Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks Comment Comeback

Ages ago I released a post talking about how anime is the worst thing ever created, giving ten reasons why. Well that post went low level semi-viral and I have some comments to reply too! You really need to read the original to understand this so I will link it here. There are also about three comments which I had to block because the person who wrote them has a link to their blog which is an automatic download which is probably a virus so I removed it to stop people clicking on it, I like the comment but I care about safety more than anything.

Alright you’ve read the original? Please read the original, you will hate me if you’ve not read the original because you won’t understand what’s going on, what I’m saying, why I’m contradicting everything I agree with already or you will just hate the opinions I express.

So let’s get into the comments, starting with the ones where I didn’t have to block everything.

Our first comment is from Anonymous and it says:

“You are same level of trash like those weebos that would suck all the anime.
Idk were you seen Miyazaki saind he hate anime. Probably you toke his words out of context.
About racism – there aren’t many blacks in Japan, you know? To who they will sell their “all black” anime? And why should Japan care for black peoples anyway? Blacks have all the freedom to make own content, and aren’t required to include whites or asians.About misogony – since you already mentioned Miyazaki, you should at least read the summary of his anime plots. Female protagonists. There are many animes aimed for girls, and ussually the MC there is female. There are many misandrist animes as well. Were is seen completely normal and moral for female cast to hit and behave ill with man. The fact you miss that point makes you misandrist too. Pedo and rape anime are fact, but they do not define the industry. And i think u have very wrong idea what borders to rape. Female character there aren’t real, so what of their bodies is shown to audience doesn’t make it rape. And for anime is not real – if that so – about what you talked in your whole shit article? Can already indetify you as bitter radical liberal, that hate everything, not just anime.”

A lot to get into here, let’s take it sentence by sentence. Also we’ll be fair and ignore the grammar mistakes.

“You are same level of trash like those weebos that would suck all the anime.” – We start with a biting personal insult which offends me so much. Also I didn’t know weaboos sucked anime.

“Idk were you seen Miyazaki saind he hate anime. Probably you toke his words out of context.” – Saying you “probably took it out of context” means absolutely nothing since you have no clue what you’re on about. You cannot dismiss something as probably fake if you’ve never seen the context in the first place.

“About racism – there aren’t many blacks in Japan, you know? To who they will sell their “all black” anime? And why should Japan care for black peoples anyway? Blacks have all the freedom to make own content, and aren’t required to include whites or asians.” – Ok so we have two contradictions here, how can black people make their own anime if there aren’t many blacks in Japan? Also I think at the time I was thinking about black and white people only, I guess there’s now a new colour for Asians now that I didn’t realise. Asians don’t get any representation in anime either, everyone is white so the point still stands.

“And why should Japan care about black peoples anyway?” – Maybe because they take up a huge part of the global population, you know, maybe.

“About misogony – since you already mentioned Miyazaki, you should at least read the summary of his anime plots. Female protagonists. There are many animes aimed for girls, and ussually the MC there is female. There are many misandrist animes as well. Were is seen completely normal and moral for female cast to hit and behave ill with man. The fact you miss that point makes you misandrist too.” –Trust the guy who thinks anime is a mistake to be the only person to change the trends, good job for bringing the worst example possible, the anime guy who disagrees with everyone else! What are these misandrist anime’s (misandrist means misogynist but for guys) then?

I’m having difficulty understanding the next part. So there are anime’s against men (which isn’t a good thing to praise by the way) if the anime thinks it’s normal to hit on and behave ill with man? I don’t understand how that’s against men; if anything it’s putting men in the better role. Are you trying to say that women can’t hit on men? That’s pretty misogynist if you ask me, let them do what they like as long as they’re not hurting anyone! So now I’m a person who hates men, despite being a man, just because I missed something, well that’s just great!

“Pedo and rape anime are fact, but they do not define the industry. And i think u have very wrong idea what borders to rape. Female character there aren’t real, so what of their bodies is shown to audience doesn’t make it rape.” – It’s true that not all anime are rape but depicting it is still disgusting, oh and it’s rape it’s rape, fictional rape but it’s still happening, it’s terrible.


