Cool Japanese Food Items!

For my birthday I got some cool Japanese food items and I thought since this was an anime blog people would be interested to see me talk about it! I’ve eaten none of these foods yet because I want to keep them as they are for a while but I may update this later once I’ve tried them so that I can talk about how they actually taste!


So there was two boxes of small snacks, from what I can tell the pokémon ones are biscuits in the shape of pikachu’s head and the one from crayon shin chan is biscuits in the shape of stars. I like the pokémon one more so I will open the Crayon shin chan ones first so that I know what I’m doing and don’t damage anything.

I got two crisp packets. The first one is Uracara Corn which is basically Japanese wotsits from what I can tell and the other is wasabi nori which sounds and looks pretty good and also spicy!

Then I got a packet of morinaga caramel which is small chocolates in wrappers. These chocolates are also chewy and creamy so hopefully they won’t be completely strange!

Then I got two beers: kirin ichiban and asahi. According to the beer bottle Kirin Ichiban is one of the worlds most unique premium beers and beer at its purest. The other one’s advertising isn’t nearly as grand but oh well.

So that’s it, what do you think of them? I personally look forward a lot to eating them!

8 thoughts on “Cool Japanese Food Items!

    1. Um not really. They were fine but I wouldn’t chose them over other things. I’d say they tasted like cereal. There was also such a small amount for the size of the container that I wouldn’t have thought it was worth it. The sticker that came with it was nice though!

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