Hinamatsuri ep 1 – The life of a Yakuza fits with slice of life?

Thank you to magicconan14 for recommending this show!

Starting with a completely out of context fight scene for no reason is never a good sign for me. My main complaint about it is how pointless it was. There was a character none of us knew and the rest of the episode took place three years in the past where I think the show will stay. It was just a weird moment for me in this otherwise slice of life show. It was like saying “don’t worry theirs action later” when action isn’t the shows main appeal.

Hina was another strange part of the episode for me because she grew on me as the episode continued. She basically ruined this guys life and it was a bit annoying at first. Since this was fairly light hearted I didn’t mind so much but it was weird.

We slowly become more used to Hina and learn more about her powers throughout the episode. She will cause huge harm if she never uses her powers yet is extremely childish. It’s very obvious that she has a backstory of being mistreated for her powers and you start to become sorry for her without really knowing whats going on. She is a fairly generic deadpan character however it doesn’t feel so bad to watch because it’s a cute slice of life show anyway.

Our main character at one point decides to use Hina for his job but Hina clearly doesn’t like being used. Nitta picks up on this and tries not to force her to do things. Unfortunately for him it has the reverse effect and she takes out a whole corporation in a comedic scene. I think it’s going to be difficult to create a good tension and action story as hinted in the opening scene when the action here is treated so casually. So I hope they try and ignore it as much as possible because the sudden tone shift would be seriously weird to see.

Then we learn that our main character is a Yakuza member and it makes everything more funny. It would be terrifying to see a Yakuza with this kind of power if not for the innocent nature of the show. As a side note if anybody knows of an anime depicting a fairly realistic Yakuza please recommend it to me because that sounds really interesting!

Overall this episode was a fun slice of life show with some strange premonitions that only worry me a little. I liked it a lot!


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