“And for anime is not real – if that so – about what you talked in your whole shit article? Can already indetify you as bitter radical liberal, that hate everything, not just anime.” – Congratulations for being the most pedantic person out there, you know that’s not what I meant. Also I have no political views and don’t even know what a liberal is because I’m from the UK. You’re the one who sounds bitter to me though.


Alright after that lovely comment let’s move on to the next one, maybe someone will agree with me!

Here is a nice comment from Bonsai

“I agree with everything you wrote here. I am especially against the treatment of women and young girls (and boys). Regardless of what weebos/fans think, anime/manga generally has a tendency to normalize the objectification of “women” (looking like girls) and the idolization of girls generally. While this may seem like “no problem” as we have much clearer boundaries (under 18 no no) here in the US— this is not the case in Japan and has not been for some time. My life closely reflected the kawaii trends of the early eighties when I first lived in Japan in that I tried to behave a certain way in order to seem younger to please my Japanese husband. He told me that little girls were “far cuter” than women and naturally practically all men were attracted to them but that it was just fantasy art. Yeah. Well he is in prison now 11 years for taking his fantasy into reality.”

That is awful; this is what happens when anime gets out of hand. Anime can do some terrible things. It’s difficult to justify the terrible aspects of pedo and rape anime after hearing a story like this.


Here is the next comment from fajarmagsyar who isn’t very happy with me.

“anime is not real, so why are you wasting your time wrote this thing? why dont you take other “real” thing for your shitpost? yes their production sucks i hate it, but for rape and things you just put it out of context, watch the WHOLE anime, not just the scene that you think is a “rape”, just like those Miyazaki’s quote you got there, he never said something like that, and about the mc just male? what are talking about, theres PLENTY of anime with female mc. i mean you said anime is not real, why would you even bother to stop anime fans from wasting their times for those “not real” thing that you said, and calling all of them stupid and weaboos, dont you have better things to do? dont you have life? unlike us?”

So there are a few repeated things here that I will avoid talking about. I don’t think you need too much context to tell that a lot of anime is rape. In shows like Netsuzo Trap and Skirt was Kedamono (you know the one) the girl says “no” and the guy continues, if that’s not rape to you then you don’t know the definition of rape. It doesn’t matter if she ends up liking it later, the fact that it even happens where she turns out to like it is horrible as well.

The rest is just personal butt hurt insults. I understand experiencing dislike when someone tells you something you like sucks but this is pretty extreme honestly, it’s kind of sad in a way.


Then there was a follow up comment from the same guy:

“ps : oh and about the ads, you got virus just becuase an ads? whaaa- no offense, but you just straight up dumb, and they are ads, FKEN ADS, most of ads in internet is a scam, and not only in anime free site, its everywhere” – I gave you a way to dig yourself out of the mess your mind was in with this statement but you didn’t get it, oh well. I might need to change that because it definitely happened after I downloaded several episodes, I think.

The next one comes from a guy who has a virus as his blog page, I don’t want to shout him out.

“Oh dear god the pointlessness.
Reason 1: It’s getting Better
Reason 2: Making good anime doesn’t mean your a good person. That’s essentially my opionion on Hayow Mizaki
Reason 3:Now your decending into hypocrisy. Calling an entire fanbase bad becuase of like 20 or 30 people is wrong.
Reason 4:The racism is caused by an innocence. While that’s a legit point, it has more to do with Japanese culture. Whose the racist one here You or Anime.
Reason 5: Eh, It’s getting better.
Reason 6: Okay Pedo’s exist. But they do in america too. Japan is a different culture than the west.
Reason 7: Wow. You’re going for that explanation. There are other religions than Christianity you know. You’re calling anime satanic. What are you Jenny Parker
Reason 8: Anime is the Japanese word for cartoon. So technically Bible Man is considered an anime in Japan. How’s that for Loophole Abuse.
Reason 9: Eh, legit pont. But that’s two anime. THe clicke trope of Thanks for the Mammary is pretty wrong. Congrats You made 1 good point.
Reason 10: A website does not make a subject evil.
I’m guessing you’re a troll or a closet fan.”

The person got the list In reverse order but I was capable enough to work it out. So the answer to “the anime industry sucks” is that it’s getting better? It’s not getting better nearly fast enough and just because it’s improving doesn’t mean that it hasn’t stopped sucking. Still if anime is going to continue having the industry be “getting better” is better than nothing.

