Showing My Friends Anime Music

Recently I had the opportunity to show my favourite anime music to my friends, some of whom had no idea I liked anime. It was interesting to see their differing perspective to mine. The first thing was that they called it torture but I called it cultural learning. Ages ago r/music got hacked by anime fans and they put on their anime music for people to listen to and the people on the board actually liked it a lot, I hoped that this would be the same thing with my friends but it wasn’t the case.

I tried to start strong with Mirai wa Bokura no Te no Naka one of my favourites but they didn’t seem to like Japanese thrash music, as they described it. From then on I went to play the Berserk 1997 OP, FMAB OP 1, Death note op 1 and many more but they hated all of it. So I asked why.

The obvious first answer was that they couldn’t understand what the Japanese people were saying but they disliked the engrish songs and the English covers as well. Japanese does sound strange to people who haven’t seen subbed anime and I can understand it, but that wasn’t the sole contributor really.

The biggest thing that they said was that it was just weird, they said the shin sekai yori op sounded Mexican which is something I can’t understand and that they hated the lucky star rap, alright I kind of expected that one. It sounds strange and if you’re hearing constant OP’s after each other considering my taste they all sound pretty similar.

There were very few songs that they actually liked, these were The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop, Tanaka Kun OP, Guts’ theme and they seemed indifferent towards the Higurashi OP. This made me realise the huge contrast between my tastes and others. I hate pop music but these people really liked it and I used to opportunity to settle our differences better.

Afterwards they played their own music and I would describe it, using my own words (obviously) as quite low, underwhelming but catchy, while my favourite anime songs are loud, in your face and something you can thrash your head too. I like being taken over by my music instead of just relaxing too it. This may come across as rude to them but it’s the best way for me to describe it in my head and they were criticising my music for a whole hour anyway.

The way I listen to anime music is by watching the show, then coming back to it months later when I’ve finished the show to decide if the OP was good enough for me to download on my phone, this means that I’ve listened to it many times already. Out of an interest to see if the songs were better on the repeat listen I played the Kaiji OP which is only 50 seconds like 5 times but it only reinforced their opinion. And at that point it’s difficult to take things with an open mind.

What I find interesting though is that my songs got a lot more attention than the music they liked more. It could be that I was just more talkative at that time but the fact that we spent the rest of that time talking, ignoring the music makes me think that their music is more passive and less attention grabbing meaning mine was better without them realising it!

It got so bad that we were singing our own songs over the music!

Anyway here’s a list of songs I played for them and if you have any good normie anime music please tell me!

Songs they hated

Erased OP

Erased ED

Prison School OP

Kaiji OP

Overlord ED

The Seven Deadly Sins OP 2

The Seven Deadly Sins ED 1 or 2 (its name was just 7)

Mayoiga OP

Konosuba OP

Umaru Chan OP (had to take that off nearly instantly – I’m not even sure I like it though)

School Live OP

Chilvalry of a failed knight OP

Kuzu no Honkai OP and ED

Shinsekai Yori ED

Evangelion OP

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun OP

Death Note OP 1

Fairy Tail OP 9 (Don’t watch fairy tail)


Lucky Star OP (Didn’t think they’d like it but I needed to show it anyway)

Ghost Stories ED

Berserk OP


There might be more


Guts Theme (Berserk)

Cowboy Bebop ED

Higurashi OP

Tanaka Kun OP


At one point my hearing went funny and I heard one of the songs very differently, when I heard this it sounded unfamiliar and it was like listening from the perspective of my friends! It made me realise how strange the songs sounded too them and made me accept that I will always have better taste than them (not really, that was a joke).


18 thoughts on “Showing My Friends Anime Music

  1. Ah music! You can learn a lot about someone, sometimes we judge each other based off our music choices or change our opinions based off it. Some people enjoy a broad range (me) some people enjoy a small niche. Some people are in it for the lyrics, others for the sound. My family is aware that I listen to Japanese music even if they don’t know I watch Anime. They have shown no interest and I’ve never shared it with them much outside of my mom catching some of my tunes while I’m in the shower. Now I want to try an experiment with sharing some anime music with someone….hmmm.

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    • You certainly can. In a way it’s annoying when people don’t like your music but it’s also good that many people like different things as well.

      When I showed the music to my friends they had no idea I was into it and they were surprised, I hoped it would be like that r/music hack but no…

      You said you want to experiment and share some music. What specifically are you into? I can check it out and get back to you!

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      • No, I meant literally do what you did with anime music, lol. You have inspired me!

