I am now neat? The Real Neat Blog Award!


Rules for the Award:

  • Display the award logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

Thank you Mayatori for nominating me for this award! People are constantly nominated for these awards but how do you win them? I’ll look more into that! Anyway Mayatori asked me 7 questions so I think I better answer them!

1.When a blogger with an avatar of a character you know comments on your post, do you automatically read it in your head with that character’s voice? (Please tell me it’s not just me) Care to share some examples?


No this doesn’t happen to me, I talk to myself in my head all the time so I often just read it in my own voice. I have to put an effort in to say a voice in my head and it often takes too much effort to switch voices unless I’m really familiar with the character.


If I ever comment on your stuff do you find yourself reading it as guts? I’m interested to know, because I might change it back to squid girl so you throw de-gesou in to every sentence I write!

2.Do you like your curry mild, medium, or spicy? Japanese, Thai, Indian, or…gasp do you not like curry?


I used to not like curry when I was younger, the whole look of it really but me off but now I like it! I probably wouldn’t go too spicy though, I think spice is a terrible taste which isn’t worth building up your resistance too so you can actually eat it properly without dying, Though in small quantities it’s pretty good.


I don’t know if I can say which one I prefer because I’ve not had curry often enough, I still like it though.


  1. What was the worst class you have ever taken?


The worst class I chose to do was a mandarin course. The idea was that it would be good place to learn some easy kanji to finally get around to learning Japanese, something I’d like to have done, not something I’d like to do.


But to my horror it wasn’t just mandarin, it was mandarin and Chinese culture so we spent most of our time watching terrible documentaries and learning about the chop stick smile. I learned very little Chinese, I can say my catch phrase zao shang hao! But that’s about it.


The funniest documentary was where they gave British school kids the Chinese school system for a few weeks so that they could compare the differences in our education. The only problem was that the camera was zoomed in so that we could only see half the face and the audio was desynched so the old people had the voice of 14 year olds. Everyone was really stupid so we were able to make fun of it a lot.


We also spent two or three lessons only singing the moon represents my heat so it was a pretty bad class, as least I could relax and do nothing though!


4.My mom used to say that where you grip your chopsticks shows how far away from home you’ll find your future spouse. If you hold it close to the tips (where you pick up food), you’re supposed to marry someone in the same city. Close to the other end = someone from a foreign country. So where do you hold your chopsticks? XD (Or whichever utensil you use, if you never use chopsticks)


I hold them at the middle so I guess that means in the same country but a different city.


5.What’s the ideal colour for painting the exterior of a house?


Transparent… no, probably white or cream.


6.What do you like to put on your toast?


Honey. (I’m Hachimitsu boy! You win the  award if you get that reference)


  1. I’m out of questions…do this Buzzfeed quizthat tells you which Teletubby you are and tell me your results.


“Pick a life motto” – “Do Unto Others as you would do unto yourself”


“How do you play connect 4” – “Go for the win, no matter what”

“What is your jam?” – Mozart was the closest but I listen to nothing on the list. Recently I’m getting into Boris and they’re nothing like anything.


“One of the other tubbies stole your tubby custard, what do you do?” – “Discuss your feelings of betrayal and amend the relationship.”


“Which word do you use frequently?” – “Who,What, Where, When, Why, How”


“Choose your favourite TiddileTubie” – “Ruru, obviously”


“Pick a face” – Elsa from Frozen


“You got Tinky-Winky! You are rational and clear-headed. You adapt to circumstances and make the most of it. Clearly surrounded by more dramatic personalities, you often take the backseat, but that’s fine by you.”


Great, thanks, brilliant, yeah, yeah. What even is a tiddlie tubie?


Alright I’ve got a way for you to learn the colours of the tele tubies and who’s who. We’ve got po whose red because po sounds like a red post box (POst box) then La la is yellow because la la sounds a bit like yellow but not really but more like yellow than any of the others. Dipsy is green because dipsy sounds like the deep sea which is green looking even if it isn’t but it’s more deep sea than blue. Then Tinky-winky is purple because he has a giant purple member. And that’s the system!


I saw other people nominate their followers for the award so I’m going to do the same because I want to give something more back to the people who read what I write! If you follow me you are automatically neat so consider yourselves nominated anyway but I want to shout out the most recent 9.


Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing



Milly Schmidt

Star Wars LatinAmerica




Also the last nomination is for Zainou to promote his 30 day anime challenge which you should check out! Ha ha, now you have even more posts to write!

