Evangelion 3.0 – You Can (Not) Redo

This will be the last review I write for Evangelion month because I’ve written the end of Evangelion post already. I have to say that I was really disappointed with this film because it was just really dumb.

We start with Asuka flying around in the skies to get to the Evangelion unit 1 for some unknown reason; it looks like the explanation for this is that the aftermath of the previous film led to Shinji being in a coma for 14 years. What a stupid and ridiculous idea! So this film is set 14 years into the future for some reason.

If Asuka has been a pilot for 14 years I can understand that she might have an eyepatch even if it seems a bit convenient, what I don’t like is how little she’s changed both personality wise and physically. She looks the exact same and can still pilot the Eva! Do you remember when they said that only 14 year olds can pilot? What is she doing here at 28 doing the exact same thing! Also remember yourself from 14 years ago, can you say that you are anything like that person at all? People change a hell of a lot and it’s stupid to think that Asuka’s bratty attitude would continue until she’s 28!  I don’t actually mind it with Shinji and Rei because I’d accept that the Eva’s preserved them but they have completely butchered Asuka in this one!

So Ricchan now has short hair and Misato is the commander of a rival organisation to NERV called WILLE, this simply ruins so much. The characters who we liked have now completely changed, yes I complained about this with Asuka but when we’re not given time to see how much people have changed and what they’re really like it’s hard to like them as the new people that they are. But I honestly think that people care about Shinji way too much. Shinji was only with them for 6 months at most, I doubt I’d even remember someone I knew for 6 months 14 years ago.

Ultimately this time skip was unnecessary, especially since they literally used the exact same plot point at the end of the film, calling it the fourth impact instead of the third. So it seems like the third impact happened in this film, so the dramatic event that would have destroyed the entire world is now rendered completely inconsequential because nothing mattered in the end and not even the characters near the impact were blown up.

So it turns out that Rei didn’t die and she collects Shinji and sends him to NERV, I understand that Rei is her normal age and personality because it could easily be a clone. I thought the fact that none of the pilots aged in 14 years could have been a joke on Pokémon where Ash Ketchum never grows up but I think even that’s a bit far for Evangelion.

Kaworu, despite being on the moon at one point is now fully integrated as a NERV pilot and he teaches Shinji to play the piano. This works fine as a way to establish their friendships but as a pianist myself I find it really annoying how easily Shinji picks up playing the piano, it’s so badly done.

Shinji blames himself for the third impact even though it was all SEELE’s doing. I find it funny how they state later that their plans are coming to an end and it’s going smoothly despite the third impact having happened already and the 4th being 14 years late.

To make the ending scenes more emotional Kaworu takes Shinji’ s collar and puts it on himself, the only reason why he does this is so that they can have a dramatic moment at the end when Kaworu dies. There are much better ways to do this though, for one Kaworu’s an angel so he would need to die anyway meaning the collar was pretty much useless.

Shinji is kind of manipulated into triggering the 4th impact but it’s stopped so that we can continue in the next instalment of this brilliant film series! A lot of this was a mess that just went over my head buy that’s all of my notes taken care of, so there you go.

Don’t watch this film unless you like seeing things you love ruined, Evangelion was marketing to quite a strange group of people really.


2 thoughts on “Evangelion 3.0 – You Can (Not) Redo

  1. Evangelion 3.0 is a completely horrendous film. It toally ruined one of the greatest series of all time. I have absolutelyy no idea how the Rebuild films could possibly come back from this.

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    • I think the 4th film will be better now that we’ve gotten over the initial shock. I’m not convinced that simply being different on it’s own is worth criticism, it’s the problems which comes with changing from the original that is.

      So if we ignore the stupidity I could see myself liking it if it’s different enough and capitalizes on maybe some of the new and interesting things that could come with a massive time skip. I don’t think that’s likely though.

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