Ruroni Kenshin is Back… Oh Dear.

Something that shocked me recently was learning that Ruroni Kenshin is going to be published again, and it’s concerning to say the least.

(warnings for disturbing, uncomfortable content)

Nobuhiro Watsuki was arrested for possession of around 100 DVD’s of child porn. That was all I knew about it and it was very sad and terrible to hear. But now I suddenly learn that he only got a small fine and is being republished on the 4th of June! What is this insanity? I’m just baffled as to why he’s not in jail and has just been let off with a fine.

Supporting and paying for things with child abuse and rape in it is not only sick in the head but also supporting the creators to continue their torture of children. It makes me so uncomfortable that I’ll stop talking about it now because it’s so obvious why it is terrible that I would be concerned if someone actually needed me to explain it.

There is probably a lot of deep web stuff protecting the guys Watsuki bought it from, which sucks, however if he has any idea who they are I would be massively disappointed if the police did not find the distributors, who are way worse criminals in my opinion.


I want to talk about the morals of reading Ruroni Kenshin now because how can you support a guy who used your money for terrible things? Simply pirate it, you enjoy the story while not supporting crimes.

I would not fault anyone who likes Ruroni Kenshin just for the actions of the mangaka. It’s a massively popular story and there are things to like about it. Kenshin itself has no bad content in it so it’s fine as a standalone thing. So don’t feel bad.

This post could be considered an extension of yesterdays post about the darling in the franxx controversy. Is there any correlation between me watching Ruroni Kenshin (and mentioning it in my recap post) and the mangaka getting arrested for child porn? Of course!

Of course I don’t support his actions but seeing the outrage and let down of the fans made me think about it’s quality and how it had attracted such a good following. As well as that it’s interesting to look at the show knowing these things to see if there was anything that gave it away or made more sense knowing the context of the guys brain.

It sounds twisted but I enjoy learning about terrible people. I read school shooter manifestos and things like that. Not because I’m looking for inspiration (of course) but to learn about the psychology and mental health problems of these people to learn if and how these things can be prevented.

Because if we push these problems to the side and label people simply as “monsters” then nothing is going to change. It’s not until we can get an understanding of the people going through these serious mental problems that we can actually make progress to preventing these things from happening in the first place.

But right now not giving people who possess child porn jail time is a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.


p.s sorry if this made you uncomfortable. I know it’s uncomfortable because I wrote the whole post entirely uncomfortable!


10 thoughts on “Ruroni Kenshin is Back… Oh Dear.

  1. I wasn’t going to be surprised if the series was continued eventually, but I definitely wasn’t expecting for it to come back so soon. This was one of my favorite series, and although I would have loved to follow Kenshin’s adventures, I don’t think I’ll be following it. It’s hard, but it’s disturbing to know he admitted liking elementary-age girls.

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    1. That’s fair enough. Though I would say if you read Kenshin it wouldn’t reflect badly on you because I’ve heard it’s actually pretty good and reading it doesn’t mean you can’t hate the author and his actions.

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  2. Rurouni Kenshin was legitimatley a childhood hero of mine, and when I found out about what the author had done I was completley crushed. Although I find it rather easy to detatch the authors actions from their artistic work so I’m still able to enjoy Kenshin. As a massive fan of the series, I’m still going to be reading this new manga, but I won’t buy it, I’ll just be reading on Mangafox or whereever else.

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    1. Completely fine. I’m someone who watched the show because of all this controversy so I’m doing way worse than you are morally.

      I’m glad you’re able to detach yourself too. I would be sad if people couldn’t enjoy the story or retroactively get it ruined.

      And this is probably the best possible situation to pirate in too.

      For the record the mangaka did apologise and is apparently in many days of grieving, A person who was sorry and a person who wasn’t would probably both say the same thing though so I’ll leave it up to you what to do with that knowledge.

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    1. Yeah it sucks because it’s actually a fairly decent show with a huge following. It’s hard to consume Kenshin now without thinking about the terrible author. Even though it’s technically fine to like something made by someone you despise as long as their creation follows the law (which Kenshin does).


  3. I’m tempted to cancel my Jump subscription over this. Not that my .5c probably makes any difference to the publishers, but I’m in disgusted disbelief. Especially considering the demographic – he’s harming them!
    Sad, since it’s a series so beloved by so many.

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    1. It’s quite the moral dilemma. Jump has many other manga’s in it that you think deserve support while there is one that you don’t want to fund. Honestly I can’t fault you for either because I’m pretty neautral on this. If you don’t mind reading it all online you might think it’s worth it.

      Also, does Jump really publish outside of Japan? If so I might want to look into checking it out myself. Ruroni Kenshin isn’t out until June, though technically supporting people who support a bad person is still kind of bad.

      I think its completely tragic too. I never thought about Jumps target audience but you’re absolutely right about that.

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