Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) Alone

What I’ve decided to do is put this section about the rebuild films before the end of Evangelion film post. I wouldn’t recommend viewing Evangelion in this order but just think of the original broadcast for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the episodes weren’t originally released in order so that the emotional pay off would be at the end to give a long lasting effect on the reader, that’s what I’m doing basically.  The payoff for EoE is like ep 6 of Suzumiya, that way you will feel better about being made to wait!

This film is a recap of episodes 1-6 and goes through nearly all of them very quickly. I think on the surface these films are a really good thing, I initially dropped Evangelion because I was annoyed with the slow pacing and characters who I thought were boring so I would have appreciated a more fast paced look into the story at the time so that I wouldn’t get bored so easily! Evangelion does have notably slow pacing and character moments and these films can really help the viewers who don’t like that style of directing.

The animation and visuals are significantly more modern but not necessarily better. I don’t particularly love the old anime aesthetic but I really dislike the soft edges and blended together backgrounds of most modern anime, it’s just my preference though. Old anime’s visuals tend to be more distinct and striking in contrast to what I said earlier. So if you like the new anime aesthetics then you’ll love the stylistic change! If nothing else I’m glad the annoying side bars are gone.

This image shows what I mean, the left is a lot more distinct whereas the images on the right blend into each other so they feel less striking and therefore less impressive in my opinion.

To condense all these episodes into each other you need to cut out a lot of things. Evangelion did this by skipping a lot of the more deep character moments, favouring to explain some of them or just flat out ignore them. This is until one disappointing moment at the end of the movie, and yes, this will be the first time I’m criticising Evangelion in such a massive way. Also it concerns me that these films condense the show but the ending of the anime is a full length film! So they need to condense a film into another film and add the other parts or just flat out ignore it.

I will only bring to your attention differences or new things that I find interesting. If you want a more condense recap of my entire episode reviews 1-6 put together then I’m sorry that I have to let you down, I guess I’ve been a fool to myself.

When Shinji is in the car with Misato he doesn’t bother asking questions because he doesn’t believe he’ll get an answer. It’s a really sad state of mind for Shinji to start the show in. He lets his self-defeating thoughts get to him in the most minor of situations, this foreshadows the future conflicts Shinji will have but also display very easily to the audience how depressed he is and that very simple things hold him back.


Another thing I noticed was when Shinji first meets the Eva he’s surrounded on all sides by strangers. Gendo is looking down on him and Ritsuko and Misato are stopping him from escaping on both sides. This portrays the fact that Shinji is a little trapped and a little forced into it a whole lot easier and it’s really cool in my mind.

After Shinji’s battle Shinji and Misato go to a grocery store to buy food for his welcoming party. What I find funny about this is that there are a lot of main locations in Evangelion such as the house, HQ and underground bunkers but this is the first and last time that we ever see Shinji outside of his environment except for his escape in episode four when he’s literally filling up time because he doesn’t know what else to do. It’s sad that he doesn’t get out more really, this might be because he has no reason in his mind to go anywhere else or he could just not have enough time to do anything.

Films are long, and to keep the reader interested for that length of time they need to add little extra things to make you more interested. That’s why in this film they introduce the human instrumentality project, the Adam, and Kaworu a lot earlier to provide more intrigue into the story. To a person who’s never seen NGE they might not know the reason for having a new event every 10-15 minutes or so this must be very helpful to them!

I don’t know If this is just with the stream I was watching but the party scenes audio mixing was terrible and one of the most poorest mixes I’ve ever heard. Misato’s theme music is way louder than the voices in the party scene and it’s distracting. The audio being louder than or as loud as the music wouldn’t be as bad if they were mixed together correctly; it’s possible to have a whisper heard above music far louder than it if it’s mixed correctly, this didn’t happen. What I can say is that this never happens for the rest of the show.

This film now explains everything about the biggest mystery about the show: why is the penguin there? So Pen-pen the penguin is there because, it’s Misato’s pet. Great! Not only did we know that already but it just brings up even more questions once you start to think about it!

The next thing that I have to say is about the final act of the movie, to create a good time for the audience it’s a good idea to make a final showdown arc which hypes the viewer about the film. The film could hardly introduce Asuka right at the end so the event should be before that, but the robot isn’t that exciting. So they decided to cut it at ep 6 and have a big finale, this was a terrible decision in my opinion.

The pacing of Evangelion isn’t bad once you get used to it but the rapid pacing of the episodes across the film got you into a state where you enjoyed everything taking place at once. This ended when the final plotline was introduced where they needed to take all of the power out of Japan. So we switch from around 10-15 minutes per episode to a finale which is a lot bigger than the actual episode itself and the pacing and plot starts to feel seriously boring. I’ve already seen the episode but seeing it again but slower and with more things I don’t really care about really made the ending suffer for me. So here’s what they should have done instead.

This film should have been longer so that more episodes could have been included. I think the finale would have been a lot better if it was in episode 11 where all three pilots learned to work together and used teamwork to fight the angel that drops from the sky. For me that part of the show had a lot more impact because it showed how the characters could work together for a better future. This would allow Asuka to be introduced and fully established and they wouldn’t need to spend more time hyping up a less hype event when the one that takes place in episode 11 is so much better in my opinion. This would prevent the slow pacing of episode 6 and allow the film to continue at its normal pace.

100 minutes isn’t particularly long for a film and adding another 40-50 minutes to make it that much further into the story would have been so much better in my opinion. It’s true that Asuka changes everything so her introduction would produce a sort of break from the fast paced action and switch to more character interaction which would split up the film better so you’re not seeing very similar events all the time. We spend so much of our episodes getting to know Asuka more so it wouldn’t be too difficult to form a connection and pay if off with that brilliant team work at the end of episode 11!

So that review was slightly different from what you’re used too but I hope you liked the change and my suggestions, what do you think? Would you have preferred the film with my changes or the original thing?

6 thoughts on “Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) Alone

  1. This was pretty good in my opinion. I liked where it ended, but to be honest I really liked episode six and felt it was very dramatic and a good place to end the movie, so I honestly have no qualms with the choice. My only complaint was that I feel like some of the visuals were muddled, making the action more difficult to follow. The music score was amazing though.

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    1. Yeah if they were going to make the film short that’s a pretty good place to end it.

      The action, especially in that final scene was pretty strange to me as well. It could have been better.

      I honestly don’t remember the music, it often goes over my head but it really can help sell a scene so I’m glad you enjoyed!

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      1. I’ve been paying attention to the music through out the entirety of watching this franchise. It’s probably the reason I didn’t like the first half of end of Evangelion as much as the rest of the series. That and the pronunciation of EVA set my teeth on edge, but I suppose I should save these comments for that post.

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    1. I agree, not a real fan either.

      I find it funny that I’ve been trying to read your Friday feature this whole time but someone keeps distracting me…

      Tbh these comments have been pretty fun so I think it’s cool!

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