHYROLL! STOP PUTTING THE EXACT SAME SHOWS IN EVERY CATAGORY! (Obviously a silent voice though because it’s a film)

Animation isn’t something I care about much anyway, sure having it is good but it isn’t necessary to every show.


Best drama – I would vote but now the vote box has STOPPED WORKING!!!!!! At least they had KNH on this though.

I mean you can’t make this up!

bad voting

Best Comedy – Tsurezure Children

I liked most of the shows on this list, but I still question why they think little witch academia is funny because I don’t remember laughing once (until I dropped it 3 eps in)

Best slice of life – This would probably be unfair for me to comment on since I tend to avoid this genre.

One thing that confused me was why just because wasn’t on this list, slice of life was the only thing it had going for it.

Btw crunchy roll is still stopping me from voting at this point.

BEST CONTINUING SERIES – If I have to watch an anime for more than a season weekly I start to go mad so I’m not voting in this (or any more) categories because Cruncy roll and myself won’t let me!

Best girl – I’m not really sure of any of the girls up there already, and it kind of sucks that a meme girl from BNHA is up there even though someone from that show is already on there!

I think it has to be Riko from made in abyss, because she’s pretty good at exploring (best girl is not attractiveness in my opinion but what the character does, hence why I’m voting for best boy even though I’m not gay)

Best boy – Inuyashiki I guess, he’s an old man who wants to save the world, that’s pretty cool!

If I could vote I might of actually voted for Kazuma because he’s more likely to win.

Best hero – Well done for making sure the people who are voted for best girl and boy don’t also get best hero as well! I have to say the same thing though and go with Inuyashiki again.

Best villain – What? What? What? What? So Crunchy roll has Hiro from Inuyashiki as the best villain but not Inuyashiki for best hero????? How STUPID IS THAT! I’d say that if anything Hiro is the least interesting part of the show and I’d understand if people hated that villain more than liking it!

I’d still probably vote for him though.

Best manga – NO, this is the anime awards, I didn’t come prepared to read “My lesbian experience with loneliness” before casting my vote!


The votes for the best award should always, ALWAYS be a collection of your previous votes! It’s decided by crunchy roll as little as possible! And no it doesn’t get away with it just because it included Rakugo! This is stupidity, your favourite award should be one you already voted for, not this.

I recently voted for the British comedy awards and it wasn’t nearly as bad as this!

So that’s my experience with the crunchy roll anime awards, I think they really pulled it out of the bag this year! Maybe next year they’ll even go so far as to let me vote!

19 thoughts on “Crunchyroll ANIME AWARDS – Pulling it out of the bag again!

  1. They are doing an incredibly stupid staggered release on the categories so you can only vote for six of them this week and then you can vote for some others next week (should you actually bother to go back which I’m pretty sure I’m not going to). We’re almost at the end of January and by the time they finish this ridiculous cycle of votes and actually let us know who won I’m pretty sure we’ll have all moved on.
    Not actually against the idea of them holding a vote, or even letting it just be a popularity contest as long as they make it clear that is what it is, but timely and functional would be lovely.
    The only thing I really want (and won’t get given how many people haven’t seen it) is for Land of the Lustrous to win best CGI. I’ve never seen CGI that I thought was beautiful before (KADO came close in some of the backgrounds but failed with the characters), but Land of the Lustrous is hands down gorgeous to watch.

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    1. That’s so strange! You would have thought that they’d make that clear because I had no idea! I thought that it was a CR glitch!

      I guess theirs no real way of avoiding a popularity contest and at least people are starting to take it less seriously. It might be nice if they advised watching more shows before voting or at least the nominated ones but I think that’s asking a lot.

      I can tell you why people might not have seen it, or why I’ve not seen it at least; It looks terrible. I don’t mean CGI, I trust you on that, but all the advertising and cover photos look really bad. I see a massive mess of characters on a bland white background and don’t really want to give it any attention. It just looks bad and generic on the surface to me, That’s why I’ve not seen it, not saying it’s bad, I’m saying the way it’s advertised too me is the exact same as many shows I’ve disliked in the past.

      I know what you mean Kado’s CG was good but I thought the backgrounds were a bit too normal without a lot of interesting things going on, (yes you’ve got a big city landscape shot but all the buildings look the exact same, that kind of thing.) and the big cube looks way too weird for me to be impressed even though on a technical level it works pretty well.

      But I may as well check out LOTL anyway and I’ll give your show a vote if I think it deserves it!

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      1. I didn’t actually see any of the promotional material for Land of the Lustrous before watching it. I’d read one or two blog posts about the first episode before I got a hidive account and could watch it, and I was blown away by how it looked (and by mid-season the story and characters had fleshed out enough that it wasn’t just the prettiness impressing anymore).
        Still, when looking at the list of best CGI, while Inuyashiki wasn’t bad, Land of the Lustrous would still get my vote.

        And yeah, Crunchyroll is not going out of their way to promote the details of this vote thing and half the information isn’t included on the vote page. They emailed me to let me know I could vote the day before the first round of categories closed and you would have had to have read some of the forum stuff to know the rest of the details. Really dislike CR communication in general.

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        1. Not heard of Hidlive before but I just use the free version of crunchy roll with adblock most of the time and pirate sites if I really have too. I suppose that you don’t have to even see the promotional material to try a show out! It makes sense really.

