Eromanga Sensei – Taking Inspiration from Art

Ages ago while eromanga was airing a member of a weekly review podcast decided to copy the characters in eromanga sensei. In eromanga sensei the main characters are terrible people but also light novel writers, writers who are able to write a whole light novel in one day. The person on this podcast tried to do the same and succeeded, the novel was recommended to me on YT and I enjoyed listening too it again.

But it gave me an idea, I have a day when I’m completely free soon, why don’t I try the same thing? I also have a bunch of story ideas still in my head that I could do.

A light novel is typically 40,000 words but honestly if I can get to 20k that would be good enough to me.

So that’s my idea, I’m going to try and write a whole book in one day! I don’t expect it to be good but I want to put myself to the test!

I’m putting this out there now so I can’t back out of it, so that people will always ask me how it went and I need to have something to say! It will also give me like at least 20 extra posts I can release to see if people like it.

The idea of this is that it’s a light novel so it will have some anime stuff you like, as well as that it’s a book so it will have some things you don’t like! I don’t know how to prove I’ve written it in a day, I’m going to try and set up a screen recorder to do a 24 hour continuous video or something which people can flick through to check, I won’t record audio but it could just be there for people to check.

I will be writing on Thursday the 1st of January and I would want to release the post at midnight on that day but I want to keep the attention on the evangelion review I’m releasing. I’ll put a google drive link at the end of this post once the time has come instead! (Midnight UK time)

Thank you for reading, and wish me luck, I’ll need it!


Also this isn’t the massive secret project I’ve been teasing since 2018, that’s to come later.


The way I write stories is that I get bored really quickly, even if this project fails I hope that I would have written enough that I want to keep the story up, I normally get bored at the start before I get into the real cool premise.

This is just me talking about my plans and motives now, the post has kind of ended already and this is mainly for my benefit.

Ideally I want to start early at 8 am (I’m a morning person but that’s still pretty early) and finish at 9 pm which gives me 13 hours unless I decide to go over. That means that I need to write about 3,000 words an hour if I want to get to 40,000 words which is very unlikely. I will not be paying too much attention too anything really, it will literally be just the first idea that comes into my head because that’s the only way to go. If I keep brooding over words then this project cannot work. I will almost definitely need to go on longer though and I’m semi-prepared to do that. Technically if I start at 8 am I have until 8 am on the second so if I want to miss all my sleep then it could work! I’ll probably pass out on my desk though, spam one letter and fill in the remaining 10k words with the letter w or something. The longest I’ve stayed up is roughly 36 hours so it’s doable, but if I was to stay up that late I’d have to simply skip a nights sleep so that my sleep schedule doesn’t get messed up!

That’s why the final product will be full of spelling errors, not just English words spelled differently. I will not have time, then I will release a chapter a week or so. Right now I’m doing a thing where I’ll release it off this blog first then slowly trickle the chapters down.

Anyway that’s about it, this was kind of a test to see how quickly and well I could write at an increased speed that I’d need to write at if I was going to take part in this project. If I can flow as well as this without putting too much thought into it then I think i’ll be ok. I think it’s going to be easier to go back and edit everything afterwards anyway so I may just do that. I may release the unedited version on google docs and then edit it before releasing it onto WP, though I may want to continuously bury my head in shame.

Another idea I just had was to start a timer for all the time that I write and write over a few days until that total reaches 22. To me that kind of defeats the point though because it won’t be in one day and I want to see how terribly bad it can be and put my self through the stupid process everyone does daily in eromanga sensei!


16 thoughts on “Eromanga Sensei – Taking Inspiration from Art

  1. I got a little scare for a second when I saw Eromanga Sensei. I though you had gone crazy and was gonna start to watch that piece of crap… 😱

    This is gonna be fun to follow. Such an awesome idea. And you get to write something other. Yay! See, this is what we were talking about a while back. I hope this will keep your inspiration up so you can finish it. 🤗 Well, you have to, it is written here. 😎

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    1. Yeah! I’ve still gone crazy though, just not from watching the show!

      Thank you for the encouragement! I will finish it unless I’m unable too i.e my wrist completely dies so I can’t type anymore, even then I’ll still try to do the whole thing with the other hand!

      Yeah IDK if you remember the web comic I released ages ago but it’s set in that universe as a prequel! It’s completely different though.

