My Anime 3×3

Lots of anime fans have a 3×3 to tell people what they’re favourite anime’s are so I thought I’d finally get around to making mine. I didn’t pay much attention to the images I used and kind of rushed it so it doesn’t look great but oh well here it is!

3 by 3

The shows from left to right are Berserk, Prison school, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Watamote, Kaiji, Hunter X Hunter, Shiki, School Days, Hajime no Ippo,

This is quite a short post but it’s well cataloged why I like all of these shows do feel free to just ask me if you’re interested in specific shows!

4 thoughts on “My Anime 3×3

    1. Yeah I can’t disagree, whether it’s cringe from watamote, the depression of school days or the masochism of prison school! Narratives where the characters suffer might be more interesting to me, I guess.

      Something like school days could not be up there without being painful, the way it made me sad was far more impactful of a story than most other stories could hope to be. People often turn to CLANNAD or shows like that for their sad crying content, but I just point to the greatness of school days for being so devicivly depressing it made most of it’s viewers hate it. That is the true sad content, and ultimately the better show in my opinion.

      Also I’ve never understood calling watamote cringy, I thought it was just funny most of the time.

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