Going Semi-Viral(?) and I’ve written the ADB!

I’ve been wanting to get this update written for a while but it just kept on being pushed back. Basically I’ve finished writing every single review that you are going to be seeing daily for the next 6 months. I have a lot of shows that I have seen and now I have written my thoughts about every single one of them minus two harem season 2’s because I had nothing to add at all on top of the first review for season 1.

This project took up a lot of my time, but more than time, energy. It’s hard to switch between many short reviews. Granted they aren’t long, often aren’t difficult and I’m given a topic to start out with switching and doing so much in a day is still tiring. After spending a long evening doing nothing but typing the only thing I can do really is sit back and watch the Hajime No Ippo films and season 2. Then the fact that Ippo is so good makes me more awake but by then it’s too late and I have no time at all.

That’s what’s been going on lately, and sadly it can’t stop because there is still more to do. The ADB is literally the most lazy thing I could possibly do and I’m self aware about that. The information is apologetically copied from MAL as well and the only real function of it is the recommendation system which is so new nobody can really use it yet. The problem now is scheduling tens and twenties of posts a day which is making me feel just as bad. I also have a lot of school work with huge exams coming up, and I don’t feel well about my prospects at all if I don’t revise, and I need to revise to combat stress but revising also makes me tired.

It’s due to this that I feel like I’ve left the community for a while and I’ve not been talking to anyone. I’m really excited to get back into it but strangely enough when you are tired you don’t want to read something interesting, it’s really weird but I see great titles and premises that I do want to read but it’s often the fact that I need/want to give them full attention which makes me wait until later. And now theirs so much it feels bad, especially when these guys are also reading me at the same time. I’m not saying don’t read me, I’m saying sorry, I will be back once I’ve scheduled this crazy project!


Top search.JPG

Out of a possible 32,500 I am at the top, but wait theirs more!

Top search 2.JPG

1st choice out of 299,000 results!



Top search 3

8th out of 647,000! I’m very happy!

So what does this mean?

Basically a views explosion, I’ve been getting so much attention and spike in my stats that it’s unreal. The post was always one of my best but now it has over 2,000 views and is getting at least 50 a day on average which is a lot better than what my posts normally get.

The day I noticed this was when I suddenly got 200 (well 198) Facebook views on the Sakamoto post alone. I tried to track down the guy who did it to thank/ stop him from stealing if he was but I couldn’t find it. The only thing I could find was… MY OWN POST! It’s strange when you’re searching for something to see your own stuff out there. I clicked it and saw my own post, the post and exact view that 2000 people had also seen! It was surreal. I couldn’t find it in the end but I’m grateful to whoever it was. It’s people like you who are pivotal to disproving outrageous theories like this one.

I’ve always been a little bit worried when talking about stats and things like this in the past because someone might just turn around and say, hey that’s normal at something I’m insanely happy about. But I feel like this is so different and cool that it’s worth mentioning anyway! Probably at least once I day I will look at stats to see how quickly the Facebook referrer is dying and completely be in shock at the number I saw there, it’s been like that for me way too often recently that I should be used to it but the support I see here is insane. So thank you all of you!

I often don’t like making update posts but I feel like this is just special, one to say why I feel so disconnected (And how I’m quickly trying to get back) and two to share this great thing that has happened.

So yeah I felt pretty bad for the first half, like my excuses weren’t great enough and I could be doing more. But hopefully enough people have been in the same position as me to get where I’m coming from. Just a few hours ago I realized that I had looked at a comment and missed it for like two days, it feels bad to be doing things like that so it’s just a bigger incentive to finish this project faster! That’s enough, I’m rambling at this point.

If I wanted more of this I could try google SEO tools or something to get these trends but honestly it’s not exactly the views but getting the message out that does this for me. If 2000 people went to the post convinced that the Sakamoto theory was correct then I would have been able to change a lot of their minds. And that more than anything is why I’m so happy to have this happen. Now I just need it to get onto the original Reddit thread and I’m golden! You can’t self advertise on Reddit so hopefully one of the theory dudes likes it and decides to write it up or something. I don’t know how Reddit works though so I’m not sure. Ok enough of that tangent too. I hope you like the ADB!


Alright one more thing, when you switch the search terms to images it’s funny to see you’re own images come up! There’s not many but about 4 is really great in my opinion! I’m beating all but one Reddit image, and all of pintrest and MAL so my work here is done!


Alright fine, I’ve gotta name and shame the 4 people who don’t seem to know what (do not read) means, what happened guys?

Do not read

21 thoughts on “Going Semi-Viral(?) and I’ve written the ADB!

  1. Woah that’s awesome!
    Hehe, I knew I shouldn’t have liked that post! Damn.
    Haha, no, “don’t read” is sort of “read me please” and I can’t leave a request like that hanging now can I?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe it’s just me but I look down on and avoid any click bait that I can see so maybe that’s why it happened. I generally get let down by it so yeah. It’s funny how our minds do that though, I can understand getting curious in the same way.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Boy, you better learn, now that you’re an adult, that Don’t read always mean READ ME!!! (I also read it btw 😎 but you said not to read so I had to stay in hiding and lurk read it. 😏)

    Liked by 2 people

      • Hehe, well, people are always curious about stuff they shouldn’t read. It’s in the human nature. Don’t means do. That kind of stuff. I someone tells me I can’t do something then I am gonna show them that I can.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well by that logic I could make you basically do anything. For example you can’t read, like and comment on every single one of my blog posts because there is too much stuff to read! You just can’t do it! Don’t do it!

          (Seriously this is a joke and you will die if you try to prove me wrong but you can see what I mean. I definitely get where you’re coming from though)

          Liked by 1 person

          • If you said that I can’t read, comment and like all your posts the last month because there is too much I might be doing it just to prove you wrong. 😎 But it has to be can’t as in I am not allowed to do it. I am allowed to right? When I am allowed, it’s not as interesting as it is when it is not allowed. Tell me that it is forbidden to climb that fence and I will climb that fence unless there is a crocodile inside. 😎

            Liked by 1 person

            • You asked me if you’re allowed… well if I said you can’t do it and don’t do it then that’s obviously not allowed. It’s not a joke at this point, I can’t allow you to go back through the rest of my posts. There is just too much there that I think it’s for the best if just don’t let you. I would feel bad, you will also find a crocodile so theirs that too!

              (Remember that this is a joke, I don’t want you to actually jump through these hoops, not that you could anyway… (…) I’m surprised you took it so seriously honestly, and also basically told me what to say!)

              The fact that everything here means the opposite makes this way too confusing for me, it’s really difficult trying to tell you not to do something and trying to prevent it from having the opposite effect!


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