Reason 2 – good to know the creator of anime is a bad person!

Reason 3 – Oh if it were just 20-30 people, if only, I wouldn’t have as much to complain about!

Reason 4 – “Whose the racist one here You or Anime?” um anime, if racist ideals are embedded in Japanese culture then Anime is definitely the racists.

Reason 5 – Oh no this is not getting better, there are more fan service anime than ever. Go back to the old 90’s and 80’s show to compare the percentage of shows like this.

Reason 6 – Yeah Japan is a different culture, which makes anime a lot worse as a consequence. Just because Japan has a different culture doesn’t mean you can justify their paedophilic tendencies, it’s still disgusting.

Reason 7 – I don’t know who Jenny Parker is but she sounds alright if she doesn’t like anime. Also you clearly don’t know what Satanism is.

Reason 8 –You’ve just proved my point further, anime isn’t real.

Reason 9 – I don’t know what “THe clicke trope of Thanks for the Mammary” is but you seemed to think the point was good and correct so I won’t argue with it.

Reason 10 – “A website does not make a subject evil” Sure but I think the millions of people supporting the site says a lot about the fans who passively let this terrible business gimmick go unnoticed.

“I’m guessing you’re a troll or a closet fan.” – How about both?


The guy had two more comments but I couldn’t find them. I don’t think they were very big though anyway.

Also look who made it to the front page when you google “anime sucks”, that’s right, it’s me!




25 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks Comment Comeback

  1. Saying “if you hate anime, don’t watch anime” is a worst phrase, in. 5 years ago (now 7 yrs ago) when I was grade4 I noticed there’s some anime that had big boobs and big hips that would attract my attention, I was A KID in that year and YouTube always posting some nuddy anime, which makes me to discover PORN, and I became a Anti-Anime Boy, I discovered Hentai when searching “sexy anime sex” in browser, I dunno if I’m making this thing up but its digusting when i think about it now, anyways I thought that Hentai was trying to discomfort the creators because there characters are raped and made them quit, ssssoooo yyyeeaaahhh I supported them, not like sending money, but doing hideous actions that God does not want to watch me doing like, mestobantion I’m saying that on wrong spelling so I won’t get demonitized(btw it felt good so I do it continuously in that year), again of anyways i realize that I was doing hideous shet and Hentai was supporting anime by simply making pornographic shet or use Hentai to raise more money, I fkeng got mad and started to discover more about Hentai and mestobantion, so yeah I transformed into ANTI- ANIME AND ANTI HENTAI, which, I fkeng failed over and over again until I discover to be immune to Hentai, and failed because there’s another level of Hentai called “ASMR SUCKING BANANA SHET” disgusting right?, anyways I was getting dumber and dumber, devolving of being a human (idk what the fuck I just said) because of this pandemic and Hentai, I always wanted Hentai and anime to not exist, back in the 60’s the first anime was a good cartoon show, I didn’t watch it but I feel it’s good, until some shit fucks coming and saying “I want to make anime a 18+ show” and it did, it may be true that there’s some good anime cartoon family friendly show, but fuck you 99.9 of them are fucking “sexy anime uncensored sex” and my friends are fucking weebo, s h it even my best cousin started to liked anime, SSHHIIITTTTT

    I don’t freaking care if this a cringy shet for you to read but im a native or foreigner who don’t know how to make his grammar so nice and learning english yet, I don’t even know how to explain because of hEnTaI, but hey I’m speaking from experience and fuck you “i love anime” toxic fan and stop defending anime or hentai, this document of British man is fucking true, move the fuck on.


    1. Btw i dont disrepect the death of kyoto members when there workpalce got burned down, and i will reply on your comment even it’s your “statement” that would hurt my feelings and making me a wrong person and Saying “your 5 year old whiny kid who needs life go fuck yourself or kill yourself, that would make my problem go away” I don’t fucking care, do your worse shits.


        1. BTW if you wondered how YouTube recommended me some nude shit, well I heard it from my friend and when I was watching anime since anime was neutral to me until I BECAME A hater, it may sounds confu sing but who cares that’s it.


        2. Btw if you wondered how YouTube recommended me some nude shit, I heard it in my friend and when I was watching anime since anime was very neutral to me back when I was grade 3, it may sounds confusing.