          I only voted because I got the email today. It’s so strange that they want to keep us in the dark, if I didn’t have you to tell me what was up I’d have been really confused for ages! So thanks.

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          1. HiDive is newish (still in beta and with an introductory price). From what I hear the selection in America isn’t very good, but in Australia it has quite a few titles that I couldn’t have accessed otherwise (Made in Abyss, Land of the Lustrous, etc). Not sure if I’m keeping an account with them long term given they still haven’t said what their final price will be but I’m enjoying catching up on some shows I hadn’t been able to watch when they aired.

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            1. Oh that’s cool, so you’re Australian?

              I wouldn’t mind paying for anime legally (I did have a crunchy roll account for a long time but dropped it because I realized I could watch all the same shows for free on the site anyway) but I feel all the legal alternatives suck. CR doesn’t have enough shows for me and the ones it does are only for the US (I live in Britain).

              Still I hope HiDive works out for you! I’m honestly surprised that you don’t seem to pirate any shows not on CR, it’s what most people do.

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              1. Ten years ago I would have because there weren’t options. But I never liked it and always said if I could pay for what I watched, I would. As more options open I’ve taken them and now I honestly have to admit, the one or two shows that I still can’t watch will just have to wait as there’s more than enough stuff available. That said, I do have 5 different subscriptions to catch all of those shows. Still, the price for most subscriptions isn’t unreasonable for what you get.

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                1. I wish I was the kind of person to do what you’re doing with that, it shows a lot of commitment! It’s a mix of pirating being so easy and not really being sure where the money’s going for legit sites that’s stopping me.

                  I think I’d agree with you on the reasonable price point if I valued seasonal anime more. Right now the CR free version with adbock is good enough for me! You’re happy to wait for those few shows so I’m very happy to only wait for a week! It’s a small price to pay in my opinion.

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  2. I am not voting. I have no clue about even 2/3 of the anime up there so I (and most of me I figure) am gonna end up voting for those I know and that will only get us a totally wrong result. Just like last year with Yuri!!! On Ice. I love YoI, if anyone have missed that, but it didn’t deserve all those votes and awards. Sorry, fellow YoI lovers, it’s not that good. That was only the results of the casuals organizing on Tumblr to vote the shit out of Crunchy’s awards. That will probably not happen this year though because there is no anime like YoI on this year but still, people will vote for what they know and not what is best in each category.

    To me an award is meant to be chosen by those who actually know what they are talking about. It is not meant to be voted by people who have only seen 2 out of 6 in a category. Have one section for people’s votes, give them more than 6 choices and make it the peoples award and then have some sort of jury, chosen from maybe successful bloggers and vloggers who review seasonal anime.

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    1. I see that’s a pretty good idea. I think we should have that or either no shows are put forwards and people have to manually type in which one they want.

      No yoi is still good. Unfortunately it looks like all the people who chose the shows don’t know what’s going on really. I hated that they constantly picked the same shows for different categories and I still think a show overall could win.

      Yeah maybe we should put forward our episode reviewers! They seem to like seasonal anime unlike me so they’d probably do better!

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      1. I can see who it is too much work if people would suggest their own shows. I am completely convinced that those categories where you can fill in your on suggestions your suggestions is neglected. Unless it is an overwhelming amount who votes for the same. Otherwise it is not take into account. Because it is simpler that way.

        Of course YoI is good but it isn’t so good it deserves all those awards it got. I am sorry to say that it was way too hyped and people bought that hype. And this is from someone who loved this anime from the very first minute. But not even I think it deserved all the awards. I saw what was happening on Tumblr at that time and it was nasty the way they were mobilizing to vote the shit out of the contest, completely obliterate every other option.

        You are right about the people chosing the anime nominated aren’t aware of what’s really going on. I think they only choses what they hear people like and don’t take into account what is actually really good. The things people watch and like but isn’t talked about and hyped. I mean, Crunchy made a whole lot fuzz about Juni Taizen for example. So, everyone has heard about it and talk about it and that can seem like it is a popular anime that way. But popular doesn’t equal good. But they seem to think so. The once who have chosen the candidates I mean.

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        1. It is a lot of work but the most voted “other” is actually displayed so it’s not too bad, I guess you could say that the one people had to manually enter is the real winner.

          Totally agree with you about YOI, way too over-voted, I thought it was ok at first but then I just dropped it because I wasn’t interested in it anymore.

          I find it funny because I get crunchy roll updates and they advertise the most terrible shows for some reason, obviously their not all bad but I feel like Crunchy roll are just showing what’s popular instead of what they think will actually make people more invested in anime.

          If I remember correctly Juni Taizen looked terrible and generic, like most modern anime releases do in my opinion. II obviously don’t know for sure but that was just my first impression.

          You can kind of tell things from the cover unlike what book readers will tell you. The way characters are displayed, put into frame along with the colour scheme, number of characters can tell you what kind of audience the show is aimed at and also lets me know that I don’t fit into that audience!

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          1. I follow Crunchy on FB and all they ever promote are those popular anime like JT, Blend S, Black Clover, Food Wars… Stuff people already are talking about. I am not sure why they would do that because it would be better if they at least showed a little bit more variation in their posts, showed more what they have because there are a lot.

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