I Finished My Book!

On the first of February I started writing my book, and now I’m done. It’s fifty two thousand words long and has 31 chapters. What else has 31 things in it hmm, the month of March? No I’m not doing that again! Two a week at most from now on!

Even though the book was insanely rushed and probably suffers from many mistakes I still can’t help but feel proud that I wrote my book in such a short amount of time no matter how bad it is! The story was one of those that’s always been in your head for such a long time and this was finally my chance to get it, and I think I succeeded, creating something so much more thorough, detailed and complex than I could have imagined.

I will be releasing the edited chapters soon, maybe once a week or something like that or three a week and see how well you guys react!

I’d really love feedback if you want to keep the story interesting and ask me about it, also with plot holes and things if you spot one then you are actively making my book better by pointing it out so I can change it to make sense!

So that’s all, I will leave you with the into book stuff so that you can get an impression of what was there at the start of the book.

“Aknoledgements / Intro Book Stuff

Hello thank you for taking this time to read my book, which is going to suck. Let’s face it this is the first part of the book I’m writing and nothing else has been written yet. By the end of the day hopefully that will have changed. So yeah, no book one day to complete book the next day isn’t going to be great. What I hope for is that you’ll get something out of this, maybe be inspired to not do this yourself because it’s a stupid idea and hopefully get a somewhat decent narrative.

But I am so badly prepared for this, all I have in front of me is a notebook with a vague plan for where this whole thing is going. Anyway I’ll leave it at that, enjoy the book.

If this does actually get complete and my wrist doesn’t want to kill me (even though one of them really hurts now from all this typing practice yesterday) I’ll dedicate this book to all of you who read it, because you need some kind of reward for doing so! I’m also filming this process so if you don’t believe I did this in a day then I’ll have proof that I did with that. I don’t expect any of you to watch the video, just to watch enough to see that I’m no cheater or anything. Anyway watching the video process would be strange especially when it’s so long and there’s no audio. As I just confirmed.

Oh yeah and I didn’t even decide until this morning what tense to write in so that’s how prepared I am!

Aknowledgements / intro book stuff 2

So yesterday I started writing and got about half way through the book (25k) words which I thought was alright. It’s not as good as I thought it could be but writing a book takes time and I think it’s honestly better than it would have been if I had done it all in one day. Who knew a book took time to write? Oh well I don’t have as much time today, or on Saturday but hopefully I can finish it by Sunday!

Alright I’ve wasted too much of my time, read the book, hopefully it’s good.”


Maybe I should now tell you a few things about the book? Well you don’t have to stick around if you don’t want too!

It’s split up into four sections “Withwood”, “The group of 3”, “The Tournament Grounds” and “The scheming.” Yes theirs a lot of adventure to be enjoyed at the start before we launch into the final arc which I’m the most happy with.

For more information you can read the previous post here: https://mybrainiscompletelyempty.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/so-lets-talk-about-the-book-i-wrote-today/

I wrote the first half of the book in one day, and then it took this long to finish it! If you’re going to write a book make sure you write it fast so you don’t forget about it!

The central arc involves a tournament of around 4000 people all trying to compete to become the next king of Sevren. But something is badly wrong with this tournament and it’s up to my characters to fix it!

So yeah, look forward too it! I look forward to see what you think!

Also theirs a bit of adult content so don’t read it if you’re really young or you get scared easily by brutal violence. e.g theirs a part where someone’s eye gets completely mutilated that you might not like and e.c.t!


Wow I guess I’m an author, I’m going to release an ebook of it for as low a cost I can once the project is over! I don’t expect anyone to buy it but I want it to be up there so I can say to someone, “hey, I’m an author!” And then they go “wow you’re so amazing!” e.c.t. If you however want to support the blog for some strange unknown reason then thanks! I can’t think why but I don’t think I should ask!

24 thoughts on “I Finished My Book!

  1. Though the word length is definitely worth a wow, I’m just impressed you finished a book. The most I’ve gotten was nearly 9000 words, around 3 chapters long, which took about one or two weeks. From my point of view, regardless of the quality of your story, the most valuable experience you get from this is actually finishing something and proving your capability to yourself. Hopefully I’ll get there someday. In any case, congratulations.

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    1. Yeah I found that as well, even if it wasn’t a great story finishing it was something I’m still proud of.

      Getting 9000 words in is pretty good, but the length of time it took you to finish those words was the same amount of time it took me to finish the book. I wrote 25k words on the first day, 10k words on the next, 5k words a week later and 10k the week after that. So I never ever wrote it gradually because I always made sure I had a lot to write so I would feel a better connection to the story and keep the flow going a lot better.

      So my advice is binge it, how could I not finish my story when I was already half way through? You know what I mean? Good luck getting there someday… look for the next gap in your schedule where you’re free all day and see how far you can get in one day! Hopefully you won’t regret it!


  2. Congratulations! I’ll look forward to reading it with baited breath. Once you publish it maybe you can set it up on Goodreads. If you do I’ll review it and say to all my friends, hey, “I know someone who wrote a book!” 😁

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    1. Haha! That’s the next best thing! My uncle is a genuine author though so I’ve already got that to my advantage!

      Hopefully you like it! One thing that I want but don’t think I’ll get very much is good criticism. If anything seems stupid or doesn’t make sense I would much rather you told me than leave a nice review on it when I’m still in the editing phase and could make it better!

      Thank you for the support!

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      1. Well, I do know another author and me and my mom both have looked over her work prior to publishing. My mom found some mistakes, though he eye is more practiced then mine.

        I’ll try to give it a good look over when I’m reading it. I’m more likely to notice grammar errors then anything else though.

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        1. Thank you! That’s also really cool! I had the same chance with my uncle so I know it can feel pretty cool! I was very young at the time though so my only real criticism was that I didn’t like it. I think the book was probably too old for me at the time.

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  3. That’s cool Ross-san!
    Great work, it’s not something you should be humble about according to me!
    I’ve been trying to write this story since three years but because I was sort of a kid at the time the story sucked, and so despite now having a great plot( I think :P) I never get to it.

    That said congratulations again!
    I’m definitely going to have read too~

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      1. I’ll wait for the ones on your blog. I did open the google doc at one point, but got distracted by a weather event (the official description I was given) in my town. Besides, I’m kind of liking the idea of reading in instalments.

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