It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku ep 1 – It’s Difficult to Love This Show

It’s no secret that I don’t like seasonal anime, however it seems ridiculous to state that without justifying it in posts like these. And through doing this I might just prove myself wrong so there’s that as well!

First impressions are huge when I watch a show. Honestly being made by A-1 Pictures and having a protagonist which was an otaku fujoshi would have put me off if not for the fact that it was the most popular show on MAL which wasn’t a sequel.

I was pleasantly surprised though.

It started with the waking up late cliché and it’s really sad when one frame can tell you what the exact set up and pay off will be for the next minute or so.

Then it’s revealed that she’s an otaku which is the title of the show “It’s difficult to love an otaku” however it’s difficult to care about this when there are no characters at all who care that she is otaku. You might want to introduce some opposition or drawbacks of otaku if you want us to be convinced that it’s difficult to love one!

On the plus side they play monster hunter switch version, which is probably the best game ever made and I wish it was released in the UK!

Oh and her boss is a popular cosplayer… this completely normalizes otaku in every possible way.

My ideal version of the show would be actual struggle for love where otaku stereotypes and tenancies got in the way of romance instead of just seeing it happen at the end of the episode.

I however am not the target audience and I appreciate that the show wants an uplifting love story and message that otaku love is great, even if they want to avoid tackling all the issues that say otherwise.

The episode wrapped up fairly well and conclusively. The thing that saved this show the most from having it dropped instantly was simply the age of the main cast, since I find adult issues inherently more interesting.

I would give this show a 6/10 and predict fairly chill comedic scenarios (maybe also some lesson learning and some being about otaku stuff with some but not a massive amount of romance) leading up to a hammy conflict that should never happen just to have an uplifting message at the end.

I actually found myself liking the show a little bit. I think the draw of the show to episode two is to see how the couple gets along together. I’m a huge advocate for the 1 episode rule and I find it difficult to imagine such a dramatic change that my opinion will change in the next episode. I’d love to be wrong though.

That’s why I say it’s difficult to love this show. It has a pleasant pacing and aesthetic (to most people who aren’t me) but isn’t so dramatically brilliant I see anyone loving it.

Do you think this show is good or bad so far? I’d love to find out why!



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