Hisone To Maso-tan ep 1 – I Love Airplane Dragons!

I had expected the decision to start episode reviewing would lead to many rants about how terrible seasonal anime is, getting to the grips of everything I hate in these modern shows. But instead I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and today is no exception!

This show looks like a kids show and from the advertising stupid. However it’s not. This is the third episode review upon Zainou’s recommendation and I was ready to completely disregard it. But I loved the episode for it’s charm, art style and sense of humour.

We start with a little girl unsure of what she wants to do in the future. She writes down “member of Japans air force” and we suddenly transition to her in the air force! This random idea actually turned into something!

The show had a lot of exposition with the word “hentai” thrown around, which is a word that means pervert. Yet I did not see an instance of perversion at all in the subtitles, what’s going on? The show wouldn’t work with fan service however a perverted dragon character might have been funny from time to time.

Over the course of episode one we learn that the Japanese don’t fly planes, they fly dragons disguised as planes. We watch the main character slowly form a bond with one of the dragons through being swallowed a lot. It’s pretty endearing since the dragon has a cute charm about it.

The main girl doesn’t think very highly of herself and gets sucked into this scheme where she has to pilot one of these dragons. Despite being able to take a lot of things she will snap at times, and when she snaps it’s pretty funny! She goes on targeting individual people, layering laws and laws crushing them and it’s brilliant. I don’t like it in real life when people do these things but the reactions made it ok and completely worth it!

She has her Shinji Ikari moment where she quits everything despite everyone relying on her. But as she is leaving she can’t help but think about the dragon so she meets him again.

I don’t get why people talk to animals though. They don’t understand you so it just comes across as stupid. In most cases it’s only useful for very few things, like taking it out for a walk or giving it a treat. But maybe that’s just me. I get that there might be a level of comfort by talking to them.

She talks to the dragon and it’s sweet. But then the dragon swallows her just because!

In this terrible state of being trapped in a monsters stomach she takes control of the dragon, turns it into an airplane and with help, lands very badly. She is full of apologies and covered in vomit afterwards.

I can’t really tell what this story is going to be. Whether it will introduce a darker plot, a save the dragon plot or just be a nice slice of life show. Either way I enjoyed these opening episodes enough to make me want to watch it later!

I also forgot to mention that this is an original series, which means things might get interesting!

What did you think of this episode? What seasonal anime should I review next? I’m thinking SAO rebuild to see if the changes they made actually made the show good!

2 thoughts on “Hisone To Maso-tan ep 1 – I Love Airplane Dragons!

  1. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed all the recommendations I made! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything else this season so I can’t make any more recommendations, but I’m excited to see what you talk about next.

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