Announcing the Database of Anime Project!

I am going to go on an extremely long break from blogging up until Mid-August most likely due to personal and private reasons. Not to leave you with no content for many months I will be launching my data base of anime project at this time because it’s the perfect time for it to come out.

Basically I want to create a massive, interconnected series of posts providing information and reviews for every single show I’ve completed and create a place where it’s extremely easy to find recommendations for shows just by looking at my website. I will be spending the entirety of March making these for the rest of the months until mid-August and take my break.

I will probably still release posts if I feel like I’ve got an idea that I really want to express and I may release posts talking about the things I’m doing which is going to cause this Hiatus, I will also be checking for comments and reading other posts while I’m away so don’t worry too much about that! Basically I’ll be taking a massive hiatus but will instead be filling the time with many pre-made posts written in March.

I hope that once this series goes on for a while you will start to find it useful and actively use it to find recommendations and easy simple reviews daily!

Basically on my website I will have a menu relating every show to each other show based on pre-defined categories. I hope that you will stick around for this massive project, even though it’s not what you’re used to, and I hope that you enjoy the reviews! I guess I’ll give you a layout of every single post I will write so you know what to expect.

TITLE (Insert name here) – ADB

Alternate Titles

Information (basically copied from MAL since I won’t know it off the top of my head)

Synopsis (Not sure if I’ll write my own or copy and paste it, synopsis’s aren’t really copy righted and are often repeated across many parts of the internet on many other information websites so I’m not too opposed too it)

Review (This will be a short paragraph or two explaining what I thought)

Recommended (This is the only thing I’m worrying about because I will constantly need to create links between multiple posts and I hope this won’t take too long) It will be especially difficult at first (which is ok because that’s what I’m focusing on in March and hopefully the framework will be created by then!)


I don’t really value this style of post nearly as much as my current style. What I will value is the interconnected framework of the entire series which is what I want to achieve in the first place. Please don’t worry about this change in content, I will return sooner than you realise and with a great recommendation structure already in place!


Also where I can/ where I have more to say I will try to write a longer review so that I can keep providing you with that excellent content you’ve come to know and love!

14 thoughts on “Announcing the Database of Anime Project!

  1. Oh, so it’s like Digi Daily but with actual effort (premade content to be released regularly)? No, but seriously, I’m really looking forward to following this project to completion! Good luck, it sounds like you’re going to need it

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    1. Thanks a lot! I created this way before digi daily (go back to my updates post which everyone forgot about to check) but I guess it is like that. All my posts are pre-written anyway so this isn’t too different to normal. Thank you for the support! It’s going to be very easy to read anyway so good luck! This also won’t be for a year but a very long time. This post was written in 2017 and I’ve not looked back since I updated it, my content has always been well ahead of itself so this should be fine!

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