Lupin III Part 5 Ep 1 – The Chase Is On!

Thanks again to Zainou for recommending this show for me. It’s a great show and you can jump on straight away here without seeing the million other episodes of the show!

I think the only way I see myself not liking the show is that the episodes all look fairly similar, I wouldn’t be so surprised if I went back to the originals to see some repeated stories. Right now though it’s great because I’ve seen literally nothing about it!

This episode they decide to steal drugs from an illegal dark web company with a huge net worth. That premise alone is fascinating to me and the animation and style of the show  communicates a sense of silly joy, which is fun and makes an entertaining show.

They infiltrate the company and find the genius in control of the whole thing. Through interesting manipulation and cunning he is able to get the girl on his side and instead of stealing drugs, steal her instead!

The girl has been locked up underground for her whole life so it was good to see her saved. It was interesting how this fun show had a character with such a horrific background yet was able to keep such a jolly tone.

This girl is a super genius and hacks the system so that the crew get a tonne of money. Finally after so many seasons they have finally stolen enough stuff to retire forever! It took a long time to get here but it’s finally happened.

They have to run away from police through a huge chase sequence before one of the best ideas conceptually was presented to us. The whole world is searching for Lupin in a viral game! It’s so cool! There are pictures of him showing up everywhere and it feels like a whole conspiracy against him.

It seems like the plot is going to continue from here. It ended very openly so I expect a follow up episode to see how this is resolved. I don’t know a lot about Lupin but maybe even though the stories are episodic they are all connected through some minor link.

So yeah it was a good episode!

Also I probably won’t continue reviewing this series. It felt like too much was explaining the plot of the episode for me than anything else. The strength of Lupin is through it’s visuals, ideas and animation with less emphasis on things I can easily dig my teeth into. I’m not saying I won’t, just that it’s unlikely.

What did you think of the episode? Which seasonal show should I talk about next? (I’ve basically seen nothing this season and I like getting recommendations)

6 thoughts on “Lupin III Part 5 Ep 1 – The Chase Is On!

  1. I didn’t really care about Lupin III too much until this part rolled around, but even from the tiny amount of the franchise I’d seen before this one (1 movie and 3 episodes of Pt 4) I can tell you there isn’t really anything deep about this entire franchise for the most part – it’s just meant to be a fun time.

    Speaking of shows that are a fun time, Hinamatsuri is one…when it’s not trying to warm your heart or try the sympathy route, that is. (I would’ve also said Golden Kamuy is something you should check out, but I’m worried about what you’ll say about the CGI bear…)

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    1. Yeah I agree. It’s fun and theirs an enjoyment from one off adventures. I like how innocent and fun it is!

      I will watch Hinamatsuri next. I’m fairly ahead of myself so the review will take a while to come out. But hopefully it will be good.

      You wouldn’t recommend me a show because you’re worried about what I’d say about a cgi bear? Why? It’s a bear! I’ll review it anyway since you brought it up,

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      1. It’s because the bear created a lot of buzz for looking bad when ep 1 originally came out. I don’t mind the bear myself because I’ve seen worse, but I don’t really know your standards on CGI…

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  2. So far, this new series seems to have more of an arc based structure than the other seasons, so I wouldn’t see you getting bored as long as you like the cahracters.

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