Alright I found this out today but the WP scheduler really sucks when it comes to time zones. In some time zones we have something called daylight saving time where we change the time forward or back by an hour.

Even though I have my time zone set in London because I live in England WP doesn’t seem to care and hasn’t changed the time by one hour for all of the posts I want to schedule. This wouldn’t matter if not for the fact that I literally have months and months of scheduled content which is now going to be coming out at the same time because they can’t change the time and make the time zones fit correctly!

If my time zone on WP is set to London, and the London time zone changes by an hour, CHANGE MY POSTS AS WELL! Do you think I have my time zone set to London just to look cool, or that it happens to fit in currently with another country I live in? No of course no! It’s seriously annoying and is one of the most stupid changes I’ve seen!

If I want to get those posts scheduled at the correct time I literally have to switch to another time zone and then change back when it suits me! This whole process does not suit me at all!

WP fix your time zones. I’m going there now, using data to post this, because I just don’t care about airplane mode, to visit WP HQ in my private jet which I made WordPress buy for me. I’m going to walk in, show them my 5 pieces of exodia and my new shoes to gain entry to meet the head CEO. Then using my handmade bottle rocket I’ll fly into space and ambush their secret floating submarine, find the “change the hour by one hour button” and rant at the guy whose in charge of changing the hours but is doing nothing but stuffing his face with space food until my angelic screams make him change it. You had one job guy! Press the goddamn button!

Then once my work is complete I will return to my small humble shack on the peak of mount Olympus in perfect harmony completing my beanie baby collection until WordPress repeats this terrible sin again.

Oh yeah since the CEO will be granted the opportunity of my presence are there any grave sins you would like me to bring to his attention. I’ve still got some time. Uk To a space submarine that makes me so sick that it’s not yellow that I will literally use my sick to make it yellow is a long time to wait!

17 thoughts on “WordPress, FIX YOUR TIME ZONES.

  1. Wha?
    I haven’t even used the scheduler in forever LOL
    Even then I had no idea about time zones XD
    Anyway, point noted.


  2. You know what’s even worse about this? The timezone in the original WordPress dashboard and the “new posting experience” (seriously, eff that thing) is different. I scheduled a post for 9am in wp-admin yesterday and it came up as 10am in the other editor. And of course neither of them said which time zone they were actually using.

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  3. I’ve never really used the scheduler, I’m not proactive enough to build up posts ahead of time, but that will probably have to change soon. hopefully I won’t have the problem next year. Good luck fixing it!

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    1. Thank you! Even though I am on a schedule I think it impacted the way I wrote a lot. In a way it’s good to post when you want because it will always be an idea you believe in yet while I was on a schedule I sometimes just wrote something random and not that great for the sake of it and it never came out right.

      So I just hope you have more ideas you’re passionate about writing. Sometimes, not always your posts can suffer in that way.

      Either way good luck getting ahead of yourself, it does sound more ideal to not have to worry about who is going to miss you for so many months so I can see the advantages!

      I don’t think I’ll try to solve the problem, I’ll see if I can get that guy who controls all the buttons to do something for me instead!

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  4. I think I preferred it when the scheduler was on wordpress time (I have no idea what time zone it was but I assumed somewhere in America). It made it easier for me to know when the largest part of my audience would actually be awake. When the scheduler moved to local time, I now have to actively count back to figure out when something is coming out and I’m looking to reorganise some of my posts for next season and that means I’m now going to be scheduling Friday’s Feature for Saturday morning (my time) and that just does my head in.

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    1. Yeah I can see the being confusing, but I do have a solution for you. If you remember the time difference you can perminately set your blog to that time zone in the settings page so you don’t have to worry about it. You could post at the time you want universally instead of doing the whole maths in your head. You might technically be on some random time zone you don’t know but it will be the one you’re thinking of if you set it correctly.


      1. I think that confused me even more. Numbers and I don’t get on.
        That said, I’m fine at the moment. The issue was that WordPress had one system and then changed and I had a lot of poorly scheduled posts for awhile until I got my head around it. If they start changing things again, I’ll probably just get lost.

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        1. mysite -> settings -> in general find the site timezone -> change it to the one that it used to be.

          That’s what I meant by what I said earlier. If you understand it now that’s good though. It just makes sense to do the maths now for me rather than work it out every time you schedule it in the future.

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  5. While you’re at it, please tell them to fix the missing posts from my feed. I tried the WP support centre, but they didn’t understand what I was talking about for some reason… Is it that odd for me to want to read every post in my feed?

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    1. I question why you really need to read over the posts once you’ve done proof reading but I get it for everyone else who wants to read you. I’ll be sure to bring it up! I wish I knew how to help but I don’t know what you can do.

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    1. I’m jealous now. If I want to schedule things now it’s fine but anything before the time change just messed up by an hour. Are you sure you had posts scheduled before the time switched happened that released once the time switch occurred?

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        1. Ok, that is lucky then. I wish mine had done the same thing. It doesn’t bother me so much that it’s an hour difference but it’s just really annoying and seems pointless to me.


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