The ADB project has been completed!

Over the course of a month (which was meant to be too weeks) I’ve scheduled all 192 posts so that they are ready to go. There is only one stage after this where after those 192 days I update all the links since all the posts will be out by then and they are not out now. So now I can stop worrying about it and get back to what I was doing.

Am I going to read all the posts I missed over the course of a month? Honestly no, there is way too much! I will however check out the ones currently releasing now and also check everyone’s back catalog to see if there is anything that completely grabs me.

There are just two things I have to acknowledge now.

  1. My attitude towards the ADB

I think the ADB sucks. The only spark of originality is a 50-100 word review which sums up the show very quickly without being thorough. The recommendation system and conectivness of the whole project is the main thing that I value besides seeing if people agree with my attitudes towards a show.

The style of posting I like the most is all the posts before Evangelion month and the posts in the month after Evangelion month. Once the ADB is over those posts will return.

2.What’s Going on now?

Now that I’m set to blog daily I can slowly work on larger projects. I much prefer the idea of a highly worked on detailed post once a month instead of a lot of smaller posts. So basically I’m now looking at making more things like the Koe no Katachi, Sakamoto theory or End of Evangelion post.

I feel like the next post will be about all the Digibro drama and my take on everyone. There is a seriously absurd amount of misrepresentation of Digibro by a lot of other Youtubers and I think writing a post from the perspective of knowing so much about the guy should put a lot of things to rest in my mind. If it’s not that it will probably be about how good Hajime no Ippo is or something like that.


Thank you everyone for supporting the project. My view counts have been absurd lately by getting two to three times the original amount of views I was getting. So thank you so much!

Also I don’t think the ADB represents my content and opinion very well. Here are some MBICE essentials in case you missed them!

A Silent Voice

End of Evangelion

Evangelion Month

Sakamoto Desu Ga? Death Theory

The Shiki Diaries

Harems (First Blog Post but oh well)


I have pride in a lot more of the things I’ve written, a lot of my early stuff in the anime analysis tag on my blog got very little views for how good I thought they were. But this is overloaded already so see you guys next time!


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