      Also starting reading that manifesto you linked me too today, it’s crazy, he seems to clearly have terrible opinions and is just complaining about people not liking him for having them. It’s written fine but something is just clearly wrong about him, describing things as cultral Marxism just because most people disagree with his views.

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      1. I am cheering you on from over here. 😊 Maybe I should make an effort and finish what I started a while back (completely unrelated to anime and this blog but it is a fanfiction I have already started to upload on AO3).

        I have a vague memory of that webcomic yes but I can’t say straight away what it was about. Sorry. 😕

        He is a complete nut case and it doesn’t get better. It’s really scary to read. Oh yeah, he is a very well educated guy who knows how to argue his sake. To bad he has shitty views and is mentally ill.

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        1. Thank you, you should go and try finishing that, if my project goes well then you may want to consider doing it all on one day!

          The web comic was pretty bad so I’m not surprised, not to mention the photos had really bad quality!

          That’s what I thought he knows how to write and argue but he clearly comes from a terrible background with bad opinions. Let’s say you might agree with something he says, like idk maybe we shouldn’t fire people straight away for saying non-PC things (though we definitely shouldn’t encourage it) because it’s only a sentence and people don’t care that much. He ramps that up to the extreme in every possible away! You cannot and should not sympathise with this guy, he’s still interesting to read though.

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          1. Not sure I can do it in one day (I tend to drag things out to no end. My last little piece ended up being 236.000 words) but it sure will be inspirational if you’ll manage to do 20.000 words in one day. Then the hope is there for me! 😃

            Oh yeah, it is an interesting read. The mind behind the worst terror attack in the history of Norway. I read an article about his upbringing and parents and such and that’s the worst part, they seem to be totally normal. It seemed like he had had a very good childhood. I say seemed because you can never know, but what you could read about his parents they were decent people. Nothing implied that there were any world views like his. So to me it is very strange how a person can turn out to be so twisted you go and shoot 69 kids to death just like that.

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            1. 236k That’s amazing! When I was talking into writing fantasy with you I meant like 5k words max! That’s brilliant!

              Also 20k words a day? I think you better check out the most recent post because you’ll be pleasantly suprised! (unless you read this before it comes out which could happen, it’s going out in 20 minutes).

              I agree as well, I don’t get how feeling bad about not being allowed to have terrible reviews corresponds to killing all those people either. It’s horrible,

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              1. I saw your post. That is impressive!! I haven’t read what you’ve written because I can’t decide whether or not to wait for your posts. I am curious though, the concept sounds cool. Now I am def inspired to continue my writing. If I can manage to at least get one paragraph a day down I’ll be happy.

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                1. Oh, after everything I’ve been through that sounds achievable! Just do one line paragraphs if you have too!

                  I’d rather you read the edited version I’ll be releasing soon, I put this up more to prove that I did it than anything else. What I want to happen is for people to be so hooked by the story that they read the edited versions but go back to the post to find out what happens. I’m not going to release the 2nd half of the book I think, I’ll make people wait at least that much!

                  I hope you are inspired to write more! If you wanted to do a similar thing where you released them a chapter at a time that might be a good idea as well because then people like me can comment on it!

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                  1. I think I’ll wait for it. 😊 And, I think it is smart of you to not upload part two, let the people wonder. That’s how you draw the people in to your blog and get the to comment.

                    I got an idea when I read the collab (sort of) thingy that is going on in the community that Arthifis started with the book. Maybe I’ll do something of that. It’s sort of the kind of thing I like to read but not so much anime-ish. Well, I guess it could be since everything can be an anime though. 🤔 Well, I better finish the other stuff first. 😎

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                    1. Yeah that’s the idea!

                      I’ve not heard of that book thing but I should check it out, if I don’t have to do much I might look at joining it!

                      That’s how I feel, I spent so long writing that I’ve fallen behind with everything! I’m going to spend today trying to catch up!


  2. Was that weekly review podcast Eromanga Every Week with Digibro and Best guy Ever? If so I watched it as well. I’m excited to see read your light novel when it’s over!

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    1. Yeah it was! I really enjoyed them ragging on it and actually stopped watching the show because listening to them was far better! I hope to not make a massive mess of a book though, hopefully I can continue the same story, though including those meta aspects would be easier. Thanks for looking forward too it, i’ll release it on google docs to prove i did it in a day and then stagger the releases on the blog so its easier to read!

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