Darling in the franXX – Controversy Only Makes Me Want to Watch it More!

Now I have no idea what this drama is, just that everyone seems to be talking about it and I have to back out of a lot of posts since I want to wait until the show is mostly over before finishing it so that I can avoid spoilers.

You could say this post is flawed in the first place because I have no idea what it’s about but all I’m saying that this drama is adding to the interest.

Let’s face it. The show is already about two people having sex while driving robots so what more could be done to make people THIS angry!

Do you ever hear a plot story and become really fascinated by that idea and think it through way too much without actually seeing the show? I did this with Yu Yu Hakosho’s dark tournament and wrote my book based on the idea of the show. Then when it came around to the show I was disappointed since it didn’t reach anywhere near the thoughts in my head. This was first made apparent to me when I saw it wasn’t just a studio trigger show.

I think darling the franXX is going to be like that for me. On the one hand I like the idea and themes of relationships, sex and robots which stirs up mass controversy that I know it must be interesting on some level.

Maybe this was a bit pointless, but if you’re actively against the controversy in the show then just know that it might have an opposite effect on some people simply because they’re interested to see what kind of thing makes people so offended.


Top marks for originality…
I also found this while looking for a featured image and thought it was pretty funny.



6 thoughts on “Darling in the franXX – Controversy Only Makes Me Want to Watch it More!

  1. I have also been watching all the controversy over this show. Initially it was something i wasn’t interested in, but all the talk has piqued my interest and I might watch it when it’s finished as well.

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      1. Yes, like they’ve gotten over the hump and have continued to watch it, but still can’t help but rant. Then again i enjoy continuing with things that Polk me sometimes, it’s like scratching an itch you didn’t know you wanted to scratch.

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  2. I hope you enjoy it when you watch it. I’m still on the fence with some parts being quite interesting and other points (such as the actually plot being a wait and see if they actually explain/resolve things in the final episodes) not being so great. That said, I really think the fanbase went a bit crazy given what they got upset over. There are so many other points in the series that could be called into question and yet so many people got ridiculous over what ended up being a fairly trivial plot point that was resolved in the next episode.

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    1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. What could be more controversial than the vehicles the characters ride in? Kind of sad the drama is over though with that next episode. People getting angry at it is great for me because it’s the kind of thing I know I won’t be offended by.

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