What I watched in February 2018 (Reviews and Recommendations for Anime and Manga)

What did I watch this month? Almost nothing at all, but the few things I did watch I liked! So let’s get right into the shows!

Recorder and Randsell

This is one of those short anime’s that you can relax and binge watch in a night, there are two seasons so why not take it over two nights?

The main gimmick is that the older high schooler looks like a little child and the little child looks like the older high schooler.  If you don’t find this funny then a lot of this shows’ appeal is missed. But if you like the idea of a little child being arrested because he walked along the street with his girlfriend then this is the show for you!

Honestly the comedy is pretty good and only relies on the opening gimmick at first. The changing character moments is very simple yet interesting because they’re still able to make jokes. A girl loves the guy who looks like a high schooler and theirs a lot of humor there. Also a character is 36 and is struggling with jobs. He does have a sad background but the show isn’t so depressing that you ever think about it too much.

It’s fun and light hearted, pretty cool but not excellent.


A Silent Voice

To be honest with you I had to watch this anime at some point because it was just so popular. I didn’t expect to like this going into the show but well… I wrote a small piece to get my feelings at the time of completion specifically to quote here.

“Throw you’re CLANNADS, Anohana’s and You Lie in April’s away in a bin, pour petrol on it and light It because you don’t need it anymore. Shows like Koe no Katachi are the reason why I watch anime, it’s the reason why I put up with sub-par shows and the insane catalogue of things that are just weird or generic. The honest truth is that I like anime just as much as the next guy, the guy who doesn’t watch anime, I just watch more of it because I know how good those highs feel, and how epic those lows can be to experience as well. This is also why I drop so many shows, you’ve got to get to those good ones faster if you don’t feel what you’re getting is something you’re going to enjoy.

Koe no katachi was great, luckily I wrote notes so I’ll be able to write a massive review on it, which I’m greatly looking forward too. I’m getting flashbacks to my end of evangelion post here, don’t get any ideas, this show has more obvious flaws but the emotional connection which was related to me made up for it so much. I’ve not cried in a while, this show really made me cry and it didn’t feel baity like CLANNAD, Anohana or Your lie in april. It was genuine. More later, I want to write a review on this but I might experiment, an analysis would probably be better to be honest. I like that idea more.”

So yeah, I look forward to talking about this in the future!


So that’s it. Yep that’s all the anime I watched in February. One that I watched normally and one that I binged at the end to add shows to the list. I haven’t watched a lot this month, but I’m glad I watched a silent voice because I was going to feel really sad putting Recorder and Randsell down for best anime I watched in February. Don’t get me wrong I like it but, it’s not excellent.

Alright now we can move on to the manga, and what I lost in anime I made up with manga!



This one is so creepy to read! It’s a manga where everyone’s obsessed with spirals! People become spirals, get eaten by spirals and much worse. It’s so creepy but fascinating. It wasn’t scary but very fun to read, I largely enjoyed the experience since Ito commits so much further to allow the reader to feel discomfort. This is something I don’t often see done.



A manga about writing manga? How could I not love this? When a manga has so much energy, it’s difficult to not become absorbed in that world and want to experience so much of this! It’s common in sports anime but I love the enthusiasm for the manga and their attitudes.

The plot points and more interesting information about how manga created is so fascinating that you really have to read! It’s also funny when you see a director telling the duo to write something or change it specifically for the readers when you see it actually happen with the characters in the manga! It feels like they are drawing attention to the more unrealistic aspects of the show and thinking about it on the meta narrative level is great!


Golden Boiiii!!!!!!!

(It’s actually called Golden Boy)

I loved the golden boy anime, but the manga was always out of order. So I finally decided to reach out to a person on MAL who wrote a review of it after reading every single chapter to ask them where they read it. They told me mangafox and by clicking on the fan site (fanfox) then going to their external website I found all the chapters in the right order.

Golden boy is just fun. Kintaro is an epic character who always wants to learn and is the only man anyone should truly fear! In the anime he would always try to get the girl but leave before anything happened, constantly leading the girls to chase after him from town to town. Now Kintaro’s story takes a more serious tone and I’m loving the whacky drama that takes place.

Yeah his fiance is stolen from him but the reactions and scenarios around it are godly. Absolutely watch the anime first, skip a lot of the additional stuff at the start because it’s just filler and get yourself into the huge golden boy narrative!

Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

People who have been reading for a long time will know that Kaiji is one of my favourite anime’s, so when I heard about the spin off about Tonegawa coming to TV soon I read ahead the 3 chapter spin off to see what it was like. I wasn’t very impressed but it was kind of funny.

Tonegawa is confident and strong, the one in this spin off is a lot less powerful and is more insecure, it doesn’t feel like it’s really him since we know him to be so much different. Theirs a joke about all the black suits looking the same (which they do) and the comedy was pretty good there and it was fun to see that the writer was so self aware that all the black suits looked the same.

Tonegawa has to basically plan a game for the people in debt to play and Hyodou wants people to die really badly. With that in mind the whole spin off is about a brainstorming meeting to come up with this game. It ends with Hyodou arriving and everyone being so scared of him that they get rid of all of their ideas, luckily for them he’s fallen asleep.

I didn’t think it was brilliant but it was a fun enough spin off. I had hoped for more mind games and things like that or more of a backstory but I guess what we got was ok. I’m certainly not looking forward to the anime nearly as much now.


(I didn’t finish either golden boy or bakuman but I want to, no spoilers ok)

Alright it’s time for the yearly score boards!

Best Anime
January -Neon Genesis Evangelion
February -A Silent Voice
Best Manga
January -Gantz
February -Bakuman
(How can I create a table in WP, when I copied and pasted last time it created a perfect table: https://mybrainiscompletelyempty.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/what-i-watched-in-january-2018-reviews-and-recommendations-for-anime-and-manga/ but how do I do it again? Thanks, and thanks for reading!)


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