What I watched in January 2018 (Reviews and Recommendations for anime and manga)

Despite the fact that I’ve been reviewing evangelion every single day for this past month I’m still able to recommend / review a bunch of things that I watched this month! The best show is already NGE obviously and if you don’t know why you’re clearly new here! Anyway let’s get into the other shows I watched.


Devilman Crybaby!

That’s right I watched Devilman crybaby this month and I loved it! This is the first anime I can honestly say that I watched mainly because of the visuals, animation and music. I didn’t think the characters or plot were very strong and I also thought that the events were poorly written a lot of the time but all that was pushed aside because it was simply a joy to watch.

Something to know about me is that I hate the modern anime aesthetic (SAO and shows that look like that) because they feel soft and way too similar. Devilman was able to look modern but also different and cool at the same time, its art style was iconic! I like those solid black boarders around everything much more than the soft edges I’m used to seeing!

Episode wise the opening ones were my favourites as they were slightly more slice of life and it was fun to learn about the characters along with seeing their ordinary lives. Once it got more serious the plot started to suffer in my opinion but it never got so bad.


Orenchi no Furo Jijou

If an anime isn’t great and long I won’t watch it, if an anime isn’t great and short I will, this is an example of the latter. Basically it’s a slice of life show about mermen who live in someone’s bathtub, and if that doesn’t sound like a set up for stupid comedy then I don’t know what does!

None of the episodes were explosively funny but they did give me some fun laughs, something that could have stopped me from enjoying it as much was that there were some yaoi moments that were clearly not meant for me.

But it was a fun time all around and I’d recommend it to people who want a quiet and fun evening relaxing!


Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Oh snap look at me watching the most intellectual and high art show ever made! In all seriousness I really like this show, but having come from watching Evangelion I can say that it’s not as mind blowing as other people say it is. Then again it’s still brilliant!

This show has an extremely high barrier to entry and many people give up early and lose interest. But once you do get a grasp of all the events, locations and characters you are presented with a very rewarding and intriguing story that constantly keeps you wondering. Something often forgotten is how much planning goes into this show which can be ignored by watchers, all the events link up over many, many episodes and keeping track of those is what’s going to reward you in the end. Theorising and also watching the plans unfold along with all the scheming is great fun.

Thinking about the appeal for this show made me think about football (soccer if I hate you). I don’t like football and the appeal is really hard to understand, I said that it sucked because there’s no action and very little goals for the time you spend watching. I told this to a friend and they said that they liked football because of that reason, he liked that goals were so rare that they were brilliant when they happened.

I think this show is like that. There’s so much build up and intrigue that when events do unfold they are the most hypest and brilliant things ever! The time in between is great for speculation but that payoff is so good!

I’m not putting this first because I’m only 41 episodes in to the show, but the show is split into seasons and it has plenty more time to win one of those “best thing I watched award”. I’d hate to watch another brilliant show in that same month though so it couldn’t rank.


I watched a bit of yuyu hakusho, recovery of an mmo junkie, astro boy, a place further than the universe and Saiki season 2 but I’ve watched so little that it would be pointless to review or recommend them, instead let’s move onto manga!



Oh yeah, GANTZ, this is my kind of manga. In anime I like plot a lot but in manga I like action a whole lot more. Basically I like blitzing through chapters with a lot of interesting action but enough plot to make it enjoyable overall. And this had both!

I like the dark and brutal violence in this show and it’s really fast paced. I like the whole alien idea and it never gets boring to me. As well as that the abundance of action makes the time away from it feel so much better. We get to see relationships and tragedy happen as well as a lot of messed up stuff only a sick freak like me would enjoy reading!

I’m going to sound like a massive edge lord here but it’s true: I’ve never seen an anime that’s gore has made me creeped out or look away in horror, and I’ve gone to the MAL forums only to find the typically gory shows are ones that I’ve already watched! Not even the umbrella scene from another was enough and I thought it would be! Gantz doesn’t come close to this but I’d say this is gorier than most so you should know what to expect.

I really like the way this story comes together as well as the brilliant and horrendous character moments that take place. I know Gantz is a classic manga so you should definitely have it on your to read list!


That’s it for manga but I’m of course still keeping up with the classics of One poker Kaiji and Watamote!


Here we go again, time for the new 2018 scoreboard!

Month Best anime I watched that month
January Neon Genesis Evangelion


And I want to read at least one manga a month, something I wasn’t able to do last year but I’m optimistically going to throw on a scoreboard for manga as well!

Month Best manga I read that month
January Gantz



4 thoughts on “What I watched in January 2018 (Reviews and Recommendations for anime and manga)

  1. Apparently they are making a new series for legend of the galactic heroes this year. Perfect timing on your part. I have heard of this, another must watch. What did you watch though, you say show, but I only see movies and ovas?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’t great! I didn’t know that, I’ll have to finish lotgh soon then because I want to watch the old one before the new one.

      Lotgh is the only other show I’ve come across which could rival Eva month so I think it’s very good.

      I would say that you should watch it, but it’s got a high barrier to entry. I would say pay as much attention to the plot and characters as possible and you’ll be rewarded along the line.

      Lotgh is an OVA, a 110 episode OVA! So that explains why you can only see OVA’s!

      You can watch the prequel films but I wouldn’t recommend them, it’s pretty hard to follow if you’re new to it. I didn’t think they were that great either so I’d skip them.

      I saw 41 episodes, that was all of season 1 and half of season 2. I saw one film as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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