Lupin The Third 2015 Ep 1 – A Thrilling Fight For The Crown!

The thanks for this post goes to Zainou who recommended I watch season 1 of the new Lupin season. Despite the fact that there are many, many episodes to this series it’s all very episodic so he recommended I watch ep 1 of 2015 or three other films, one of which I couldn’t find and the other two which just looked a bit long.

I wouldn’t ordinarily talk about a show from 2015 here but I liked the episode so much that I thought I would talk about it anyway!

I knew nothing about Lupin the third entering this show and I would say if you’re looking for a good introduction to the series episode 1 of 2015 is great!

It quickly becomes apparent that Lupin is both a lovably  dorky dude and a cunning thief who often has a gimmick of sending a note to say when and how he will steal his things. The premise of the show is basically everything I wanted bandit hunter jing to be!

So episode one starts and Lupin is getting married. But it’s so impossible and baffling for one of his friends to comprehend that he’s getting married and he tries to stop the ceremony.

To have this greeted by complete joy by the bride and cocky arrogance by the dude made it hilarious!

So this episode devolves into a bit of a heist where three separate people are trying to steal a crown and it’s fast paced and enjoying to watch.

I didn’t really know who any of the characters were but they had a good dynamic together and cool character designs!

I think by nature of having such episodic episodes Lupin can’t succeed in too many thefts because it would change him into a millionaire. But the way he lost was fun anyway and I think the bride’s characters was really fun as we slowly learned more about her.

It ends with Lupin realizing that he is technically still married to her and freaking out about getting a divorce. It was a pretty funny ending and I’m wondering if that plot point is going to go anywhere or be brought up later. I thought that she was an interesting enough character that it would be a shame if she didn’t show up again.A woman doing crazy heists for fun and manipulating rich people to get free stuff is someone who sounds interesting to me!

Anyway I think that’s about it. I’m excited for the next episode and hope that Lupin 2018 reach the bar this episode set!


What seasonal anime do you want me to watch next? I’ve seen very little shows this season so tell me what I’ve missed!

Just to clarify it’s Lupin tomorrow, then Hisone to maso-tan both upon Zainou’s recommendation!


2 thoughts on “Lupin The Third 2015 Ep 1 – A Thrilling Fight For The Crown!

  1. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed it! Don’t fret, Rebecca returns as a main character throughout the rest of the 2015 season. I’m excited to see what you think about the other two shows next!

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    1. Yeah it might take a while though because I had a lot of posts ideas I scheduled in between them! I am tempted to just stop watching 2018 and watch 2015 now though because of that character, if that’s the only difference between the seasons.

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