I Now Have A Twitter Account!

Hey it’s time to officially announce my twitter which can be found here!

I want to tailor the people I follow on WP to ones I know I will definitely like but theirs still a lot of people I want to check out but haven’t found the time. I’m still working on that project which has to be done by the end of March at the latest so between that and my book I don’t have much time. Also Zelda BOTW is pretty addictive.

Anyway I want to be following as many anime bloggers as possible to stay informed with people since most bloggers link posts to their twitter anyway so that if any of them have any tweets I’m interested in it’s another way to check out my blog.

So yeah, click it and check me out! I want to follow as many anime bloggers as possible so if you’re one of these then it would make finding you a hell of a lot easier!

Keep staying awesome guys, new post releasing tomorrow which will save you a lot of money!

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