Every Fantasy Story Needs A Map – Here’s Mine!

I Find that looking at a map at the start of a fantasy story is always really interesting because it gives you a better idea of the world and lets you get a better immersion. So here is is!


I drew it myself (obviously) but I always thought I was pretty ok at maps, I’ve made tonnes of them from a young age and really like the idea of creating them. It’s funny because I remember when I was a young kid people would ask me to draw an outline of a map for them to fill in because they specifically liked the way I drew it. I don’t think I’m as good now but oh well, I like it.

To give you a better idea of the location of the characters right now Withwood village is to the left of the mountains fairly close to the coast in Sevren. It’s near too the huge mountain in the middle as well.

I have a closer picture for a more zoomed in location:


Withwood village is to the left of the forest and down a bit, almost in line with the left most river. The forest is mentioned in the book and the unvisited and unmentioned town of Canden is  near the road to left of the mountain range by the top pair of mountains nearest to both the coast and the forest. Why didn’t I add labels? I’ve never really needed them to be honest. I didn’t even name a lot of the places I already have names for in my story! I don’t want to overwhelm people too much, it’s a short story so I don’t want to clutter it with politics outside of the main story which is needed.

Do I have more maps for my story? Yes I do, including a remote island that we never visit at all. But I kind of want to leave the rest to your imaginations.

2 thoughts on “Every Fantasy Story Needs A Map – Here’s Mine!

  1. This is awesome! Your map-drawing skills are incredible…The land looks way more natural than the maps I’ve been seeing of anime kingdoms.
    Also, if I haven’t mentioned this, I love the name “Sevren”!

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    1. Yeah me too! I don’t know how I came up with it but it’s absolutely original. I think it was because Sevren was initially meant to be the “bad guys” of another story and I was using the slytherin idea that countries beginning with s sound evil, Sevren just followed on.

      Thank you for the praise! I really like fantasy maps! And yeah anime maps are really bad for some reason, they tend to just be a green block with pictures which I can’t agree with.

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