WP Spam Showdown – My New Life Dream

Lina’s post, Spam Attack!, made me decide to look at my own spam comments to see if I could find any funny ones for myself! And I’ve had some great ones! Also WP really needs to stop deleting spam comments so often; they’re really funny!

Our first comment is on my XC3D grinding guide and it comes from Jack

“LIKE WHAT ƊADDY, TELL US, TELL US.? Вoth boys jumped
up and down wsntіng to know learn how to make God happy.”

Well Jack just wants daddy to tell us how to make god happy, I wonder why he’s come to me though.


Our next comment is on my 2 years on MAL post from Syntasium

“thats true
wit MAL i have know to what i want to watch, what i hold even what i dropped anime.”

Oh, this actually doesn’t look like spam. It’s reads in a bit of a spammy way but it actually has something to do with the subject!


This next one is also from Jack on the exact same post

“W᧐uld Becⲟming A Freelance Paralegal Be A Good Choice Forr You?”

So he tells me about a daddy and his kids and then asks if I want to be a person who knows a lot about law, but not enough to be a lawyer, and a self-employed on at that. It might be fun but I don’t think it would be a good choice. Also why would it have that strange o when their normal one is so much easier?

Luckily another commenter by the name of Kirby was potentially able to give Jack a response

“Тhere are, off course, some unfavouraƄpe poіnts
to frеelancing. Onee important level is that wһen yyou worrk as a contract paralegal youll not be eliɡible for the
varieties of benefits that you woⅼd have in working for a legislation firm or a private attorney.
In the event you feel that sucһ “perks” as common health insurance and other such benefits ɑre impߋrtant, freelancing is not going tto give you these benefits.”

He gives us some unfavourable points to freelancing, and he actually is able to predict what Jack will ask before he even writes his comment on a completely different and unrelated post!

So if I decide to go with Jacks choice then I won’t be able to have the benefits of working for a legislation firm or private attorney! He actually has advice and it’s really strange!


If only Jimmy commenting on my JEARATTES is over, thank god! Post could shine some light onto the matter!

“As а way to achieve ѕuccesss with freelancing, it is necessary to be self-disciplined, motivateⅾ, and organized.
If you happеn to elect tߋ taҝe the rⲟute of freelancing,
youu will need to be able to seek and acquire potetial jobs,
be vdry effective in scheduling your time, and have goοⅾ mɑth skills foor the puгρose of bіlling ɑnd

Oh he has a plan to achieve success with freelancing, just what I need to achieve my dreams! So to get success I need to look for potential jobs! Of course! Good math is also important, what he forgot to mention though was that good English was important as well!


On a completely unrelated note on my attack on titan is not gore anime post Antoinette has something to say!

“WE WILL.? Thеy eacһ shouted and so they ran to the bedroom bickering about who will get too go first.”

Wow, I feel like I’m missing the middle man in between the first comment and this one. What I like about this comment is that it will forever leave me guessing who was able to get to the bedroom first!


Oh and Jack is back, with yet again another email address but a topic of the exact same relevance

“In cɑse you are the type of pеrson who is lower than thгіlled with the prospect оf worҝing inn the identical
workplace, day acter day, eliminating this type of routine іs one
of tһe most necessary highliցhts which you can obtain from freelancing.
Ꮃheneverr yⲟu rent youгself out aѕ a freelancer, every job task that you take on can be a neԝw adventᥙre.Not solely will the work envir᧐nment fluctuate,
but aⅾditionally, youu will have thee chance to fᥙlfill
many more fascinating peoplе. This factor alone іs likely one օff the foremost thе explanation why many paralegals choose freelancing
over commirting themseⅼves tto one particular workplɑce.”

Yeah! As Jack knows I’m lower than thrilled with the prospect of working inn an identical workplace and want to become a free-lance paralegal, which is like a paramedic but for lawsuits. I love the thrill of adventure through law books after law books, having my environment fluctuate and I love fulfilling many people! And he also somehow knows I want to become a paralegal! How amazing!

Alright, I’m going to stop blogging now so I can peruse my dream of becoming a paralegal, the most notoriously sought after, and ideal job out there!

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