Adventures of the Khajiit – The Forsworn Conspiracy

I recently got The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, and even though I have 200+ hours on it already through other consoles I still find/ revisit quests that are so interesting to me that I just have to write about them, because I want to tell people. Also don’t worry, the ADB will still continue, this is just some bonus content.

The story so far…

Nothic the Khajiit narrowly escaped beheading after a dragon attacked mid-execution. The prisoner was caught crossing the boarder to Skyrim illegally and stole all of his possessions.

Once escaped the khajiit took a carriage from Whiterun to windhelm to join the storm cloak rebellion. Despite going through the efforts of battling a frost weight Nothic backed out from joining after seeing the Stormcloaks disdain for other races, especially khajiits.

Hearing a rumor about a young child escaped from his orphanage Nothic tracked him down and found out what was wrong. It turned out he was trying to summon the dark brotherhood to murder the owner of his old orphanage. Taking pity on the boy the khajiit traveled to Riften and committed the vile act.

Before returning to the boy he found a suspicious man who took him into a scheme where the kahjiit, with his extra stealth abilities the man executed the scheme perfectly and left pocketing the money.

After returning to the boy who summoned him as an assassin Nothic heard a rumor about the shrine of Azura and left to investigate it. When he arrived he learned of his fate to obtain the Asura star and he went to retrieve it. Distrusting of the priest of Azura he returned to an ex-member of the mages guild and gave it to him instead.

After speaking to the jarl of Windhelm (a dying city near the shrine of Azura) Nothic was tasked to go to a place near Markarth. So Nothic took a carriage and went to sleep in Markarth for the night, unaware of the events that would follow.

The first words Nothic heard as he entered Markarth were the words of a guard “This is the safest city in all of Skyrim”  and within 1 minute of entering the city two people were dead. The first was the victim who was a merchant and the 2nd was the murder who had been killed by the guards. Unable to believe it the Khajiit just stood there.

“You dropped this note” a man by the name of Eltrys said.

“Thanks” Nothic replied, but he was sure the note wasn’t his. He opened the note

‘Meet me at the shrine of Talos’

Interested by this turn of events, and having the murder of the orphanage lady in the back of his mind the khajiit followed completely forgetting his reason for being in Markarth in the first place.

While Markarth might have been a perfectly innocent city on the surface it had a dark secret by the name of the forsworn. They had murdered Eltrys’ parents and many others had a similar story, he wanted to find out why. The murder was a member of the forsworn and he asked Nothic to investigate the victim and the murderer to try and find out what was going on.

Nothic sneaked into the victims rooms and found her own diary detailing how she had been watched and how she had tried to stop Cidhna Mine from being in place. After exiting the building a guard approached him. Nothic was now being watched and they were suspicious of him as an outsider, they didn’t like him getting involved in their business. Wanting to obey this command he promised to stop once he had discovered more about the other person.

After entering the warrens and finding the murders orders he was confronted again by someone telling him not to be involved in their business. This resulted in a brawl for his life. The khajiit learned from the man that the person who was after him was Nepos the Nose.

Nothic went to Thronar for help and he initially refused. However a forsworn attack convinced him to help Nothic in the future.

Nothic visited Nepos and he confessed to everything, he had been using and manipulating the forsworn to keep his control over the city.

“Why are you telling me this?” Nothic asked

“Oh what makes you think you will leave here alive?” he replied.

Upon hearing this Nothic fled the building, chased by every single resident he fled to the location of Eltrys so he could report his findings. When he arrived he found his friend dead and himself framed for the murder, by the Markarth guards. Knowing the strength of the guards and the crowd in hot pursuit he gave up and went with them. They took him to Cidhna mine. Nobody ever escapes from Cidhna mine.

When Nothic awoke he found many people suffering for years in terrible conditions. The prisoners there were kept for many years to mine, never leaving. Madanarch the leader of the forsworn was kept here and was forced to use his powers to help people he didn’t like for survival. After taking pity on the forsworn Nothic decided to help them escape.

The prisoners left and escaped together, gathering in front of the door to Markarth, Nothic was given armor and the men stormed out to fight. With the huge mess of bodys attacking the guards Nothic accidentally attacked their leader Madanarch. This caused the guards to think he was on there side and they ignored him. Within the space of a minute all of the forsworn men were dead except for Nothic who was left standing there, collecting arrows from the mess of dead bodys on both sides.

A stranger on the street spoke to him. “I think you should leave, we don’t like outsiders around here.”

The Khajiit agreed with him and then left. Markarth was not a place he wanted to be.

I loved this story arc because you learned more about the terrible and twisted nature of the city of Markarth as well as the terrible treatment of the forsworn and a better insight to why they are the way they are. It was so interesting to see the prison as well. This story doesn’t do the story justice, if you have Skyrim I urge you to try this quest line out, you won’t regret it!

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