        I am personally into so many things. Classical, jazz, 60’s 70’s and 80’s rock, 60’s and 90’s pop, Older country, disco, soft rock, just about any song from the 20’s to the 40’s, folk music, the strange fan cultured music of filk, latino, soundtracks, southern gospel, hymns, show tunes, and of course jpop and other Japanese music genres.

        If anything, the one thing that no one I know listens to but me is filk, so if you wanted to check out some Leslie Fish, and heck even Vic Mignonia falls in this category when he sings fma based songs. It’s folk music written by science fiction and fantasy fans. I haven’t listened to any in a while, but I love it. Especially the elfquest based songs.

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        • Oh I see what you mean! I’m glad that me putting my friends through torture (in their opinion) has led you to want to do that! I really want to hear how it goes when you try it!

          That’s a lot of stuff your into! I don’t even know what soft rock is! It might be a bit strange to be into gospel hymns but if it’s good that’s fair enough! I sometimes get them stuck in my head myself so I kind of get it.

          I’ll have to listen to your recommendations, they look interesting! Besides everything listed in this post I’ve been getting into Boris which is experimental noise music which I’ve never heard anything like before, it makes me realize how strange my taste is!

          So I thought when you meant you wanted to experiment on someone you were offering it to me to listen to your recommendations, but it was a happy mistake because you showed me some songs anyway! Thanks!

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          • I’m not sure when I would, or to who, so it may be quite a while before i try it.

            Being a church going Christian I sing hymns every Sunday and then they often get gunned our sung the rest of the week by me, but I don’t put on cds for them. I do have some gospel cds though. Soft rock is a form of 90’s rock mostly, I don’t like all 90’s rock.

            When you check it out let me know! I’m kind of excited now!

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            • Yeah theirs no need to rush it.

              I go to church too, it help with the songs because all my friends who also go there play the music at the front so I’ve always got them in my head when I sing the music. I don’t always get to hear it though because I volunteer to help in the children’s group half of the month.

              I’ll see if I can listen to some of it now!


  2. There are a rare few OPs originally in English you could suggest, like Yuri on Ice’s “History Maker” and Princess Principal’s “The Other Side of the Wall”. If your friends are specifically not fans of lyrics or want more passive music, go with tunes from the soundtrack, like Hataraku Maou-sama’s “The Devil Regains His Strength” and Death Parade’s “Memento Mori”, because they won’t have lyrics in most cases.

    Otherwise, I guess it should be a lot like recommending a new anime to someone…in most cases, music is a hit-or-miss affair (more so than anime), so it’s a matter of finding what works without testing people’s patience too much.

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    • That’s a good idea, I might also try showing the ones you mentioned.

      Yeah music is far too hit and miss, but you are correct about the patience thing, they really weren’t ready to accept that they liked any of my music by the end since I had irritated so much.

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  3. When it comes to music, I tend to prefer stuff that has come from something I’ve watched rather than just a song. So the majority of my music comes from movie soundtracks anyway. Mostly because if you just play a song without a visual for me, I’ll usually miss most of it and just tune it out. I can’t help it. Audio and I don’t get on very well. But when you play sound with a music video or a movie clip or in a TV show, I have something to latch onto and then I can hear it. I still might not like it but there’s a better chance of my remembering it.

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  4. I can relate, outside of my friends that watch anime no one else I know likes the music. It doesn’t matter genre, they hate it. The only real exception was my girlfriends older sister who Fairy Tail ED 18. Something I notice is that seems like most people don’t like the music because they’re not used to it. Pretty much all my friends only listen to rap and R&B (only one doesn’t) and I find that the ones that like anime say they like it because they’re either gotten used to it or because it has that nostalgic feel.

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    • That makes a lot of sense really, I often find OP’s strange until I’ve listened to them a few times and formed a connection with the show.

      It’s sad that people can’t get over the new language to listen to something we really like but what can you do? I dislike/ am indifferent to all of their music anyway which is probably why we disagree so much about our tastes!

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      • I don’t think it’s necessarily the language barrier, if people like the vibe of the song then the language is kind of irrelevant. foreign artist like the higher brothers, KOHH, & Keith Ape are proof of that. The main problem might be the style of music.

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  5. I’ve had a similar experience trying to show my friends Japanese music. Most of them hated it when I first asked them to listen to it. Although, a combination of the bands Shinsei Kamattechan, the line “Put your grasses on” in the Berserk OP, and Boris’ “Flood” album made them change their minds.

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    • I can’t believe my friends hated put your grases on! It’s such a good song! It’s interesting because I’ve just recently been getting into Boris (Digi talks about them a fair bit) and I’ve not got around to flood yet, I’d say my favourite albums so far are amplifier worship and akuma no uta but I want to check out flood soon.

      I’m glad you got them into it eventually, I should try showing them Boris as well!

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