Megalo Box ep 1 – Unique Stylized Boxing!

This show was recommended to me by Kingdylbag13 and I’m very glad he did because this show was great!

My biggest worry going into this show was that it would not be able to live up to Hajime no Ippo, since it’s one of my favourite shows if it was the same but less good I wouldn’t watch it.

While I wouldn’t say the fight scenes or build up are as good it’s uniqueness alone makes the show so interesting. Ippo is about official and highly controlled boxing while this is more about the illegal and dark side of underground boxing set in a near future with high tech boxing gear.

The interesting art style (which I love a lot) helps to sell the world well and seeing the corruption in the boxing world is a great way to view the whole story. The main character has no citizenship and its’ interesting to see how people treat him because of it.

He is extremely strong and forced to throw matches just for the sake of keeping up appearances. Sure he’s probably really overpowered but not showing that makes the story more interesting. I wonder if that’s what wrestlers feel like when they’re told to lose against someone whose much worse than they are. The only difference here is that there is no story to justify it, only money.

It seems clear that the main character will be joining megalobox, a huge boxing tournament, due to it’s pretty forceful setup into the story and JD’s involvement  with the leaders of it.

I can’t honestly say that I’m looking forward to the tournament or the scheming that seems to be going on in the shadows. It’s just fun to watch so I’m sure they will think of something.

The problem with the main character fighting the favourite to win the tournament is that he has to lose, this is because if he doesn’t all of the other competition will feel pointless and like a waste of time, lowering the steaks drastically.  If he won now it would be like he already won the tournament so the show would become less interesting unless it took the action away from the boxing.

Speaking of action it was fine but not brilliant. Hajime no Ippo can keep a fight going strong through brilliant animation and strength of visuals while this show can’t since it feels less good to watch. It could just be the new technology though which makes the fight scenes feel less dynamic to me and maybe I just need to get used to them better.

Our main character along with his boss and friend make interesting people to watch. Unfortunately the villains felt quite lacking to me. A fairly boring strong guy and normal yet slightly evil rich woman don’t make the best first impression. I hope these guys get fleshed out more to make the story better.

It’s difficult to predict whether the show will go for standard fights or more nuanced stories to do with the flawed nature of its world into the future. I predict that it will be the first one yet will be pleasantly be surprised to be proved wrong.

As you might know I’m a bit of a fan of corrupt tournaments, having written a book centered around one, so that kind of thing really interests me a lot.

Also I just realized that this is releasing on the same day as hajime no ippo ADB! That is extremely coincidental and extremely fitting!

What did you think of this episode? What episode should I watch next? I’ve almost watched nothing from this season.



17 thoughts on “Megalo Box ep 1 – Unique Stylized Boxing!

  1. Jumped on to the bandwagon a bit late after this caused a tonne of buzz. I haven’t seen any Hajime no Ippo or Ashita no Joe (I’m quite averse to sports anime in general), but the themes suggested in this episode were enough to hook me. It’s too bad I’m already starting to fall behind with my other simulcasts, or else I would’ve continued…

    They were only getting started so I can let the underdevelopment of Shirato and Yuri slide a little.

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    • You think you’re behind? I’m way behind too! I think there were two episodes of this show released in the time taken for me to write ep 2 review! I’m going to continue reviewing these shows at a rate of 1 ep a day (max) and then try to get to a lot of things. So maybe this pace might actually work out for you!


      • I’m only one episode behind for each series most days (for shows in the middle of the week, it’s sometimes 2 but not for long) so I don’t think I’m as behind as you are. You are thorough in your reviews though (whereas I only write posts on what I have ideas for, since I was never suited for the weekly review life), so I can see where your tradeoff in watch time is happening.

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        • Well that’s surprising to me because there is only one show I have seen two episodes of so far! Thank you for saying that I’m thorough. It’s a good trade off because even if I don’t like an episode I can have a whole review explaining why I didn’t like it.

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  2. I thought it was cool that it released on the same day too. Well timed. I’m enjoying this one quite a bit. I like boxing and it is making me want to rewatch ask five Rocky movies. I’ll definitely have to watch Hajime no Ippo after this.

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    • I think Ippo is the best sports anime ever made so you’re in for a treat! It can make both high level and low level boxing entertaining and the growth of the main character is great to see.

      Yeah it was a complete coincidence though.

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  3. Megalo Box sounds really cool, but I can’t justify watching it when I still haven’t finished either Hajime no Ippo of Ashita no Joe although I’ll get around to it eventually. As for what show you should watch from this season next, Hisone to Maso-tan is a great original Bones series, and Lupin III: Part 5 is working out to be a 10/10 so far (although there’s obviously a lot of bias with that score).

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    • If it helps I’ve only finished season 1 and 2 of Ippo and not seen Joe (I plan too though). I will check out your recommendation next, it’s fun watching what people say I should watch!

      I’ve not seen any of Lupin III though so it might take me a while to get to it. Unless you can watch it with no knowledge of the rest of the series at all?

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      • Lupin is 100% episodic, so you could watch it with no prioir knowledge of the series, but this show doesn’t do an amazing job at telling you who the characters are, so that knowledge is needed. But yeah, there’s no continuity at all.

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          • Believe it or not, episode 1 of the first season introduces nothing and is really rather confusing if you don’t know who the characters are. The best starting points are probably Lupin III (2015) and if you want a quick film there are two choices really, The Castle of Cagliostro or Episode 0: First Contact. Or if you want to start right at the beginning, the Lupin III pilot film introduces all the characters, although it isn’t fantastic.

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