  2. Anime is one of the problem in the society because some of otakus and weebs out there can’t relate into real life situation and doesn’t have social skill.


  3. 1st of all I just have to adress i dont want to be mean this just my opinion,so pls dont hate
    Reason 10:I do understand that some anime companies are seriously underpaid which I agree with you,but I dont agree that anime is bad that anime fans are prepared to steal to pirate,as a part of the anime community for a long time anime fans are willing to pay for myanimelist its just that in every fanbase there is always a part of the community: that arent nice or kind.
    Reason 9:Hayao doesnt particularly hate anime he hates modern anime since he wants anime to show life honestly
    Reason 8:As I’ve said I have been part of the fanbase for a long time and i really cant agree that you call us predictable and disgusting pigs most anime fans are actually really nice,In fat some people already know about some employees in the anime industry to be underpaid,and a lot of the fans are really looking out for them by putting blogs or donating to them.And no we dont just naruto run (even though its kind of funny)alot of anime fans do cosplay meet with people and make good friends or some make fanart which is really beautiful btw
    Reason 7:How I do understand that their is hardly any black characters in anime we are not racist it doesnt mean we are racist because we dont want black mcs .In fact I’ve met a lot of people in conventions and they dont support racism as well(Side Note:When i mean a lot of people i dont just 20-30 most likely around 100-200)
    Reason 6:I do know that there aren’t many female mcs,but it doesn’t mean that anime creators cant solve anything by themselves and female characters aren’t just there to put fan service a L O T of female characters are essential to the story without female characters there wouldn’t be any anime and about some parts of anime wanting to be hentai is false anime that have scenes like for example accidentally walking in on a girl changing isn’t supposed to be hentai its most likely filler or in longer terms something to extend the story
    Reason 5:I know that loli’s are illegal,but the thing is anime creators know this so loli’s are never put into unhealthy content,so technically it isn’t illegal as long as they aren’t put into pornographic scenes(btw i know there are some anime that does put loli’s into pornographic scenes and with that i agree with that its should be taken down,but other than that most loli’s are very safe)
    Reason 4:I do agree that anime isn’t for christianity,but Japan has different cultures so most people in Japan dont read the bible,so it technically isn’t aimed for christians and all the sexy scenes and fan service are sinful most anime doesn’t overexert it to the point that you feel you lust
    Reason 3:Anime is not real,true,but if you think about it anime is a thing that brings us otaku together like i said in reason 7 i met a lot of people and these were just random people but talking about things we love is really something that brings our community together
    Reason 2:Rape is a very serious topic so i wanna talk about this seriously.I know there are some modern anime that condones rape and my response is ……….I’m sorry a lot of the new anime’s have been taking about serious topics right now,but that’s not what we want we are terribly sorry that modern anime has become so lewd so as a part of the community i wanna apologize for modern anime there is other modern anime that is much better and a lot more are coing so i hope that it’ll be good 🙂
    Reason 1:yes kissanime a illegal site yeh,a lot of the community has been talking about it and i really think it should be taken down there is just a lot of people who want to watch anime for free without paying which i really think they shouldnt
    Anyway that was my response i’ll say this again if you got offended by any of the statements i said then im really sorry i wasnt trying to be mean this was just my opinion:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok I’ll try not to be mean too.

      10. There are a lot of anime fans, and most do pirate regularly (as seen on statistics like kissanime view stats) and even those that don’t pirate, likely have pirated at some point. The ones that they do pirate are ones that they consider of no value.

      9. Hayao Miyazaki considers anime a mistake, to me that means that he believes modern anime is so bad, that it doesn’t make the old stuff that he likes worth it.

      8. I think the problems of anime manifest in different ways. Like not everyone is going to become Naruto. Different ways anime affects fans badly are through the other negative reasons said.

      7. This is why I don’t necessarily think that anime fans are racist (though of course some are) but anime itself is racist.

      6. That filler is pretty disgusting to me. It seems like female characters are frequently used to market anime to fans. Although I think having important female characters is a great step forward, it’s still not fully where it needs to be.

      5. Except for the anime’s where Loli’s aren’t safe, loli’s are safe? Even outside of pornography, I hear a lot of anime fans talking about loli’s sexually, in shows when they really should not be sexulised. I would go further to you and say that sexulisation of loli’s is not ok.

