Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

One of my favourite anime’s from last year was Inuyashiki so this review has been a long time coming! Let’s get into it a whole two months after I said I would – this isn’t going to create a worse blog post in the slightest!

At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a terrible situation. His family hates him just because he’s old, boring, and from the looks of it, failing at his job. He suddenly is diagnosed with a terminal illness and will spend the last days of his life in misery with family who don’t seem to love him. It’s really sad. But then he’s unexplainably given a second chance along with superpowers!

This sudden tone shift is brilliant and I love the way we start to focus on other people’s problems and what Inuyashiki can do to help that really makes the show entertaining in my opinion. You could say that the show is about good vs evil but I feel like the journey is so much more complex than that.

Let’s talk about some of the complexities then, when reviewing I don’t like to split things up into categories and just talk about the good things.

What I find so interesting about this show is that there are two Inuyashiki’s and two Hiro’s. The real Inuyashiki died in an explosion knowing only pain and suffering from the ones he loved while another robot replaced him with his same memories. Inuyashiki doesn’t have a human brain or any human aspects, his programing just works in the way that he can function exactly like the old man.

Oddly enough it’s this lack of humanity which makes him so human and it brings up more philosophical questions which are interesting to think about. The robot has felt like he has lived a complete human life and everything he does is human but in reality he can’t exactly feel anything, so it brings up questions about how they should be treated, especially when they help people so much.

I really like the episodic events that take place in this show. Something I admire about the anime is that it won’t hesitate to use terrible violence to make the villains look worse. Initially Inuyashiki just saves odd people until he finds Hiro, who is the main villain of the show.

Even though it could be stated Hiro is one of the least interesting parts of the show and lacks a motive for what he’s doing I think it works in the shows benefit due to his nature as a character. Hiro was the second person who died with Inuyashiki and he’s become a person who’s bored with the world. Hiro now feels like he’s above it all because of his powers and tries to escape boredom through evil acts.

The more interesting thing about him is the way his friend turns his back on him to help Inuyashiki and how his mum reacts when she learns Hiro is responsible for the murder. People talk about Hiro a fair amount in this show and this is true for his classmates, one of which is inuyashiki’s daughter who’s in the class with him. I just find it so interesting how people will or won’t believe their classmates are evil and the way one of the classmates gives him shelter later in the series is brilliant.

Hiro is stronger than Inuyashiki but it doesn’t have to be that way. I like how the only reason Hiro is stronger is that he’s more tech savvy than the old man and knows what to do and how to do it.

Besides all this, there is something so entertaining about this show to watch. I like the action, the explosions are really fun to watch and the problems in the background provide a hugely great backdrop to the action that takes place.

3D animation can be jarring for some but in this case it really shouldn’t matter. One of my first blog posts was “bad animation does not matter in anime”, later creating addendums with hand shakers which just makes me sick to watch. Inuyashiki does no such thing and isn’t actually bad animation as there are many positives to it. The world feels different to any other in anime and provides a unique watching experience. I also think being able to see the robot parts coming out of the 3d model serves to show a much better transformation from man to machine.

So what makes this show a must watch? Well it’s so interesting to watch in every single thing that it does. The action might be brilliant but the moments in between them are so interesting to watch as they nearly always involve interesting character moments and progression as well as a lot of strategy or build up to conflict which is so entertaining to watch.

I hoped I would have more to say but I think I’ve got the message across. Now if anyone disliked this show I really want to know why so please tell me so I can explain better why I disagree with you!

14 thoughts on “Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

        1. Hey thanks! Berserk is a masterpiece of a show and I feel like I’ve written way too many posts discussing it!

          I have the first four volumes of Berserk manga and they’re great. I recommend the first three because it’s got the complete collection of everything before the golden age arc and it feels fairly complete even though it obviously isn’t!


  1. I’m reviewing this soon and while I actually did enjoy watching it I felt that thematically it could have done more. It introduces some great ideas about what it is to be human but the exploration of that doesn’t go far enough before they literally throw an external threat at the characters and any further discussion of any of the ideas presented kind of gets thrown out the window. That said, there’s a lot to enjoy about the show.

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      1. No problem. I kind of feel the whole thing would have been better without the external threat. If they had kept the focus on the two characters and their opposing views on gaining power and made that the main conflict and climax, they could have done something with it. Instead we throw a big problem at them and it is all done.

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        1. Yeah I suppose that would have been better in the end and I like that idea more. While it might have felt convenient at the end with Hiro’s sudden change I did think the transformation was still a pretty good ending. If Inuyashiki had fought him I would have thought it would be the same thing except he wouldn’t kill him and probably just hand him to the police.

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