Oh I almost forgot to ask some questions, Let’s go!

  • What is your creative process for writing your blog posts?
  • Who are your main influences as a writer?
  • If you had an infinite amount of time and money to do one massive blog post series what would you write? Something that you couldn’t possibly hope to do now but could with the time and money.
  • What do you think of anime OP’s? Do you listen to them in your spare time? Do you skip them? I want to know your attitude and thoughts on OP’s!
  • Why should a person follow your anime blog? I’m interested to see you try and sell yourself!
  • What’s your favourite fake vehicle? Mine is the Nissan Golf!
  • Why did you get into anime blogging or reading anime blogs? If you never got into anime why did you decide to follow someone who only talks about anime? I really want to know!


There you go, hopefully those are some good questions for you to sink your teeth into!

23 thoughts on “I am now neat? The Real Neat Blog Award!

  1. Congratulations on the award.

    It’s actually harder, in my opinion, to go from Chinese (any) to Japanese, because that’s what I did and although it instantly made kanji one of my strongest suits, there are small differences between the Chinese characters and the Japanese kanji that teachers will annoy you for…Besides, you shouldn’t have to waste your money on classes you won’t even like or have any use for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t have to pay for this one because I’m in England and paying for classes isn’t really a thing, you only do one subject at university as well so this is some dumb optional thing I opted into for free!

      Thank you for that feedback though, it’s quite interesting from your perspective! Do you know Japanese then? If so that’s brilliant!


      • As of this comment I’ve learnt Japanese for about 6 or 7 years, but previously I’d stuck with simplified Chinese (or “Mandarin”, as you know it) for 10. I actually have a use for these languages as I’d like to go to their respective places someday, but I guess that’s probably revealing too much about myself…

        Liked by 1 person

        • No not really I think most people want to go there! I’m now learning Chinese to go on a two week trip to China for an extremely low price (like £500 for everything) so I can relate to wanting to go.

          It’s amazing that you’ve learned and stuck with it for that long. So are you fluent? People I know are either just beginning, fluent or in the middle, there seems to be this magic place where you jump from knowing a little bit to everything where people don’t have an inbetween, what do you think?

          Also how should I start forcing myself to get around to learning Japanese finally? Thanks!


          • Fluency’s no good if you can’t use the language, and I haven’t used my Chinese skills much in the years I haven’t learnt it…I’m not sure where that fits on your scale…

            In the words of Shia Lebeouf, “just do it!” That is, if you’re learning Japanese, often the way to do it is just to go from the ground up – learn hiragana + basic phrases (like “good morning” and that sort of thing) and then just keep learning from there. If it’s a motivation problem though, look into productivity things like the Pomodoro method, try them out and see how you go.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Wow thank you! Does that mean you taught yourself? That shows some excellent commitment, I’ll have to look in to it! It’s funny you say “just do it” because that’s why I created my blog so I actually see that being possible!

              There are a few chinese anime’s, most of them all suck but it might also be useful to test your chinese on them! There are also other chinese shows out there I’m sure!


              • I took classes and did book learning for pretty much all of the time learning Mandarin.

                I’ve set eyes on the first episode of the King’s Avatar and because it was full of gamer lingo (which is only useful in very specific circumstances), I found it pretty inpenetrable without English subs. Aside from that, I normally pass on the Chinese coproduction of the season and I’ve pretty much got my hands full with learning Japanese these days, so there’s pretty much no point in trying to tap into what’s left of my Chinese skills.

                Liked by 1 person

            • Not yet but I will when I have more time later, I keep on meaning to check out the blogs of people who follow me but theirs a lot to get through so commenters go first!

              You need to change your link from courageawordofjustice to your other site becausenobody can really find it from clicking you right now. This is nearly always the case for me, people create a new site, don’t change their link and now I can’t find them anymore! If you hadn’t have commented I never would have known!


            • I also just found it from that recent post where you linked me! Thanks for that! Exploring your spam folder is always a fun experience unless you’ve already done it and you’ve ran out… it’s sad running out.


  2. I actually read your comments in what I imagine Guts’ voice to be (didn’t watch the anime, so I don’t know if it’s exactly how it would sound) haha. If you switch it all of a sudden to something moe, my internal reading voice would be very confused. 😂
    And hey, I got Tinky-Winky too!! And thanks for your color tips, they were helpful. I watched Teletubbies with Chinese dub as a child, so I always get confused with their real names. I also remember the OP to be concerningly brainwashing in Chinese. 😆
    Keep being neat~

    Liked by 2 people

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