      I also don’t mean “Loli’s aren’t safe in anime” even if they are safe in their anime, they are not safe from the fans in the hentai’s, which is pretty messed up.

      4. I don’t really have any objections to this

      3. I’m happy that you’ve found a sense of community with other fans. It makes sense that people with similar interests would get together.

      2. Yeah I hope that it will be good too, and this trend will vanish.

      1. Yeah true.

      I never get offended at anything on here, the more insulting a response is the more triggered they are, so generally I find those comments the most funny. Thanks!


  4. Great job! Think when we people get frustrated with anime naturally “sucks” comes to mind and your title hits the spot! As my ex was a Japanese pedophile who did own some pedophiliac (and incestuous) anime (on laser disc no less!) I completely agree with your point on that matter.

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  5. Comeback to your comment comeback (even though the comment wasn’t mine). The first comment you replied to you said that anime characters are white. This is absurd. Anime characters (unless they are specifically meant to be) don’t look like any specific race. They look anime characters. They’re an exaggerated version of reality.

    Anime characters are an amorphous blob to the point that when they actually try to make a character look white it’s obvious (blonde hair, sharper eyes). Anime characters aren’t white, they’re just… anime characters.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The only requirement to being white is to have white skin, 99% of all anime characters have that so anime characters are white. That’s the way they I look at it. They might not look like a specific race but you cannot deny that they’re skin is white.

      I get that they’re not meant to be white, but they are literally white, their skin colour is closest to white than any other color, Having a character with blonde hair and sharper eyes just makes more people be white, they’re both white.

      You’re argument that anime characters aren’t real, therefore they have no skin color doesn’t really hold up for me.

      btw I’ve got to let you know that NOTHING, including this comment, makes sense until you’ve read the original post, and I’m sure you’ll see why if you do.

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      1. Japanese character designs use a non-objectivist design standpoint. They are designed specifically to not appear to have any nationality whatsoever. You see, I feel that what you’re missing in terms of these designs is that from your point of view they may look white, but from a Japanese point of view, they look, well, Japanese.

        Characters in anime are not Japanese unless otherwise stated. if they were born in Japan, have Japanese parents and speak Japanese, then they are Japanese. It doesn’t matter if they have blonde hair and blue eyes because that’s not what the creators are thinking about. They’re thinking about what would look the most interesting, and to people who are constantly surrounded by people who are the same race as them (Japan has a very low amount of non-Asians) what’s most interesting is seeing people who look weird and diffrent.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Actually, black characters have been seen and added in various anime’s so anime isn’t racist. 2, not all anime’s have a main male character, there are some where the female is in charge. 3, children in anime have been safe in a lot of anime’s so not all have some “creeps” who go after them. 4, there are more annoying things than people “naruto running” and “speaking weird” and crap, so what? They like what they like. Just because you hate anime doesn’t mean all of it’s bad. 5, the fact you think all these things about anime makes me wonder what kind of person you are, because you’re just so narrow minded it’s ridiculous, it’s like me saying sports is absolutely retarded because I don’t like it, but at least I don’t give 10 reasons why it’s bad and just bash on it. Respect 👏🏻. 6 it’s really not all about “child porn”, “rape”, “racism”, “sexism”, and all the dumb crap you talked about. Hence why the different genres exist and different anime’s, they are d I f f e r e n t 👏🏻👏🏻.


            1. Simply saying that theirs a few anime that don’t do these horrible things doesn’t mean that it can excuse anime’s sins.

              Children are never safe in anime, be it from the fans themselves or the creators.

              Perhaps I was being too nice, the fans are far more annoying than that, how about being the ones responsible for the most disgusting content on the internet to start?

              Is it not really all about that? Very immediately you can notice most of these disgusting things, if you can’t it suggests that your so numb to things like rape, child porn, racism, and sexism that you can’t even notice it.


        1. They are designed to be white. Being white is not a nationality, Anyway I’m very confident that Japanese people think anime characters look more white than Asian. They would just need to compare two pictures.

          If you’re second paragraph is correct then they just want to draw their characters white. If you want to suspend your disbelief in the character to the extent that you’ll avoid all other indications that show there is no possible way they are Japanese then it’s fine by me.

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