Hulk Hogan in a RIDICULOUS Japanese Advert!

Sometimes you find something so amazingly funny that you just have to share it, I found this through Endless Jess’ what you gonna do? A fantastic video you should check out but I want to share the clip here.

Seeing the Hulkster in such a strange advert is amazing, and since I’m an anime blog and its Japanese why not share it? I hope it made you’re day better.


Does this ever happen to you? You look back on an event you thought was recently, and then you realize it was actually two weeks, or even two months ago? And then you start to imagine a crazy wrestler singing the days of the week as time goes by and you contemplate how little you’re doing as the days are passing you by? When I start to feel like I’m not doing anything, or like time has passed too quickly this song goes into my head on loop and I can’t help but smile, and become more insane.


I thought this was funny so who cares?

7 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan in a RIDICULOUS Japanese Advert!

    1. Me too! He’s hard to recommend to people without thinking you’re crazy. Since I like him for his raps and songs over everything else (I just think they’re brilliant) showing my friends butt chugger, comfy and lunatic (some of my favourite songs of all time) really showed me that. How dare they not understand the deeper themes and sub-story underlying the whole of butt chugger!

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      1. Butt-chugger is an absolute masterpiece, and Lunatic is maybe my favorite song of all time. What’s most unfortunate about how hard he is to recommend though, is Horseshoe Finale. It’s an absolute masterpiece of film and the fact that you need to watch an entire MLP review show first is rather unfortunate.

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        1. Yeah I recommended it to my friend and he stopped after 5 minutes because it was mlp. It’s pretty sad but I can’t imagine liking it if I didn’t already know so much about Jess before hand. I wonder if the reason why he’s not released the pleeb and the weeb finale is because he’s back to perfecting it like horseshoe finale was.

          The turning point and eventual conclusion and lead up of one year later was so awesome as well. I don’t remember which video it was but the part where I he switched everything around to show he could make a wresting story was the most epic thing to experience. Also he’s the sole reason why “Everybody loves shit, fuck!” constantly goes around in my head.

          I often feel bad because people talk about not understanding him and he says the same where I don’t know if I’ve read into it too little or too much. Regardless I can clearly tell theirs a genius at work through it all.

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